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worse store ever

was at the Modesto, Ca location very dirty and rude employees. and don't even bother asking any of them the location of any products cause they don't know themselves!! And you would think they're employees would be smart enough to go smoke they're illegals drugs off company property and away from your employer!!! don't think ill be returning to this Burlington ever again!!!!.

Burlington Coat Factory

I shop the Burlington Coat Factory in Milwaukee and I always find clothes, coats, etc.. to layway. The customer service is poor alot of the customers steal. If you use the layway service half of the time your layway is lost or they can not find it and tell you that you are not allowed to re-layway. Burlington has lost a customer!


I'm missing items on my order delivered march 7,2014. I was charged and never received the item. #


The renovation of BCF in Fort Myers FL is such an improvement. The lighting was so dim before I quit shopping there! The different location of check out area, new lighting and polite employees convinces me to return!


The lady in the payroll department was rude and acted like she didn't care to help. Really in corporate office? SAD!

You can do better!

Corporate governance!! listen to the voice of your consumers, something needs to be done! is there anyway you can stop hiring ghetto hood people with no concept of customer service or what it means to put the customer first. If you would higher better people you'd get better consumers..get it!? Your establishment is HORRIBLE!!!! why can't you read these reviews OMG!!

do not go to this store,they treat people like garbage .no respect for peoples.no mirrors to try shoes,no mirrors to try bags ,when you ask help they don't know and they don't care,anyway they make a lot of money in they merchandise ,everything they have is 5 years old ,they buy the whole thing for 1 dollars.I you make so much money please give peoples good customer service.


I was in the Daytona Beach store yester and was disgusted at the mess the store was in. In the shoe dept. there were many shoes on the floor boxes with mixed shoes in them, 3 shelves looked like a boomed exploded on them. I wanted to buy a pair of shoes however it was such a mess I walked away. I then went to the clothing dept. looking for a blouse. I found the same type of mess. Clothes on the floor some half off the hangers. I walk throughout the store and most was a mess. I don't know what you pay your managers but whatever it is they should all be FIRED. I will never go back to that store again.

So unprofessional

This whole company should recieve no stars at all. I was interviewed at the Murrieta, California location today. The manager Lasal Jackson was the rudest man I have ever met. He talked down to me like I was nothing. He lectured me saying I didnt know the history of the company and I should of shown him my gpa proof from high school. At one point he said " Your parents must be proud of you" in a sarcastic tone. I will never shop here again he should not be the manager of this store. He is giving this company a bad image my advice is to take action.

Great Service~

I love my Burlington Coat Factory employees in Marlton, NJ. They are always very attentive and pleasant. I have never had a bad experience at our Marlton store. Thank you all for loving your job!

what a rip off

I very seldomly go to Burlington Coat Factory but it was my birthday April 13th and I needed some nice shoes I was in a rush so when I went to the store purchase the shoes I made sure they fit and they looked good, not paying attention to the details but I purchase the shoes and went out that night ,when I happened to look down add my shoe the bottom of it was a part, it was slitting from the sole. I figured I would take the shoes back to the store and exchange them the lady informed me at the store that she would not accept them back because they had been worn, I tried to explain to her that the shoe was previously flawed still no refund, I'll let her know I didn't want a refund but an exchange for a good shoe, she said no....wow, you can spend good money on a poor quality shoe what a ripoff Burlington Coat Factory I am very disappointed and this Houston store Highway six and Westheimer

THE RUDEST store employees EVER are at the Burlington store at 44th street and Oak in Phoenix, Arizona. They lost me as a customer by their rudeness and bad behavior and lack of knowledge of any of the store rules. Ignorant people! I asked for the corporate number and the fool that was acting as the manager said it was against company policy to give it out. The don't let you return items 3 days after you buy them with the receipt and with all the tags in place. I asked for a store credit, nope don't get that either. It's exchange it then and there or you get it handed back to you. Better to go to Marshalls, or Ross or TJ MAXX because this place stinks. Very poor merchandise and way over priced. Will never go back.

Dirty store #411

#411 store is dirty clothes, shoes, toys and shoes. I could keep going on these items are throw all over the store. I'm No longer going to this store. I think it's time to visit this store.. Very bad Management!!!! Please get the store needs to be clean and keep things PICKED UP!!!


I have never been in a store like the one in Lansing Mi on West Saginaw where the personnel are rude, obnoxious and really don't care about the way they answer customers questions.

"No record"?

I bought a dresser for my daughter's room,it cost me 400.00 paid in full right and then.I would call once in a while to make sure it was there and ready to be picked up,they would say "yes,its ready.About a month ago I called and asked for it & believe it or not they said that thre was "no record of it".How could there be NO RECORD of something so expensive,big and it was there before?Im getting to the point where Im seriously going to contact a lawyer because I have bank statements and everything.


I went into the Burling store at the Southwest Center Mall in Dallas Tx. The store is so un-organized its a hot mess. The customer service is the far worst. You stand in the longest lines when they have 12 registers and only 3 people checking. This is ridiculous the customer service is zero they don't speak nor do they say thank you. I will not go back to that Burlington store again.I will pask on the lot and walk through on my way into the adjacent stores.

awful store

Went to a store in Troy Mi. I believe it was there. The store was a mess. I thought I was in a Salvation Army thrift store. The shoe section was bad with shoes all over the place and no salespersn there to help. I thought that good quality merchandise was there. Everything I looked at was not good. Clothing was scattered in all wrong size places. There was only 2 checkout cashiers and they were very slow.I will not go there ever again...

ive oder two coats on line and have yet to revice them nor get my money back i been rip off bye your company and will never shop here agin

Lakeland Burlington My experience with Burlington is not a good one, I layaway some items and paid on them within the 14 day rules the Layaway was do out on Oct 19, 2012. I work late so I arrived on Oct 20, 2012 at 6:00 pm that afternoon, was charge a ten dollar fee and was told that my order had been place back on the shelf. I think the manager to great pride in denying me my package. I felt that the policy and the fee should be changed. I place the items on layaway on 8/20/12 if it was 90 day Oct 20, 2012 should have been the last day. I want give any more of my businees to Burlington Coat Factory. I usually shop there for all my kids clothing.

I received , an e-mail with the sales, well you all had these sheets on sale for $9.99. the add said nothing about on line only, did not even know you could order on line. well this chicken sh--! manager in north richland hills tx name sean would not give us the sheets . he was real rude about it. i shop here every week just spent $100.00 there on clothes , and the week before 90.00 on shoes... was going to do my xmas there this year. but after this i dont think so....never shop here again...I dont know why you all send adds if this manager not going to honor them...and he was loud about it in front of customers...

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