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I think that there is a major problem with corporate involvement in regards to overseeing problems at your restaraunts in relations to cleanliness and sanitary practices with food preparation.I have been a victim of some type and sickness and condition while dining at your establishments for the last 25 years since I was a employee for 3 times.I dont want to pay for any of it and I wanted to settle without going to court with somone in private.The most recent problem occured at your beaumont location and also your west oceanside location 2 times at amtrak station and 78 at jefferson st.Can you please return mail to delisojoseph@hotmail.com?Thankyou for you time goodbye.

Thank you for the BK MIMIS there great, my young grandchildren loved them and Adults alike PS: Better than White Castles of Detroit, Thank you from Va. Beach Va.

To who it may concern i am a patron of Burger King for over 4 decades as my family is likewise. Because first and foremost there burgers far supercede Micdonalds and other competers for Quality, Quantity, and Bang for the Buck. So my complaint is on this day aug17 2011 at 1pm apon visiting visiting Burger King in cape coral florida store915 cape coral prk wy as i have done so hundreds of times in past. I was declined purchase of a meal, not to be mistaken the manager was doing her job. But because of the decline of a meal with a debit card that i have used hundreds of times before with out a problem though it is my money and my wifes card of 25 yrs thk you. and used it there in past and all over this town for ive never had a problem. My complaint is that in my frustrations, i was upset and now very sorry. FOR OUR LACK OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH. As a bisness owner here in the Greater sw Florida erea for over 10 yrs. The manager called law enforcement on me for using but not directing frustrations on your company and its new policyies and not at her thk you. (ITS A BURGER) Double whopper with cheese, and you cant buy one like it thk you. so i asked for a regional managers # and she got VERY emotional and said i can have a refund or she was goin to call the Police witch i replied (ITS A BURGER) But if it makes u feel better do so. And she did they were there in record time,So good job your store is safe. But my question is are your customers, From lack of exspierence of management. Furthermore i have been told by law enforcement not to visit your store. And this does sadden me (mmm THAT BURGER). As i told the officers when they arrived that was video this event and was doing so as they interrogated me so it would not escalate on the 6 oclock news. For this could jeopardize my business. When really i was asking for a (BURGER) like i have done so hundreds of times before thk you. So again like i told the officers i apologize for taken time out of there day of fighting true crime and as they ran my license and verified I DO NOT GET, MAKE, OR CAUSE TROUBLE EVER THANK YOU. AND NO BURGER IS WORTH GOING TO JAIL, KING OR NOT. So i do hope this does'nt fall on deaf ears for i i am not seeking anything i havent worked for .Except a closer look at your policys when to call law enforcement thk you An ex PATRON NOT CON

I am deeply disturbed by your current television ad campaign for Burger King's "mini" hamburgers, entitled "Sharing." The ad shows numerous vignettes of people taking these burgers from others while the original purchaser is distracted and not looking. The little jingle and voice-over imply that this is all good, clean, harmless fun. Stop and think. What message are you sending to children that watch this ad? They see a person (in some instances adults -- who are supposed to be role models) snatching a burger from another person. You are telling America's children that it is acceptable to take something (in this case, a hamburger) that they have not paid for. "Sharing" without consent is not sharing at all. It is stealing; theft, nothing less. What would you do if I came into a Burger King, grabbed up a few mini-hamburgers from the counter, and ran out with them? Aug 9, 2011 I mean, if you are promoting sharing without paying, then I should be able to just walk in and take free hamburgers, as long as I sing the little 'sharing, sharing' jingle on my way out the door. There is no way you put a positive can spin on this. This was a stupid idea. I have an undergraduate degree in advertising and cannot believe that (1) some ad agency actually sold you this idea; or (2) that your corporate offices actually accepted it. Is it any wonder that America's youth have developed a callous attitude toward their fellow human beings? Are you surprised that theft and robbery are rampant in America? It is advertising like this that is the reason. You can rest assured that I will no longer patronize Burger King. Shame on you; shame, shame, shame. Paul R. Jones Fairhope, AL

Oh my, these poor souls. What will they do??? Poor Deborah couldn't get a chicken sandwich for 4 bucks because it wasn't Monday...the poor thing. People going to the national media and local news because their burger was a little crusty. Get effing real people. If you want to be that anal about your food, stop being lazy and cook it yourself.

I have been working with Burger King for at least four weeks now. I love the job and the work seems nice and fair. But I found that while I was applying the manager that I was interviewing with was leaving. So, instead of getting the call to pick up my uniform I waited a full week and got no call. When I went to Store #12123 I spoke to the manager that seemed to have no idea of my appilcation. When I did start working it was nice, I liked my coworkers and what I was doing, the customers were wonderful as well. But, as of recently the manager has begun to change the schedules at random and requires the employees to call every day to confirm the schedule. I think it's rediculus because the manager will change the schedule without any warning at all. I went in just the other day to tell her I had an doctor appointment and found I was suposed to be working in an hour. When my schedule was set for me to arive five ours from that time. I understand the manager is new but if she can't make a schedule properly she has no business to manage a store. I've heard from the others that she used to do this at other stores and will not change at all. Of course, I plan to quit. I have classes to worry about in a matter of days. I wont have my manager jerking me around when I have other things to worry about.

Only because at this moment prior to 7:00 PM PST, we were turned down for an offer openly advertised for weeks for WHOPPERS @ $0.88 cents each. There was no dis-closure as to as long as they last or any other conditions. Offers trhat disclose no outages are bogus, mis-leading, and fraudulant. Wow did you ever cause distain for your lake of planning. Sham on you to make offers you cannot fulfill and not offer rain checks like any other legitimate organization would do. After visitng three King's attempting to be satisfied by offer we decided a boycott is in order and will make every attempt to make these practices and a known to all we know and meet. THANKS JACK IN THE BOX for feeding us

After going into the Burger King in Grand Haven, Michigan which I will never enter their bldg. again. One they are not compliant with the American's With Disabilities Act (I am a Barrire Free Advocate) after being told this a couple of times they still refuse to make their store legal...then last night Aug. 2, 2011 we were in eating dinner which we hardly ever do, they had a guy out there doing the lawn and using a power blower to clean the drive way of the trash that they were to lazy to have someone go out and pick up we come out and our white truck and the car next to ours was just covered in dirt black spots that came from the power blower, when I spoke to the guy that did this he is like I just work for BK I told him well how would you like it if I did this to your car. He told me I guess it would not be a big deal we also own a 1966 Mustang I told him your so lucky that was not my other car. I then went into the store to speak with the manager (if that is what you can call him) He was like I don't really see what the problem is.....and if you have to call the Corp. office. My husband made him come out to see the damages thinking that he would make a report to turn into his district manager as well and he is like their is nothing I can do. I will never do business with a company that just has no care or concern for their customers.....

Hello, I am emailing you regarding an incident on 06/29/11 at a local Burger King in my area in Fairfield Ohio. I called the corporate office on the next day 06/30/11 and they assured that someone would be contacting me within 3-5 days and I have yet to receive a follow up phone call. On 06/29/11 a relative along with myself entered BKing around 9:30 pm. A manager name Bob took our order after standing there for a couple of minutes along with 2 or 3 people behind us. Afterwards we waited on our food as we realized we had been waiting for going on 15 minutes, still no one came up to us and acknowledged our wait time or apologized so as we continue to wait patiently 20 minutes had gone by so I just asked manager could we have a drink or a fry for our wait?? In a nasty tone he replied No You Can Not! So I said ok I just asked a question, he replied "Well there's your answer' again in a nasty unprofessional tone. So I said sir you have a really nasty attitude are you having a bad day?? His response was "I'm not being nasty but I can" and "that it's not nasty I'm just direct and forward so I said ok. He gave us our food after about 25 minutes and we proceeded out with our minds made up never to return to another Burger King. I have never been so humiliated by a Manager in my life. I think this was so unprofessional and no one wants to pay their money to any establishment with that kind of customer service. Please force your rules on how important customer service is at this location, obviously it's not there. Please notice the date this took place 06/29/11 and I still have not heard from anyone. Burger King store#3466 Fairfield Ohio

people like Jackie Moore is why this country will never be totally free just because you dont like a commercial or think its not sets a bad example then it needs to be removed belive me when i tell you ive seen a lot worst commercials on tv but to think that commercial is some how going to spawn a generation of criminals is silly and saying that they just lost a customer lol you think they are losing any sleep try to get you back as a customer your $5-$6 you spend every now and then that you stop there if you ever stoped there isnt going to hurt them 1 bit they got burger kings all over the world

I was recently at the Burger King on South Street in Elgin, IL. I ordered an icee and after taking one sip I had to spit out the drink, only to find a black unidentifiable item in my drink. I went in to show the manger and he asked me what is was and what I wanted him to do. He slid me a cup and told me to get a fountain drink. I will never go back to any Burger King again.

To MR Alexandre Behring Chairman of the Board Complaint about Burger King Australian Branch, HUNGRY JACKS, store Rockingham Western Australia I have been a loyal customer since Hungry Jacks (BURGER KING AUSTRALIA) opened its first branch in 1972 in Cannington Perth Western Australia. I have eaten Burger King in The United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Germany...Never once had I EVER been told that sorry you can only have 1 Whopper because we have not got any beef patties left, that happened last night in Rockingham at 1832 hrs, That is worse than a fish and chip shop running out of fish and chips, This store is now the butt of jokes here. Seriously How can I have it my way if you have no food in your store at 630pm at night, lucky for me there was a MacDonals just down the road and Guess what? they HAD MEAT.So for the FIRST time in 39 years I defected to the DARK SIDE. and guess what OBIWAN? They were ok. So No longer will I have to wait in the drive through que for 20 minutes, with no escape route!, no longer will I have to eat soggy mush that looks nothing like the posted pictures, no longer will I have cold food, and other peoples orders, or missing food, no longer will I put up with gum chewing uninformed and clueless staff....Do you know why?, because, even though I am not used to the taste of Macca's, i will get used to it because it was hot, not musshy, Fries where out of this world the order taken and drove through within 3 minutes. So YOU need to fly over here and sort this branch out before its too late Mr Chairman Alexandre Behring . You probably will ignore this message, but hey I took it to the top!

I think it is safe to assume that good reviews are written less often than bad reviews. Convenience comes with a higher price tag than self-sufficiency and we expect the end product to be as good or better than what we can achieve ourselves. Considering the fact that these services are created with the concept that specialization achieves high quality, a bad experience often times makes an impression on us when a good one doesn't b/c we expect a good experience, not a bad one. It is with this concept that I write this review. I have been frequenting store #13339 in Wichita, KS, for about two years. It seems the economic recession has had an unexpected impact on this store. The service, quality, and appearance has actually been better recently than it was three or four years ago. My six-year-old granddaughter was looking for an alternative to Mickey D's and suggested Burger King. I remembered the Burger King I quit going to several years ago and was hesitant but decided to give it a try. The fries are always hot and fresh. The store is generally clean with an occasional sticky door handle, but the personnel are usually courteous and friendly when I give my complaint. I have noticed, however, that the charge for the same items ordered fluctuate from one visit to the next and that the receipts are not itemized. I like to itemize my cash-flow records, and when I call the store to get a menu price they can only guess or they don't know. If I press them to tell me what a menu item costs, they get terse with me and hang up. I must remember to take notice of the prices when I order and do the math before I get to the window in the future b/c I really get upset when someone hangs up on me.

Why does Burger King have a policy that allows their employees to fix foods without sanitation gloves? I don’t care if they wash their hands often. If they have a cut or something on their hands, that can set up a potential health hazard. After seeing that practice at more than one store, I have changed my mind about eating at Burger King. You should follow the lead of your competitors. Sanitation should be key in the restaurant business

Hello Customers That Want Quailfied Managers On Duty : I am a regular customer at the store # 291 at 1431 East Dorthy Lane in Kettering, Ohio. I have personally observed the total qualifed Management staff at this location on many occasions. Tonite June 3rd, 2011 at 6:30 P.M. I was totally Denied by the Manager on duty my request for one of the free coupons that were to be passed out to the customers that night. There was a large stack of them to be passed out....but this manager decided not giving me one was totally up to her. -- I DISAGREE. I would also like to point out That on this same night on camera you can witness her totally unaccepting willingness to allow one of her Staffs young child to be free to roam BEHIND THE COUNTER in the working area with the food. This child was NOT at a Daycare....She has NO Business being back there AT ALL<> Please have upper management explain that to me and the HEALTH DEPT. I can personally state several violations of true lack of Management activity at this store # 291. Question.....Is it permitted for the Manager to Family members that are then permitted to attempt to carry on as if stated employee is a manager. -- Please check any and all records to see that No ILLEAGALS are employees of BURGER KING COMPANY. It is not looking good for Qualifed Managers to do that at this or any BK.--- A COMPLETE TURNOVER OF MANAGERS AT THIS LOCATION Is Needed . A True Manager Is NOT there.

I'm not here to bash on burger king.... I do want to be honest and add their new chicken nuggets are disgusting. I miss the old chicken strips/crowns I grew up with. The new chicken nuggets have hard gristle chunks and no flavor. I had to throw them away. I was so disappointed. Please bring the old ones back Burger King. :(

I work at the Burger King in Ocala Florida and I would like to report that they are working employees unfairly where as they work employees on 9-10 hour shifts with-out a break while they put every other employee in the store on at least 2 breaks and they keep takein money out of my check.cashing it before it ever touches my hands when I get my check it is in the form of cash and it is stapled in a piece of paper Im not sure if that is leagl or not but I will be checkin in to it I really feel betrayed I put my all in to this job and all they did is take avantage of me and other co-workers.

the food made us sick at burger king in halls crossroads today. my husband got food poisoning from the mayonnaise. i called to tell the teenage manager there and he was defiant and said that it was not from burger king that my husband got sick. the manager was rude and disrespectful. i was being nice in warning him about the mayo so that no one else would get sick from it. i will never go back there again. no wonder mcdonalds next door to bk does 1 million times more business than them!!

Wouldn't know what to do without our local Burger King Restaurants!! Nothing beats your burgers and onion rings. Servers are always courteous and friendly and service is almost always accurate. One suggestion: beat out McDonalds and the other fast food restaurants by placing hand sanitizers at the counter. I believe it would help keep bathroom congestion to a minimum during rush periods. Thom Paterno 5/24/11

Saturday May 14,2011 at 9.00 pm I visited Burger King at 92-85 Queens Blvd,New York 11374 my order # 31 when I came home I found out the guy forgot to give me large onion ring.I called 718-575-0116 spoke to fraansu,told me to come back Sunday I went at 2.40 p.m.I explained to manager she told me she don't know anything about it and refused to assist me. Sunday I order with Ms.Mafiza,Fish and whopper buy one get one free and 2 chicken she refused me senior discount behind me came a spanish speeking couple she asked manager and gave them discount their order # was 77 special preference for spanish couple and for me no senior discount.bad shopping experience for this burger king. Samuel John 89-11-63rd Drive Rego Park New York 11374

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