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9/11/11 7:52 am pittsburg CA on railroad ave. I ordered 5 BK stackers the employee told me that they don't make lunch till 9:30 am. And that all they had a the time was breakfast. I guess you can't have it your way. What bothered me was when I asked him. Where does it say that they only serv breakfast and no lunch from what time? till what time? This is not the first incident I've had with this same location. Twice I've asked for a cup of water with my order. And they didn't give me the cup of water. Another time was with a coupon buy one get one free. The coupon was still valid it was not expired. They told me that the coupon was not valid during those hours it was around 11 pm at night. I asked them were dose it say that on the coupon. It didn't, they didn't honor the coupon. What exactly do you mean by have it your way! Because I've not had it my way several times. P.S.. I would have given a 0 star rating but there was no option for that. This is poor service. And bad communication to your customers

I have been to the burgerking in eustis fl two times in a row both times my food was cold it was terrible ive called the store bout ¤ times and no one will answer the phone then I try callin corperate and they are closed this is the worst fast food experance ive ever had burgerking is terrible I wont go there anymore

burger king in pendleton or, 97801 need's to be shut down now. thay have the worst service ever that i have seen in my life.

I ordered a cheeseburger kid's meal with ketchup, french fries, and a fruit punch Hi-C for my son at the Drive-thru at the Burger King in Marquette Michigan. I ordered a Hershey Sundae Pie. When we got home, my pie was half melted and my son said his 'Burger had no cheese, and was cold.' He also said his Hi-C was 'Just pink water.' But my son did drink the 'pink water.' However, when he opened the cup to eat the ice, he showed me 2 dead ants inside the cup! I am very disappointed in Burger King, and my son could have gotten sick! The woman at the Drive-thru window was extremely inexperienced and could not even find the Hi-C on the pop machine! We are never coming back! I only gave 2 stars because my pie was eatable.

my son and I visited burger king at 6038 memorial dr. stone mtn ga. we ordered steak house burgers. my son took a bite into the burger and found bugs in the burger. this was a very horrible experience. He spit the burger out. There was this other customer who witnessed the whole ordeal. He went to the manager and explained. She just said i will give you your money back. She did not go to the sandwich preparer to see what was wrong she was not apologenic at all. she was apathetic. The people are unclean. they are not customer service oriented. I hve visted this restaurant on other occasions and witnessed people fixing bugers with out gloves or keeping gloves on and sweep and then return back to the grill with the same gloves. These people could care less about the customer.I visited the store at 571 dekalb ind way decatur ga 30030 and noticed a guy working there who was workig at the stone mtn location he made jokes about the incident that says a lot about burger king and tetype of people they hire.



Burger King refuses to let me or my wife have 30 minute breaks as described in maine state law. they say we can only have a 15 minute break if we work an 8 hour shift, and sometimes we dont even get a break because they say its too busy. and often times they keep us after our normal shift by at least a half hour without even asking. we are TOLD to stay or we get written up. we both work at separate burger kings by the way. my wife just worked a 59 hour week with maybe 45 minutes of actual break time. this is intolerable and wrong.

This morning just like I do a couple of times a week, I stopped by one of your stores to get breakfast on my way to work. However as of this morning I have been told that I am no longer allowed on the property at 1055 S, Riverside Medford Oregon. This is what happened. I ordered the BK Breakfast Muffin Sandwich after seeing it on the speaker screen for $1.00 . I then was told that it was not $1.00 but it was now $1.49 ( I believe was the price I was told). I had already been sitting there waiting for more than 5 minutes while the people inside where too busy to take my order. ( I was the only customer on the property until a truck pulled up behind me). After discussing the matter of the price and that the screen showed the item for $1.00 and being told it was impossible because the young man himself had changed it , I drove to the window. Where again the young man Jason continued to treat me very poorly. I told him I did not appreciate being treated like he was treating me and he said he was refusing me service. I told him pretty much I had already decided to not order anything because of the treatment and that I would be contacting his manager. He then threatened to call the cops on me and told me to never come back to the store. I did stop on my way off of the property to take a couple of shots of the screen that advertised the item for only $1.00. He then came out of the store to chase me off. I told him I wasn’t hurting anything and not to talk to me I was leaving. He continued to try to argue with me. I told him to look at the screen and he did seeing that the item was on there for $1.00. Still he said I was wrong and the item was not $1.00. Yes we are talking about pennies here. But really we are talking about a store that is difficult to get into because of the location and traffic barriers, yet I drive around the block to go there a couple of times a week. Or should I say used to, considering that this employee has kicked me off of you property and told me to never come back

I am a veteran of the United States Of America and very offened that you use the American Flag as an advertisement symbol to draw folks in for your business. The problem with this is you disrespect our country by leaving a very large flag fly that has been torn to a thread. Men and women have died so you can sell your burgers. Lets get real.I took our flag of the United States Of America down at one of your stores. You are a Disgrace to our country.If you want to fly your flag and direspect it then use the King with hiincerely A veteran of the U.S. ARMYs face on it. Your managers and the corporate do not have a clue. I know this is very poor PR.You lost my business. To leave the American Flag in this shape which was rag like, Pleeeeze for once look UPPPPPP!!!!!!!. Sincerely, A Veteran of the United States of AMERICA I DID IT MY WAY!!!!!!! HOOORA

Just enjoyed the best whopper and onion rings at store number 17632. Nice and friendly too. After hiuricane irene it is good to be able to count on a dependable meal! Well done!

We ordered (2) 4-Pk of the new mini cheeseburgers but received hamburgers. My real complaint is the fact that the meat was raw when we got it. The hamburger was pink with blood still draining. I called the restaurant where we ordered and the service was as bad as the food. I waited in the drive thru for a good 5 min before my order was taken, it was dark outside and the outside lights were not turned on-could not see the menu at all, the employee who took my order was very rude and I will never return to this restaurant again. My whole family lost their appetites after this order.

I think that there is a major problem with corporate involvement in regards to overseeing problems at your restaraunts in relations to cleanliness and sanitary practices with food preparation.I have been a victim of some type and sickness and condition while dining at your establishments for the last 25 years since I was a employee for 3 times.I dont want to pay for any of it and I wanted to settle without going to court with somone in private.The most recent problem occured at your beaumont location and also your west oceanside location 2 times at amtrak station and 78 at jefferson st.Can you please return mail to delisojoseph@hotmail.com?Thankyou for you time goodbye.

Thank you for the BK MIMIS there great, my young grandchildren loved them and Adults alike PS: Better than White Castles of Detroit, Thank you from Va. Beach Va.

To who it may concern i am a patron of Burger King for over 4 decades as my family is likewise. Because first and foremost there burgers far supercede Micdonalds and other competers for Quality, Quantity, and Bang for the Buck. So my complaint is on this day aug17 2011 at 1pm apon visiting visiting Burger King in cape coral florida store915 cape coral prk wy as i have done so hundreds of times in past. I was declined purchase of a meal, not to be mistaken the manager was doing her job. But because of the decline of a meal with a debit card that i have used hundreds of times before with out a problem though it is my money and my wifes card of 25 yrs thk you. and used it there in past and all over this town for ive never had a problem. My complaint is that in my frustrations, i was upset and now very sorry. FOR OUR LACK OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH. As a bisness owner here in the Greater sw Florida erea for over 10 yrs. The manager called law enforcement on me for using but not directing frustrations on your company and its new policyies and not at her thk you. (ITS A BURGER) Double whopper with cheese, and you cant buy one like it thk you. so i asked for a regional managers # and she got VERY emotional and said i can have a refund or she was goin to call the Police witch i replied (ITS A BURGER) But if it makes u feel better do so. And she did they were there in record time,So good job your store is safe. But my question is are your customers, From lack of exspierence of management. Furthermore i have been told by law enforcement not to visit your store. And this does sadden me (mmm THAT BURGER). As i told the officers when they arrived that was video this event and was doing so as they interrogated me so it would not escalate on the 6 oclock news. For this could jeopardize my business. When really i was asking for a (BURGER) like i have done so hundreds of times before thk you. So again like i told the officers i apologize for taken time out of there day of fighting true crime and as they ran my license and verified I DO NOT GET, MAKE, OR CAUSE TROUBLE EVER THANK YOU. AND NO BURGER IS WORTH GOING TO JAIL, KING OR NOT. So i do hope this does'nt fall on deaf ears for i i am not seeking anything i havent worked for .Except a closer look at your policys when to call law enforcement thk you An ex PATRON NOT CON

I am deeply disturbed by your current television ad campaign for Burger King's "mini" hamburgers, entitled "Sharing." The ad shows numerous vignettes of people taking these burgers from others while the original purchaser is distracted and not looking. The little jingle and voice-over imply that this is all good, clean, harmless fun. Stop and think. What message are you sending to children that watch this ad? They see a person (in some instances adults -- who are supposed to be role models) snatching a burger from another person. You are telling America's children that it is acceptable to take something (in this case, a hamburger) that they have not paid for. "Sharing" without consent is not sharing at all. It is stealing; theft, nothing less. What would you do if I came into a Burger King, grabbed up a few mini-hamburgers from the counter, and ran out with them? Aug 9, 2011 I mean, if you are promoting sharing without paying, then I should be able to just walk in and take free hamburgers, as long as I sing the little 'sharing, sharing' jingle on my way out the door. There is no way you put a positive can spin on this. This was a stupid idea. I have an undergraduate degree in advertising and cannot believe that (1) some ad agency actually sold you this idea; or (2) that your corporate offices actually accepted it. Is it any wonder that America's youth have developed a callous attitude toward their fellow human beings? Are you surprised that theft and robbery are rampant in America? It is advertising like this that is the reason. You can rest assured that I will no longer patronize Burger King. Shame on you; shame, shame, shame. Paul R. Jones Fairhope, AL

Oh my, these poor souls. What will they do??? Poor Deborah couldn't get a chicken sandwich for 4 bucks because it wasn't Monday...the poor thing. People going to the national media and local news because their burger was a little crusty. Get effing real people. If you want to be that anal about your food, stop being lazy and cook it yourself.

I have been working with Burger King for at least four weeks now. I love the job and the work seems nice and fair. But I found that while I was applying the manager that I was interviewing with was leaving. So, instead of getting the call to pick up my uniform I waited a full week and got no call. When I went to Store #12123 I spoke to the manager that seemed to have no idea of my appilcation. When I did start working it was nice, I liked my coworkers and what I was doing, the customers were wonderful as well. But, as of recently the manager has begun to change the schedules at random and requires the employees to call every day to confirm the schedule. I think it's rediculus because the manager will change the schedule without any warning at all. I went in just the other day to tell her I had an doctor appointment and found I was suposed to be working in an hour. When my schedule was set for me to arive five ours from that time. I understand the manager is new but if she can't make a schedule properly she has no business to manage a store. I've heard from the others that she used to do this at other stores and will not change at all. Of course, I plan to quit. I have classes to worry about in a matter of days. I wont have my manager jerking me around when I have other things to worry about.

Only because at this moment prior to 7:00 PM PST, we were turned down for an offer openly advertised for weeks for WHOPPERS @ $0.88 cents each. There was no dis-closure as to as long as they last or any other conditions. Offers trhat disclose no outages are bogus, mis-leading, and fraudulant. Wow did you ever cause distain for your lake of planning. Sham on you to make offers you cannot fulfill and not offer rain checks like any other legitimate organization would do. After visitng three King's attempting to be satisfied by offer we decided a boycott is in order and will make every attempt to make these practices and a known to all we know and meet. THANKS JACK IN THE BOX for feeding us

After going into the Burger King in Grand Haven, Michigan which I will never enter their bldg. again. One they are not compliant with the American's With Disabilities Act (I am a Barrire Free Advocate) after being told this a couple of times they still refuse to make their store legal...then last night Aug. 2, 2011 we were in eating dinner which we hardly ever do, they had a guy out there doing the lawn and using a power blower to clean the drive way of the trash that they were to lazy to have someone go out and pick up we come out and our white truck and the car next to ours was just covered in dirt black spots that came from the power blower, when I spoke to the guy that did this he is like I just work for BK I told him well how would you like it if I did this to your car. He told me I guess it would not be a big deal we also own a 1966 Mustang I told him your so lucky that was not my other car. I then went into the store to speak with the manager (if that is what you can call him) He was like I don't really see what the problem is.....and if you have to call the Corp. office. My husband made him come out to see the damages thinking that he would make a report to turn into his district manager as well and he is like their is nothing I can do. I will never do business with a company that just has no care or concern for their customers.....

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