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If you want a heart attack go to the burger king in neosho mo . I live in Neosho Mo. I love Burger King. But do not go there very often. Shame. I ask for my fries with no salt, because they are loaded with salt. to the point where you taste the salt and not the fries . so I decided to try it agian today. I got a chicken sandwich and fries. the fries were loaded with salt to where they were not eatten . but so was the chicken sandwich . I threw it all out. what a shame. but sad part is I know nothing will be done about it , because I have called them before. all they want to do is replace the order . hello .... this store should be named heart attack city . I have been to other burger kings and they do not use this much salt .

I was in store number 9832 on 10-12-12 at 6:19 pm. My family and I open the door to the play area and the door was so heavy it closed on my arm. I went to management and let them know what happened my husband requested an ambulance she refused and her response was " do you need a phone to call somebody" I asked for the corporate number and the gave me a local number that was disconnected.My arm is hurt very badly and she had no concern what so ever!!!!! I told her I may need to see a doctor and she just did not care I asked for my money back for my food, she did give it back then told my six year old he had to give back his kids meal. The lack of concern was horrible.

Burger King in Omaha ne ... Is a joke ! No customer service what so ever ... Orders are always wrong and they are super rude ... They have no idea what they are doing something needs to take place cause its just not one location in Omaha there are plenty ... And you should be ashamed of these stores being open..

I was at the Burger King at 21st and Shadeland in Indianapolis, Indiana Oct 4, 2012 it was the worst experence ever. The food was cold, customers were complaining and getting their money back and the new chicken sandwitch was nasty.

Now how do i begin well i worked at burger king in coral springs in ramblewood plaza they r so lazy and not only i worked for them they used me as a slave just bacause i knew wat to do i used to work for the company before but i no longer work there i quit theres nothing but haitians working dont know how to speak english they didnt want to work the store manager or managers wouldnt help me at all the the store manager would hide somewhere and he couldnt be found but when it wasnt busy anymore he was around so now i need a letter stating i dont wofk there anymore u cant even speak to corporate like u used toso guess wat burger king sucks.

Stop at BK 4095 State Road, Cuy Falls, Ohio 44223 - went through the drive through, Ordered, to my shame I did not check the bag but instead pull over and put my money away. When I got to work I was short One whopper, so we split what we had. I tried calling no answer. Went back to BK, told cashier what happened, and pointed out the person that served me, the cashier gave me my money back but as this was happening, the person that served me came over and stated that she had given my food because she saw me check the bag, I was no where near the window when I stopped to put my money away. As she walked away she stated I was lieing, and did get my food. I work in food service and this is unacceptable attitude and behavior for a rep of your company. I would not have gone over 5 miles back if I had not been shorted a item. there are closer store to work. BEWARE, ALWAY CHECK THE BAG, i did not and was called a lier.

I just got screamed at after telling the manager of the BK inside LaX airport to redo my whopper jr. Because they added the pickles and onions I asked to be removed. He dissing like my tone so decided to give me a lecture on ring nice. After my order was redone the whopper looked awful. I went back and told him to please redo it, and he started screaming at me telling he is dealing with a lot, I told him my husban just deployed and he said "everybody is dealing with something. WOW

My daughter works at the Burger King on Jiles rd in Acworth Georgia. The manager is changing her hours and not paying her for hours she works. If she works over 40hrs they are ajusting them to just be 40hrs this is against the law. She will be contacting the Georgia department of Labor today.

Store number 8240 in algonquin IL. I have posted many times in the surveys but no action is taking place. The employee named Brittany Kahl, 20 years old, (shift coordinator) is dating a younger man named "andrew" (17 years old) and he is a cashier or entry level position. This is unlawful is it not? She openly admits her relationship to other employees of their relationship except to the Store Manager. Andrews mother works there as well and does not want her son dating her, Because of her notorious sexual endeavors. She has told ALL employees there of her graphic sexual nature including me even though i am no employee there. Andrew is a low position, YOUNG, and at the age of consent. (which there is no consent.)

The Burger King across from Agusta Mall is the unfriendless place i have ever been out of 3 visits i cant find your district maneger please help

I worked for Burger King for 4 short weeks. Reason being I quit. It was the Burger King in Webster NY. The gossip between the employees and managers was sad. My second week working there I over heard one of the managers talking to another one how stupid one of the employees was. I told her that I heard her and told her she was very unproffesional. Well that did it, I was treated like garage thereafter. I requested my money owed for the training and hours I worked many times. The manager Jen White keeps saying it takes time and that I messed it up by quiting 4 weeks after being there. To this day I have not recieved the money owed to me and I would warn anyone planning on working for BK to be aware that the managers at Webster NY, like to gossip and are not fair to all their employees. They have definate favorites. I have tried to get a hold of someone at corportate office in Miami to see if they could help me get my money owed. This is a joke their phone system. You can not even leave a message. Same on you Burger King managers and corporate office.

My husband and I ate at your BK on Rt. 50, Aurora, Indiana on April 29. When leaving we had to cross the drive thru entrance to get to the parking lot. While I was cross I was keeping check on in-coming cars thru the drive thru. At one point I look to the right to check to see if there were any cars coming. The next thing I know I am on the ground. I stepped in a large pot hole, and I just fell, injuring my right knee and sprain my left ankle. My husband had to pick me up I was in such pain. Well, Burger King already knows that. I received a letter from Sandy with Nationwide, that represents Burger King..the letter stated that they were in no way liable for my injuries, and that I did not have a claim, as I was not looking where I was going!! What the heck! This was the only way to get to the parking lot (bad setup) and almost impossible for handicapped. The manager of the BK had me fill out an incident report. I went to take a picture of the pot hole, and asked if she wanted to see it. She came out and looked at it, and said "this parking lot is full of pot holes, I have been after them and after them to fix them, maybe now they will". Well, last time we went by there the parking lot had been repaved! I am very upset that this is supposed to be my fault...your company advertises for people to come there to eat...but yet they do not provide a safe environment!! I am going to be forced to obtain a lawyer.

Hi, I hv been working with the BK for not more than six months and I must say that this is the worst place to work. The store manager, she is so rude with the employees. she has favoritism among the employees and whenever she has time she talked to her fav. employees and for me and other employees with same nationality her behaviour is unacceptable. she has extra marital affair with the father of the owner,, that is why if we say smthing abt her he threatens us to fire and said to find work smwhere else. it is disgusting to work at such workplace. worst place to work.

Somerville BK , been giving poor serve. Its sad you called to talk to the manager , she said she to busy t talk call back later. Why can't you give me what I order and not forget to put it in my bag. Why do I have to wait 10 minute to be serve while my 6 yrs old getting mad she didn't get her food. When u got does young kids working there giving their friends free food in front me while I wait. Come on where the cumoster service

I was at atlantic highlands burger king in new jersey on rooute 36 today , I orderd the BLT salad it was the worse salad that I have ever had. It had one tomatoe i it and about a half of inch of bacon the rest was lettuce. I kept eating thinking I would find somthing other than lettuce. When I complained to the manager she said she would make a note of it.If the salad is going to be lettuce oly advertise it as only a lettuce salad Doris V

17951 nw 27th ave has very poor customer service the speakers never work and do not understand this drive in thing why have it if you tell people to pull up and wait and have the nerve to say that im waiting because they did not put my order in just did it and i have to wait for everyone before me to get there food when i was way before them the manager did not resolve the problem just act like this is normal wow if i was in pembroke pines feel like i would have gotten better treatment its funny how living in a black area makes bad customer service a norm

I purchased 2 orders at the BurgerKing here in memphis tn. today a no.6 a no.4 after sitting down to enjoy it we found red hair in it, long red strings of hair I called back and was put on hold time after time again yall please be careful and check your food before leaving.

Unfortunately the Burger King in Santa Barbara, California has gone out of business and closed down. The first time and ever since I went in to patronize Burger King, I found their hamburgers were the best I have ever tasted. I have been to many fast food hamburger places but Burger King has my number one support. It was unfortunate we lost our Burger King. Do not give up. There are new shopping malls in the development stages in Goleta, California, just 7 miles north of Santa Barbara. You may be dealing with the city of Goleta instead of Santa Barbara. Blessings to you. They are easier to get along with and they are progressive towards the future. Unfortunately the city of Santa Barbara has been dealing in the dark ages for too many years. There are not economical problems, there are attitude problems on the part of our city. They are still awaiting the first voyage of Christopher Columbus ever since 1992. They are behind the times and many other businesses are leaving our town. Good luck and looking forward to seeing a Burger King in Goleta, I am sure you will find this a better place to do business. Please come our way soon!

Took advantage of the buy one get one free Whooper coupon today. When I got my food home both Whoopers had little of no onion or lettus. Kinda odd they would short those items when you concider they're probably the cheapest. I guess the illegal aliens they have preparing their food haven't got the hang of it yet. I guess I should be happy the person at the window spoke any english at all.

i recently went to a burger king i asheville n.c.i went to eat breakfast and was rudely greeted by an employee. derogitory comments were made at me because i was wearing a competitors tshirt. If this person would have looked a little closer she would have noticed that it had a special needs baseball league emblem on it. you can piss ne off and joke about my shirt but don't mess with ny kids. Because of her toilet tongue mouth I WILL NEVER EAT AT A BURGER KING AGAIN!!!!! your employees have a lot to learn and if they want to donate to our baseball league i'll come back but that might be the only way i set foot in a burger king again

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