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Restaurant Condition

We ttok our granchildren to your restaurant located at 17067 Pines Boulevard Pembroke Pines, Fl 33027 yesterday February 10, 2013 late afternoon. It was the filthiest Burger King we have EVER been in in my life!!! There were Six (6) employees including a Manager on Staff and everybody was sitting around with their thumbs in their bums!!! Doing absolutly NOTHING.... That entire place needs a gutting and a massive clean up I was taken aback at the condition of this place and moreso at the blatant Laziness of the Staff I will NEVER go there again and I am spreading the word........The health department needs to inspect that place........


I visited the Burger King on North Military Highway. The General Manager there is Samantha. Well I just want to say the service was great and the General Manager knows her business.

Hour I'll never get back

So aggravating ! Got nothing but recorded messages that sent me to other recorded message.....hello is there anybody out there??

Poor service

I & my wife were in your Zephrhills burger king & we walked out of it . You had peaple standing around doing nothing & two bosses in white shirts Standing talking . One girl came over & said some will be with you but walked instead waiting on . Well no one waited on us so we walked out. Willnever go in again. Very poorly run .

Food Supply

Your Accokeek Store on Livingston Road in Maryland, has constant issues of being without Product. In 2 months of going in there, they have been out of Salt, Soda, Hash Browns, and one of your soda machines actually exploded soda all over my wife from a missing piece that the Manager knew about, but did not put a do not use sign on right away because they were busy. We also have gone in more than once at 10:30 and were unable to get the Whopper and fries that are advertised for breakfast. The reason they say is because they have not started it yet! This is a lawsuit waiting to happen! You Advertise it, and that is false advertisement. There is a problem with this store and after I get off of work sometimes after being at the US Capitol all night, I bring my wife to this location for breakfast. There is no excuse not to have what is advertised . I suggest Upper management needs to take a look at the issues at hand, before you have a lawsuit.

Don't waste your time

If you have a life at all please do not waste any minute of it trying to contact Burger King. It is impossible to find someone who cares. I have sent 5 emails about a problem with my order and have never received one call back. I also wanted to tell them that even though our restaurant is under construction, their cussing can be heard on the intercom. If I could only find someone who cares!!

good job

I would like say good job to bking crew. They give a nice service and mi food was so delicious n for sure ill back to eat at the burger king fullerton specially at nigth because was the time when im was there n the team do mi visit a nice experience at burger king.

BK customer service

My experience of customer service in Berger King was very impressive. All the workers were very kind and they

BK Corporate Office is Fake!

I received a gift card from Wells Fargo customer rewards and it don't work...I've called customer service several times and keep getting the same response..."sorry mam all we can do is document it in our system until corporate office follow up". It's been months now-no response yet. I also tried to call Corporate Office and of course the voice system kept re routing me to the main menu. I'm very disappointed in the way I've been treated by a company my entire family has catered to for years....ridiculous!

35% Increase in prices! Yikes!

I have been a loyal and daily customer of Burger King #1789 located at the Jersey Shore for many, many years. (Love the wonderful staff and the fast service.) However, I am sorry to say that will now change. As I understand it, within the last week, there has been a change in management at this store resulting in a 35% increase in some of the prices (medium soda for example). All I can say is “You have got to be kidding me!” With the economy still struggling and the Jersey Shore trying to recovery from Hurricane Sandy, an increase of this magnitude seems marked solely by greed. I am very disappointed with Burger King’s Top Management for allowing this. In the future, I will be going just .03 miles down the road (to another enterprise) where the prices are 12% lower than this BK’s original prices. I will also be directing the summer visitors I have contact with away from Burger King #1789 location for refreshments.

Horrible Service

The girl taking the order could not get it correct. When I got the food part of the order was missing. When I asked for the food I paid for I was refused by the manager and he refused to take the rest of the order. When I asked again for the food I had already paid for the manager threatened to call the police. This is outrageous and unacceptable behavior. I did not get the food I paid for, they refused to take my entire order, then threatened to call police. I will not be visiting this establishment anymore and I will tell everyone I know not to as well.


I am a former shift manager of a burger king location in Independence, mo. After a year of being harassed, picked on , bullied and screwed I finally quit. If the GM doesn't like you or another employee says they dont like you the boss cut my hours back. How was I suppose to pay my morgage on $9.00 an hour and getting roughly 10 hrs a week.( I used to get 40) and not to mention BK refuses to pay over time. There was the feeling of discrimination, but what good would it have done to complain when no one was on my side...not even the district or area manager. Then they proceeded(tried) to transfer me 23 minutes away from where I live, with out asking. At $9.00 p/h with only getting 20 hrs a week it simply wasnt worth my drive. Half my paychecks would have been spent on gas alone. When I called to complain that I simply couldn't afford to drive that far I was simply told, "do it or resign"...so that is just what I did..best decision I ever made.


I went to BK in Phila,Pa on Front and Erie Streets and the food was not cook all the way threw and when I went back to get my money back the Manger was Very rude and I only got have of my money back, I will never eat there again. It looks bad for the rest of the BK

I live in san tan valley Arizona and I have to wonder how long theis burgerking will stay open the service is horrible they cannot get an order correct, and they have you pull doward to wait on a whopper and fries.


I called Burger King on Pleasantdale road doraville ga to get a price on chicken nuggets, she said 4.29. I was about to say something when she cut me off and said we out of them, she then said we out of chicken nuggets but got chicken tenders. I was about to say something again and she cut me off and said hold on and started talking to someone about them being off today and i waited on the line a long time before she came back on. This was a terrible experience. customers on the phone are important. They need to let the customer talk especially if you pick up the phone to answer it. This was rude. This service here needs public relations training.


From the looks of all the reviews I had something to discuss about employee management but it looks as if if your up to ears with problems. It must be the younger generation that you are hiring with no proper training. Its effects everyone at Burger King from the top to the bottom. My granddaughter started woking there 3 weeks ago in Debary, Fl. Nothing but poor management. They did not pay her all her time and they say thats tough luck! We will see!

take a lesson

Every time I visit a bk i either.wait for a long time for food or my order is wrong. If I drive thru I have to walk in or drive back to get the rest of, or correct my order. I prefer to eat your quality food over mcdonalds, but you cant come close to their service level. so.. take a lesson from them and make bk #1.

Managers Are Bullies

I have a son that work at this Burger King. The managers that he works for are nothing but bullies. At the present time my son only gets about 15 hours a week and that is okay with him all he wants to do is work and stay out of trouble. He found another job that he could get extra hours to compensate for what he can’t get at Burger King. One day one of the employees at Burger King asked him to come and work in their place because they couldn’t work that day and he said okay. One of the managers their start harassing him about working for another company and they didn’t like the idea of him working for someone else. So they told him that they didn’t need him that day to work. There also were occasion when they would put him on the schedule and when he would get there they would tell him to not punch in until they tell him to punch in. They know he doesn’t have a place to live and he is trying to get on his feet but they continue to bully him. I am in the military and I know when someone is trying to push a person to make wrong decision. My question is what a person has to do to be treated like a human.

Worst service in The market

Went for the first time to Bk at Hulen St. In Fort Worth, Texas. Waiting for 20 in the drive through, only to be told at the order box that they were no longer taking orders.


I went into Burger King in Cromwell,Ct around 11 am January 02,2012. And the service was horrible, the sandwich was horrible, and I even saw the manager ( I think, they had on white, with a hoodie of some sort) talking back to a customer. There was mayo all over the wrapping, and bun. Lettuce looked old, brownish color on it. It was just a horrible experience. I don't recommend this place to any of my family or friends, rather drive to another town.

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