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Burger King was/is a horrible corporation to work for. Typical greedy slave master mentality. They collect hundreds of dollars of the food they send the delivery drivers to carry, yet still find the need to charge a $2 delivery fee to their customers that they take $1 from it, and give the driver $1. This $2 fee charged encourages customers not to tip, even though the fine print says the $2 charge isn't a substitute for a tip, but c'mon...who reads fine print? With gas being $4 gallon in NYC, with the drivers not being compensated enough to account for the wear and tear on their personal vehicles, you would think that Burger King would at least have the decency to pass on the $2 to their drivers, but you can't expect vampires to do anything else besides suck your blood!

crazy management

I was at BK in Catskill NY with my kids, looked like the manager was handed some forms and he started yelling any carrying on. Police arrived he ran out of the place with papers in hand screaming, i had my 2 children with me, this cured them of fast food!


The burger king in Worthington mn is such a wonderful burger king. The employees are very patient and kind. They never screw up on any of my orders and just that alone is great. Burger King in Worthington MN is by far my favorite because of the customer service. The manager is such a wonderful person and does such a great job in making sure his customers are happy. I just wanted to share this with you because I feel they deserve the good comments too when they do a great job.

Here in N.Y. the meat on the double cheeseburgers are even smaller than McDonalds... thats small a Also i recall the whoppers being alot bigger . im not ever going there again. a waste of money.

False Advertising

Hello, Not sure who can help here as the manager (I believe his name was Dominuque) tried but couldn't get the cash register to over-ride price. I have a picture of the huge banner hanging in the window of the Burger King BK02949 showing mix or match sandwich 2 for $5.00. The cashier stated the sale didn't start yet - the banner doesn't say coming soon, so the price should have been honored as $5.00 not the $8.00 I had to spend for 2 original chicken sandwiches at $3.99 a piece. Please refund me $3.00 -

Kids Toys

Every time that any Burger King gets a new toy and they tell you when they will start, we go a day or 2 later to get them for our kids. But then when we get there they give us something else. So we already spent the money and then we are told that they do not have the toys that are advertise. This needs to get fixed. Very upset kids.

I use to love your breakfast now when i go my food is always cold and just thrown together never again will i eat there people work hard for their money so when you get food togo you expect the company to take pride in the product they put out

never again

Store number 13386 in Califonia MD has the rudest General Manager. No wonder the crew looks mad all the time. If I had to work with a person like her I would quit. Not only was my order wrong, when I went in to get it fixed she rolled her eyes and had an attitude. I will never ever go there again and I'm telling all my friends.

I have been going to your store in Antioch Il.Have never saw the broiler going burgers are awallys micro waved no matter what time of day.Taste bland..Ive asked and was told oh we us it I asked when and got a funny look..I wasnt a fresh one not micro waved..


showed up at 903 am they said they were closed so I went down the street to McDonalds and got served


Ice been going To a burgerking/ bp station for the last month now and the food is great,prople are courteous but there is something seriously Simething wrong with the water at there restaurant.I trastes and smells like mold and mildew and is undrinkable.there located at the corner of Michigan ave and belville rd in cantón mi.

Three times I have gone to this BK, in Broomfield CO. Each time the crew and manager were making fun of people in drive thru, then they would start to make remarks about the customers in the lobby. How disrespectful. Plenty of other places to go and get kind service.


Burger King on South Walnut in Bloomington has the worst service I have ever seen. I was there yesterday morning at 7:15 and they were NOT open. This is NOT the first time!!!! It has happened in the last few months! Then this morning I stop in and they get my order wrong! Something really needs to be done here, this is terrible business.

horrible service

I just finished reading reviews after I posted mine. I guess burger king is going downhill and I for one hopes to see burger king disappear altogether. The quincy, Ma burger king was a disgrace. The food cold and overcooked. The childrens meal was literally a joke, "what burger" I asked, I had to pull the sandwich apart to find what was called a burger. Never Never Never again will visit burger king, just hope these stores close down before people get sick. I agree with most of the reviews on this site and feel that corporate just does not care. Eat at your own risk at a burger king. What a disgrace.

bad service

I was in burger king on feb 22 at 245 pm, I waited for 10 minutes to get waited on then another 10 minutes to get food. I said nothing thinking they having a bad day. Then today feb 25 I went back at 1.00pm and was told no manager there to set up the tills so again bad service I will not go back there again.

the absolute worst management conditions ever

Hi my name is clemente De Leon. I just quit working for Burger King today . I can't believe how they run this place. I am a former assistan manager. After two weeks of of saying how drity. After all warning on how this store wood not pass health inpecsion . Just as had suspected that failed. The employees have no respect for management. They like to argue in front of customers show up to work drunk. They take no pride in there work appearance or there store for that matter .. I only work for them 3 weeks I can't see myself in this kind of investment, I feel bad for the customer when they have to see this. This location is in bellshace Louisiana store # 8654 . In 15 years of management I am appalled I wood not be party to this. So consumer beware. Sad to say Burger king is no longer the king. And this post will go viral in all social media. The people deserve to know .. just for the record Burger King came to me I did not come to Burger King

horrible service

I went to burger king yesterday at 551 10 street., Palmetto FL while visiting the area approached the line place our order there was only one vehicle in front of me it took almost 20 minutes to get to the window to get my order I thought maybe she was shooting the cow to make the order it was a simple order finally got to the window and two employees were arguing while my daughter and I sat there waiting one employee was telling the other she'll get her later. I almost had a fit that these two would argue right in front of us while we sat waiting for the argument to be over for her to hand us our food I never in my life came across shuts service.

im suing burger king

i went to the bk on Fri 15 2013 in the Bronx at Southern Blvd the cleaned the play area and dident put a wet sign my 2 year old slipped and needed the back of his head stapled when the manager was called she was in the office and said to a police officer it wasent her problem they also had no first aid kit im appalled and angry my son was drenched in blood and she did nothing in fact she tried to lie and say that the play room is only cleaned once a week on Mondays witch i think ia disgusting if it were true

Calling Burger King

Why is it impossible to call any burger king? That is bad bad bad business.

Helloooooo !!!

Is this business real, because that machine always come on and repeats itself ....

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