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I visited a burger king yesterday. I was the only customer at the restaurant. I waited 28 minutes in the drive thru, and when i called to complain i was hung up on multiple times. I used to manage several burger king restraunts and think that is appalling.

very very poor serivce no customer relation

today 4/6/13 vistied bk on federal and 56 st conner very poor serivce waited to be helped but was not after about 10 minutes the employees didn't know what was what my order was screwd up I order a crossant with egg .cheese and ham but only got ham no egg no cheese my coffee was half cup black no cream to befound very unhappy with your service

Dissatisfied Customer

I just returned from the Burger King at 1728 N. memorial Dr., Lancaster, Ohio. Store number 00661. I ordered the Whopper meal w/o onions, chicken strips, large unsweet tea, sm coke, sm smoothie, and carmel sundae. The Whopper was cold and had old lettuce on it. The chiken strips were cold and tough. The fries were not cook all the way and cold. I received a lg and sm coke. (I can not have drinks with surgar in them, so I didn't have anything to drink. I had to ask for the sundae that was ordered because they forgot it. The smoothie and sundae were spilling over so the cups were a mess. When I called to complain, I asked for the manager and was told by one of the workers that the manager was busy making sandwiches and that he/she wouldn't leave the line to talk to me. I asked that they take my number and have the manager call me back only to be told that it would be best if I just try and call back later. I spent over $18.00 on this order that could not be eaten. I will not be recommending this BK to anyone and I will tell people of the lack of service and the type of meals I received. I know I am suppose to rate this BK..so I will give it the lowest rating that I can...only because I can't submit this without doing so. Otherwise I would give it the worse rating I could.

horrible experience

i went to a burger king in columbus ohio, it is located on sawmill and bethel rd inside carrige place plaza. It was horrible the people were rude and worse you couldn't eat the food they gave you. the person taking my order did not understand what i was saying and i was speaking english but obviously english was a second language for her. Then they make me wait to get my food for 10 minutes while other cars that were behind me got there food. Once i got my food which cost me 30 dollars. i couldn't eat it both whoppers had so much mayo on them that we scraped it off and filled a cup with it. never going back again burger king might have lost me as a customer for ever just because of this experience.

never get my order right

i live in great bend kansas and for the last 3 times i have gone to buger king i never get what i had orderd they always mess it and when i call them all they say is we will try and do better i have gave them another chance since they remoled the bulding and again today the messed it up again didnt get what i orderd frustrating i wont be going back . im sorry to say ...

bad service

i also wanted to add to my pervious coment that i think with all the mistakes they make i think at least some coupons or free meals to make up for the bad service i get in great bend kansas and on top off it they are just rude ..

BK doesn't care

I had an encounter with a rude employee at the take out window in the Fishkill, NY restaurant (thats not even mentioning the hair in my food one day) and wrote the website, restaurant manager, and even corporate asking for an apology. Noone cares. I think alot of it the fact that BK has gone 95% to franchisee's, so there is really no incentive for HQ to address anything at their level. The fact that Fishkill is on a major highway and the fact that its usally empty makes me suspect a majority of people feel the same way, especially since the two McDonalds further down each way are booming. I came back to BK because of new food items, but will not return because of exceedingly poor customer service. It's really a shame-I think in a nutshell this is a good summary why the company continues to lose market share: BK doesn't care" should be the new slogan. Thanks for your time.

is Burger king in trouble?

Why does Burber King charge for a small cup of water to a customer purchasing two sandwiches? Nobody else does, and this was the first time I ever been told. I would think twice before going in to a Burger King in the future if this continues. It makes me concerned there could be other cuts in their quality.

small onion

I went to Burger King on Western Ave.Toledo,ohio .To get a whooper and fries. I get out to my car .The burger was cold .And it had a onion on it about the size of a nickle.Really I know you cut conners but this is plain dumb.

24 Hours Really!?

The Burger King in Whitehall Ohio clams to be open "24 hours". The employees and managers sit in the dinning room of the store and look at you. They do not get up to service you or acknowledge that they are even open. When the signs are all lit up and they should be open for business. This has happened too many times and this was the last. I will no longer eat at a Burger King because of this issue nor will I allow my family eat there either. I would recommend closing that location simply because I do not have gas to drive all the way there to find that I can not be serviced because of lazy employees and managers. I hope all burger shots loose their shirt!!!

object in food

I went to the burger king in orlando florida right by universal studios. I ordered a whooper with cheese. When eating the sandwich I started choking on an object in the food. When I coughed it up it was a square piece of paper with writing that looks like a time clock to time stamp the food for freshness. How the hell can this be in the food? I will never eat at burger king again.

Horrible service

First thing we heard walking into your peru illinois location was profanity, yes it was busy but i work at subway and i dont curse about the customers when we get busy. This guy is always like this, maybe he should get a different job?


on 3-30-13 found parts of nozzle in my drink when i got home it look brown and it would be real bad if a kid got a hold of something like this. i hope someone can call are email me and get this fix. i feel like its my job to let the people know this be for someone gets hurt from this parts should not come off in your food are drinks.i still have the part i thank the news should know are the paper so i can get this out

I have been working for burger king on 13575 West Dixie High North Miami, Florida 33161 for about a month. we are suppose to get our pay check every week but i still have not received one check i spoke with my manager and she says its nothing she can do about it, she has to wait for another manger to contact her and fix the problem. no one has contacted me yet!

Please get a real turkey burger!!

I went to Burger King only because of the turkey burger advertisement. I love turkey burgers, but the burger king turkey burger was disgusting. The meat doesnt take like REAL mean. It is clear this is some cheap frozen patty that you guy have decided to use and charge the customers as if it was real meat. I do not eat beef so I only eat turkey burgers or chicken burgers, therefore it is hard to get over on me with this fake meat process. If the object is to really see if this is something that will be lucrative, then the least you all could've brought us a REAL product or if its gonna be a frozen patty atleast get butterball turkey burgers and not a fake burger.

Waited 45 minutes for one Whopper!!!!!

I am currently at Burger King at 3930 Dixie Hwy in Louisville, Kentucky and I have been waiting in line for my order for 45 minutes. There are tons of people who are in here with tickets waiting on their food and we are all just standing here. When we first pulled up, there were like 10 cars in the drive thru. Supposedly some one ordered 30 whoppers but all I ordered was ONE kids meal with a cheese burger whopper. They have ONE male employee putting sandwiches together for the tons of people in here. Not to mention ONE cashier who just ran out of cash. This is ridiculous! And I wiuld like to be compensated for my time wasted at your establishment!

On 3/24/13 went to the store on university Dr. And Sterling ST. Davie,Fl. I couldn't believe that my order was there for 5 min. Waiting for the fries while one of the employees was sitting down. Your price went up and the whopper are too small.


The Burger King on Sherwood needs to shut down it is just terrible it was dirty, terrible service, and the management sucked!!!!!! And I will be reporting this to the better business association

general manager is very disrespectful

I worked there for two and a half months and the G.M Zonia Thompson is the most disrespectful individual I have ever crossed in my whole employee history. She disrespects all of her employees using profanity on a regular basis, she has to have everything her way or no way at all. I completely understand that if you are a G.M you have to run your business completely right but she Degrades everyone especially a woman by the name of Cindy Todd who has worked there for 2 years. Cindy is a wonderful person but is slow emotionally but one of the hardest workers you will ever meet.. I hope and pray somehow that some type of issue can be resolved in this matter for ALL employees sake and to make sure Burger King has a Great running business.

A real Turkey

Your new leader, the turkey burger, is a loser. Because, dear Burger King, it is bereft of flavor -- except for the red onion -- and over priced. Try harder.

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