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great manager

Brueggers in Bloomington, MN on France and Old Shakopee Road has had the best manager for years which has drawn regular repeat customers. I just learned that Tim has been fired and what a mistake you have made. Brueggers became a place like "Cheers" where he knew our names and all felt welcome to enjoy good food and drink. We could see the connection between him and the other employees with joking and teamwork. Another company will really benefit from your loss.

I just encountered the rudest manager EVER! I visit this brueggers often.Everytime she is there,she doesn't greet or speak! Only to the caucasians is she friendly WOW! Her name is christie and she works at the location in durham n c. Totally unfriendly!

Coffee selections

Please consider offering French Toast and Pumpkin Spice coffee year around at your stores. Thank you.

Why were the egg bages taken off the menu..please bring them back to New Haven

I am currently working at a Brueggers in upstate NY. I was hired to become a general manager but after my 7 weeks of training, I was made an assistant manager. I was put in a store in which the people have been there for over 5 years and I come walking in as an assistant manager. The employees and the general manager are rude to me along with not sharing any information that is going on in the store. I need to check out the computer to see what is going on. Even when a new person is hired or one is leaving, I am not informed at all. The shift supervisior has insulted me and talk down to me in front of guests, and the tone is harase. I can not talk to the GM because the shirft supervisior and the GM discuss everything and run the store together and besides the GM has an anger issue which scares me. The only input I have received is that he has received complaints on how I close but never went into more detail. I work 10 to 13 hours a day non stop without any break. I tried going to the DM but he is just as bad and states it is my fault. I work hard and I love the customers and the product that Brueggers is selling but I hate going to work with the people. I am keeping my mouth shut and just doing the best job I can but the emotional stress is awful and no person should be treated as badly as I am from the shift supervisior. I will be honest and say that I am looking for another job, just due to the stress from the employees.


I work as an asistance maanger in a upstate store amd love seeeing my custmers wjp are all special to me along wtih the product, please I believe in it. I work 50 plus houres and sometimes from open to close for a 14 hour day. I am not allowed any type of lunch and my lunch time is considered when I go to the bank in the am. All of the employees have been through for over 8 years and are very mean and told to me in a mean voice right in front of the customers. When I say I need to go into the office for awhile to input orders or order something, I am told that is my problem and I have to work something else, while 2 people have a hard time handling the sandwich orders, in whick i cherk out the guest and if a long line step up and take the next order. I ahve tried to talke the my DM but he had no interest and tells me to talk the to General Mgr, which nevers give you a start answer only states they have been complaints about closing but if you check the register receipts, I do have guests right up to closing. I major in customer serve and I feel that is the $1 proitiy and eveything else take care of when it slows down. Do you know of anyone that I can talk to and it doesnted go throught the gossips to the GM or DM? I love your company but at this time it takes alot of me to go to work If there is a problem, no one has stated exactly wat it is, and I have notheing to go by. My biggest pet peave is when one of the Sandwich, SW, Bake talks down to me and threw things at me right in front of the customer. As of now, I am looking for a new jobs because I never seem to anything right and that brings a person way day..it fact it is like domestic violence. I hop to hear from you soon. I do not want this to get back to the store because they will make my life a living help. NO ONE should work in this type of enviroment. Thank your for your attentin in this matte

If I could rate no stars I would for a certain Michigan located Bruggers. I am a previous employee of Bruggers and my experience was short and awful. Not only was I made to feel unequal to my co-workers but I the manager had the nerve to tell me I was the bottom of the bucket therfore I was to do everything cleaning, preparing bagels, ringing up customers while the employees and manager all play on there cellphones on facebook. this continued for a month and finally my last straw was when my fiance called saying there was an emergency with my 4month old baby and the manager was really rude and told me no personal calls can be made whatsoever...see i would have no problem with this if one..they didnt all always get calls from boyfriends or whatever and two if it wasnt an emergency!!! so i politely told her what was going on and she didnt give two cares so thats when i decided I wanted to be no part of this place anymore. I felf completely unwelcome and the worst part I thought she was the sweetest person when I was interviewed. I have graduated high school and am in college now. I feel like they treated me as if I was ignorant and could not comprehend when they were so called training me. I only worked there to get on my feet after having my baby. if thats how it is in that kinda business I'd rather be broke for a month like I was after I quit and be at a higher paying job helping people like I am now. Education is definately important they can keep their 7.40 aan hour job making bagels cause I am not nor have I ever been the bottom of the bucket as that manager called me.

I live in Charlotte NC and there is a Brueggers very close to me (Pineville) so we attempt to visit at least twice a week. The store hours begin at 530am. We usually arrive around 630am. On several occasions there isn't product to be sold at that time. We also visit the Bruegger's on Park Road. Today we stopped at our usual location, again, no product. So we hoped that by the time we stopped at the second location on Park Road enough time would have elapsed and product would be available. Silly us. Again, no product. Absolutely NOTHING was available. What a novel concept to open early with a breakfast product and then you don't have it prepared for purchase. We are done. This has happened too many times. Panera here we come!!!!!!!

I live in upstate NY and personally I am absolutely disghusted with the recent "secret" change from Green Mountain Coffee to the whatever Bruegger's Blend. I spent nearly $180. on a coffe card with the belief that I would be getting a specific coffee only to learn that I was misled by this company! I travel all over and would go out of my way to get Green Mountain coffee and now I am stuck with a card that is worthless because the coffee taste terrible. Even the flavored coffees leave that bitter burnt taste in your mouth. Unfortunately I am only one small voice so I will likely be stuck with this worthless card and will never be fooled again by any company trying to sell me a deal. Lessons learned

The Bruggers on Harding Pike in Nashville TN has to be the slowest service in the history of food service. They're like Zombies on Morphine in there. They look burnt out, care-less and resentful. I stopped going in for a few years, then returned hoping it would have improved. It was worse. Lost me as a customer FOR LIFE.

I was in the Brueggers Bagel's restaurant and saw the Manager Becky, throw cheese on the counter toward the employees and scare them. I saw her throw something in the sink right past an employee to antagonize them. I was in there on Oct 18, 2011 and witnessed a woman and a boy waiting on the customers and asked if there was anyone else working, and the woman that was waiting on me was upset and said that the manager and her friend Shannon was in the back together and they were laughing and carrying on, while the other 2 employees were waiting on the customers. I was watching while I was waiting to get waited on and I could see to the back where they were and the manager, Becky (I asked the woman employee for her name) and her friends name. She also offered more information because she was upset. She said that Shannon is her friend and she is not allowed to hire your friends and was told by Sheila not to hire her. I was told that Becky comes in to work with hangover's quite a bit. She also said that the manager Becky, does not have the schedule made and she was leaving to go home at 3:00. I have witnessed this bad behavior by the manager and it is very low class and I will never go into this restaurant again. It is the restaurant on Rt 51 Clairton Blvd. in Pleasant Hills Pa. I WILL NEVER GO INTO THIS STORE AGAIN AND I JUST MIGHT TAKE THIS FURTHER...I DO NOT WANT TO WITNESS THIS TYPE OF ANTAGONISTIC APPROACH TO SCARE OR MAKE THE EMPLOYEES QUIT. THIS IS ALL I COULD THINK OF. I WAS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE BOOTH AND CERTAIN THAT SHE DID NOT KNOW I WAS THERE. THE PLACE WAS CLEARED OUT BY THIS TIME. THE MANAGER IS NASTY AND NOT A NICE PERSON AND DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE WORKING IN THIS POSITION TO MISTREAT PEOPLE LIKE THIS. THEY SHOULD REPORT HER FOR DISCRIMINATION AND FOR ABUSE. I SAW IT...I SAW THE MANAGER SMOKING OUT THE BACK DOOR AND THROWING GARBAGE IN THE DUMPSTER WHILE SMOKING AND THEN TOUCHING THE FROZEN MERCHANDISE THAT NEEDED TO BE CHECKED IN...i COULD SEE EVERYTHING THAT WAS GOING ON WHILE WAITING TO ORDER. I WILL TELL EVERYBODY I KNOW NOT TO GO THERE...SO IF SHE IS NOT TAKEN CARE OF AND CAN STAY ON WHEN SHE CLEARLY DOES NOT DESERVE A JOB IN THAT POSITION TO MAKE IT MISERABLE FOR THE EMPLOYEES..THAT IS WRONG WHEN SHE USES HER POSITION TO HIRE HER FRIENDS AND TRY TO MAKE THE EMPLOYEES THAT HAVE BEEN THERE BEFORE HER QUIT. THAT IS HER TACTIC....

I was at the Brueggers in Lexington,Ma and I was ordering 1/2 dozen bagels. The young man behind the counter was putting on gloves for sanitary reasons and kept blowing into the glove to open it for his hand. I was grossed out with the fact that his breath and spit went all over the gloves that would be handeling my bagels. I asked him to please use different gloves and that he please not use that method to put the gloves on. He DID NOT GET IT!!! this is not the first time that I have witnessed this. It also happened in Natick, Ma. I wish these employees would get proper training because I really do like the food.

I love your food and salads, but the reason I am giving you a 1 star is because I am upset with the design of the Skinny Bagel. The Skinny Bagel's middle is cut out and THROWN AWAY!!!! WHY??? Why not use the left over bread for croutons, or some other use, i.e., giving to the foodbanks, they can make stuffing out of the thrown away bread. In this age of economic distress and the number of hungry rising, I feel this is a horrible waste. You can contact me at Jenn8759@yahoo.com. My girlfriend mentioned it to me today, and said she is appalled at this. This came a day after I realized the same thing. Shame on you Brueggers!

I was just in our local Bruegger's in Cincinnati. There were two females sitting in the front, laughing and discussing my car parked. When asking what was so funny, Theresa Lanci, who is over local stores began being very rude and very confrentational. I go to Brueggers every morning, however due to the experience with Theresa Lanci, and how rude, non customer focus, continued laughing with her other female manager, I will reconsider if I will ever go to another Brueggers. I am in awe that Theresa would act like that in an upper management position.

I am trying to find out where we can get Brugger's Bagels in Florida. I live in zip code 33955. I love Bruggers. If there are no locations, can you order them on-line. Thanks, Barbara Colby

I have eaten at your restaurants in Brentwood, TN and Asheville, NC and love the authentic quality of Bruggers bagels. They taste an chew like real bagels (not like regular bread in bagel shapes like so many others). Has Brgggers ever considered locating in Chattanooga, TN.? We are a medium-large market-- Panera, Publix Grocery, Fresh Market Grocery, etc have stores here, but we have nothing like the authentic bagels and menu that Bruggers offers its lucky customers.

My name is Jacqueline Gray, and I am writing to you because I had an interview on Friday, April 16,2010 at Bruggers Bagels in Delmar with; George Wutte, the area Manager. I had applied for General manager online through Indeed jobs.com, and he had called me. He said that I did not have the experience in restaurant and offered me an assistant managers job. I had asked him how much it pays and he stated $25.00, I said an hour for that position and he said yes. Well Monday when I went in for training in Delmar, he stopped in and started to talk to me. He also stated that I would be working in Delmar. I did tell him I would work in another store when I was interviewed but he told me no he does not move the employees around and I would be in Delmar.Well Monday he had a different tune, I asked him again what he was going to pay me and it changed because of my experience to $10.00 hourly. He also wanted to place me in another store after offering me Delmar as the Assistant manager .George didn't even let me fill out any paperwork out at all either. George tried to discourage me by saying wouldn't you feel more comfortable in administrative. I told him that I love people and this was the kind of work that I wanted to do. I say that if he is wrong for offering me that and them changing it. Again when I asked how much an hour this is what he had said; 25. He did not say a year. I said an hour, and that is what he had told me. I just do not think that this is right when he first stated what was said above. I have sent a letter to the dol, as well. Jacqueline Gray

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