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I am very much looking forwrad to this. I am the wife and mother of a family going under financially, about to move to an area (the Treasure Coast) where we know no one, and I need the lift that I know this will bring. I asked in my registration that HftJ find a way to offer all the moms some voluntary way to register geographically, so those who want to connect with another Asperger's or Autism or Down Syndrome mom in their area can do so. I think to have a child on the spectrum causes unnecessary isolation and loneliness that could so easily be alleviated. If I knew there was another funny, smart, worn out mom of an Asperger's kid three blocks away, you know I'd be parking my rear at her door for some coffee and mutual support, and I am sure there are plenty of other moms out there like me. My faith is the ONLY thing that sustains me when we are swinging from the chandeliers during yet another meltdown, but having another mom or moms to talk to live would be a first-rate blessing!

Well put, sir, well put. I'll cretailny make note of that.

I can't say enough good things about Our experience with Broward Factory services. On 04/06/2011 I had a whole new air system put in our condo in Fort Myers. We also had Our hot water tank changed buy them. I had gotten many quotes from other compainies, Broward gave the Best price. We were also told by the Vice president of Our association that The Broward company put in over 100 units on Our prestigious Golf and Country Club. I must say the #2 young genleman that came were Very professional,knowledgeable and trusting. They did a really Great job, We feel so fortunate to have had them install our unit. I seriously can't say enough good things about them. Their names are "Ryan & Oscar". I want to say, we are from Ct. In Ct. we had Our own heating and aircond. Buss at one time, so we reconize a Great job. I sent my husband pic's, I must say he is very impressed with their work. I just want to Thank Ryan and Oscar, also The Broward Factory company for your outstaning job. Thank-you, Ricky and Carol B from Fort Myers.Fla

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