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I called Nutone Customer Service on 3/5/2012 for information about a door bell button I was considering to replace one that broke. My door bell is a Nutone brand as are the exhaust fans in my house and I thought their products represented quality. I was trying to get installation instructions or a schematic of how the button was designed so I could see if it would fit in my existing application without a lot of drilling and cutting of siding. Customer Service also transferred me to Tech Support. Maybe I got the same guy Mr. Weller mentions above because I found him rude and not helpful. He rather gruffly and proudly told me that they didn't have any such information available (I find that hard to believe). By his demeanor he made it sound like he couldn't understand why anyone would need this information. I will think twice before buying another Nutone or Broan product.

Got hung up 3X when asking how to trouble shoot my Nutone intercom after waiting about 15 minutes each time for them to answer!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do I obtain an instruction manual for cleaning an Allure Range Hood. The exaust fan is coated with grease and there is no way that I can see to take out and give a good cleaning. Thanks

Called Customer Support 12/6/2010 at 7:50 a.m. PST from my son's home in Portland where I tried to fix a defectively designed Nutone bathroom fan-light. Customer Service transferred me to Tech Support where guy told me that without knowing how old fan-light is or without a receipt of less than a year, he could not help me. I asked to speak with his supervisor. He hung up on me thus wasting about 7 minutes of your workers time as well as diminishing your company's image forever in my mind as well as the minds of my son, his wife, his daughter and everyone I talk to about this incident. I am following up on what is a design flaw in the fan-light which causes the recommended 100 watt bulb to come into contact with the lens, thus burning a hole in the lens, dripping melted plastic onto occupants of the bathroom and/or creating a clear and present FIRE HAZARD. You may reach me at chuckweller@hotmail.com or at my home in Brookings, OR 97415 at POB 1446 or phone me while I am driving back 360 miles today at 541-251-4121 A very disappointed consumer, Chuck Weller

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