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My experience as a customer doesn't even deserve one star. This is the email I sent to the office on Sunday June 9 and still have not received a response. I cannot believe they have such a large franchise. Our visit to this Bob Evans restraunt was less then a plesant expierence. I had ordered our breakfast online and seleceted the curb side pick up, entered our car and color. When we arrived I phoned at exactly 1134am, our pick up time, as instructed on the sign. The woman who answered the phone was less then enthusiastic about her job, asked for my name and said someone would be out shortlly. Ten minutes later and after watching two other customers go inside and retrieve their food and exit my husband decided he would just go inside and pick up our food. Upon returning home there we were missing the banana bread which was a seperately paid for item. In the event pancakes are supposed to come with a side of syrup, mine did not. I called this restraunt and asked to speak with the manager, Linda. She rudely answered and I asked for her confirmation as manager. As I was trying to explain that her staff was rude and no one came out and brought us our paid for meal she began rudely talking over me. She asked for my name to send coupons and she "wanted to make it right." By her tone and less then professional attitude, clearly she did not want to make anything right. I told her we would not be back and the customer service we received was below par, she had the audacity to hang up on me. If this is how customers are treated I would think it would be in the best interest of this establishment to send some staff to a customer service class or two. Hanging up on a customer is extremely low and uncalled for. There is no excuse for this behavior. We never again take advantage of a "curb side pickup" at any Bob Evans restaurant, nor will we ever be back to to the one closest to our house.

Today I went to Bob Evans on Dixie Highway in Louisville Ky. I had made a complaint about 6 weeks ago in their internet site. The last couple of times that I went in there I was seated and no one came to take my order for over 15 minutes so I got up and walked out. Bob Evans corporate office sent me an apology letter and two $5 coupons. The same day I received them I got a call from the manager at the Bob Evans on Dixie Highway. He apologized over and over and said he would take care of the problem and invited me back and said I would be taken care of. He was very nice. His name is Quinton. He told me to ask for him. I went in today and ask for him and he was off. The manager on duty came to the table and told me Quinton would not be in until Saturday. I told him I had the coupons, and he just said give them to the cashier when you leave. One girl came and took my drink order, then another woman came and took my food order, and a different woman delivered my food. I had to practically beg for a refill. The manager was going around refilling customers coffee and he waltzed past me real fast and said "how is everything." Like he really cared, he was already to the counter by the time I would have been able to get a word out. My total was only $2.84 after my coupon. Thanks to the terrible service, I didn't have to tip. I have learned my lesson today. I will NEVER step foot into Bob Evans again. If I happen to be going out with friends and they mention that place, I will say NO. There are four restaurants in that area, and they are ten times better and they have better tasting food. I usually like the turkey dinner at Bob Evans, but today it tasted like a Stouffers dinner. No more Bob Evans for me ever.

While working at Bob Evans I witnessed one server calling another a whore, one telling the other to suck my d---, two servers yelling at each other with customers watching, the manager throwing dishes because he thought it would be fun, and The Manager chasing a server around with chocolate cake on his fork because the girl couldn't have chocolate during lent. This has been one of the worst places I have worked. You ask some managers for help and it's a hassle to get it. Tips are lousy when it takes 23 minutes to get your dessert..then you ask management to help the prep person and they get an attitude. So glad to be away from this place. By the way, never cursed, text, ate while on the job, or did anything against policy, but I have been written up for taking off for a funeral that I had requested off for. I even had a replacement and that person didn't show up..they didn't get written up..WOW, maybe I should have been cursing, texting, sitting around, sneaking food, and calling people whores.

My husband and I went into Bob Evans restaurant on Silver Springs Blvd.in Ocala, Fl.for dinner at about 5:20. The restaurant was about half full and we were seated and menu's put on the table and we were told someone would be right with us. We watched one waitress scurrying around for about 30 min. and we were wondering if we were going to get anything to drink. After 45 min. we got up and walked out. No one even noticed that we left. That was the second and last time we will even go into another Bob Evans restaurant.

I am a current employee at a Bob Evans restaurant. I have worked with the company for many years and after transferring to another store, I have had nothing but the worst time. A previous store, I was harassed to tears on several occasions by one of the managers and when I talked to the manager above her to see what could be done, she bragged about how I was "scared of her". The store I am currently in "punishes" just me for calling off sick and going to school. I had told them several times I could not close because of early morning classes, and this was all fine..until I worked there. Now they are practically booting me out of the door for taking time off due to a car accident that has left me in severe pain. It goes without saying that I am looking for new employment and I tell everyone I know not to work or eat at Bob Evans.

Mindy was my server. She was absolutely wonder. Id have to say i recived the best service for Mindy in the three years i have been coming to the shivley store the food was perfect and service was fast.I will definitely be back and ask for mindy she was the best she made me fell like family

I have worked here for a while, and I can tell you this place is a soul-crushing place to work. Really, every time I have to drive to work, I just want to keep on driving and never step foot in this place again. I have read a lot of the reviews on this site, and I agree with almost every single complaint. Management is horrible and unorganized, and everything is about squeezing every last cent out of the customers. We are ordered constantly to try to get customers to buy more and more things, instead of just allowing them to think for themselves and suggest things when the situation calls for it. There are never enough servers on when a rush comes along, and the whole situation is always extremely stressful. The food is frequently stale or freezer burned (not exactly "down-on-the-farm home cooking" when almost everything comes from a bag or box in the freezer) and is extremely overpriced. Customers blame the servers for EVERYTHING that goes wrong, including the ridiculously high prices; just so you know, servers don't actually have any say in the matter, so it would behoove everyone to stop bickering with us about it. The pay is really not worth it, the environment makes me want to cut myself, and the managers never do anything to help the situation. I feel worn out and degraded after coming home from a shift, and I'm pretty sure I would feel more dignified working as a stripper in a sketchy club than I do working here. I can't stand this place. I'm surprised I have held out this long as it is. I'm quitting as soon as possible.

They stack food on top of other food at counter.waited 20 min n still no sevice.huber heights ohio store is the worse store ive been in..

I worked at Bob Evans for over two years. Recently I was fired for trying to avoid a fight and leaving my shift when another employee threatened to "Beat my a**" three times in a five minute period. I had went to management on several occasions to warn them about his attitude and tell them this keeps escalating. I was always given some excuse or I was called a whiner. Finally the guy threatened me and chased me across the restaurant while cussing in front of guest. I was fired for leaving my post even though I was in fear for my safety. For some unexplained reason the guy who instigated the entire situation and was the source of workplace violence still has his job. Its sad that Bob Evans allows employees to physically threaten people with no consequences and punish those who try to avoid a physical confrontation at all cost. Worst part was the other reason I left was so I wouldn't get fired for fighting. I have left numerous voice messages and was promised they would look into it. Two months later and the violent man is still working and making his paycheck while my family suffers. They didn't even suspend the guy during an investigation like they did to me. I should of called the police when I had a chance. Be stupid me thinking this was going to be a fair case didn't so I wouldn't be retaliated on. I even met with the director in charge of our are. He sat right there and lied to my face telling me he had to be fair and he would take care of it. Fair? How is firing the guy who passively tried to defend himself and not the guy who was aggressive and violent? Shameful company. No wonder there are so many complaints from other employees about how they treat their people.

Our organization, Crohns & Colitis Foundation, had a fundraiser at your Zanesville, Ohio restaurant on Maple Ave in October 2011. As of today's date, the foundation has never received the donation that is owed to us for the hard work and dedication that so many people participated in!! Your restaurant benefits for the fundraisers that you have at this location and I know that early in the evening of this event, there were many items on the menu that were no longer available since they had such a huge response throughout the day. The manager for "Take Steps" through the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation has contacted the manager at this restaurant several times and as of today's date, this issue has not been resolved. Your company states that they are supportive of fundraisers and the organization will receive 15% of sales and to not follow through with this agreement is unacceptable!! This is no different than someone coming to your restaurant, ordering a lot of food and leaving without paying the bill!! You have the authority to resolve this issue if you want to. Due to the disappointment, I am telling everyone that I know about this situation and asking them to boycott any Bob Evans. Hopefully, this will make an impact on this location and then maybe the manager will finally know how we feel!!!

Our organization held a Community Fundraiser at your Zanesville, Ohio restaurant on Maysville Pike. A little more than 5 weeks and numerous phone calls later, I finally found out today what our organization profited. While I am certainly grateful for any amount of money we were able to raise, my frustration comes from the lack of communication (Hearing different things from different members of management). Our organization was told that if we advertised on the radio, they would credit us 15% for anyone coming in with a flier or saying they heard it on the radio. We chose to advertise on the radio and later heard from many customers that when they checked out and said they heard it on the radio they were told it didn't matter, they had to have the flier. Who knows how many patrons came that day to help our organization but were then told it didn't count at check-out time. I know of at least 6 or 7, including one who was on the committe for the fundraiser! I'm not really feeling the "Community" involvement, I'm feeling as if your store got free advertising from us. We ended up making $112.00. But after the cost of advertising and the paper for fliers (Thousands to local schools), it wasn't worth our time.

just finished breakfast at the jackson ohio restaurant. not the first time i have been there but certainly the last. Sat at the booth for 10 minutes since i thought it would be quicker. finally the greeter came over and asked if ok. stated have not been waited on. He got my drink and silverware which was not in his job discription I'm sure. eventually a waitress got my order. I then noticed the counter was dirty. When the food came, I asked to have it cleaned and new silverware. I had also noted that my toast had sat under the heater for 10 minutes and the eggs for at least 5. The manager i think came over and apologized and offered new toast. I say i think it was the manager since I later asked if it was since he only wore a green shirt and no name tag. I paid the complete bill and tipped the greeter who did an excellent job of noticing that things just were not being done. Too bad for a chain that began about 20 minutes from here and had this area as its initial success.

There is a new Bob Evans that will be opening soon near my home. It is located in South Euclid, OH. I noticed today that there is a cigarette trash can immediately in front of the entrance to the restaurant. I am one who gets migraines from the slightest smell of smoke. It would be so forward-thinking if Bob Evans would not permit smoking in front of their new restaurant (or any of their restaurants) so that one does not have to walk thru second-hand smoke before entering the restaurant. If the smokers are permitted to light up directly in front of your entrance, I will not be a customer.

I was recently in the Rock Hill, SC Bob Evans and tried to order my favorite cinnamon rolls. I was told corporate removed them from the menu over a year ago. Well, you won't be seeing me anymore. Those cinnamon rolls were the main reason I ate in your establishment. I hope you reconsider and bring them back.

I worked at Bob Evans in South Point Ohio for one year. Loved my job and many of the people i worked with. Was always there for my shifts and took over many as well. I had never had any problem with them until I had to deal with the Corporate Office. I have had many problems with them from the get-go. I had claimed $332.00 one night on accident, and meant to claim $32.00. The computers had froze on me, and i couldn't get it fixed at the moment. I was told to contact corporate office, and that they could fix it for me. When i called they were very nice to start off with, then when i spoke to a young lady about my problem she acted like i was stupid and didn't know what i was even talking about. She asked me, "How did you over claim that much?" which i told her about the computer system freezing on me. She told me that it was already processed and there wasn't anything she could do about it. That i had waited too long to get it fixed. Im sorry I didn't know that 2 Days was to long. Well today the 27th of February I still haven't received my Tax return from them. I have called and left 2 messages and with in 4 days I never had one call back. When i finally spoke to the Manager of the Corporate was so rude with me she didn't care that i still haven't received my Tax return. She was very rude and careless with me. She never once apologized for the mix-up or anything she rushed me off the phone and treated me like i was stupid. If this is the way the Corporate office treats there employees and former employees then how do they treat the customers? No wounder the restaurants can't run smoothly if the corporate office is in this bad of shape. Im sorry but if you can't do your job, which implies with dealing with customers and employees then pass your job to someone who can. The Bob Evan Farms Corporation is going to fall apart and this is what its gonna be from is the rude people that they hire, take more time and actually hire people that are going to run a company the way it should be. I will never work or even pay another penny to a Bob Evans again. For this i hope it opens there eyes, and they see how there actions affects others.

Recently my granddaughter applied for a position at the Wapakoneta Bob Evans and was totally treated like dirt by the AGM, Justin. He kept giving her the run-around each time she stopped by to follow up on her application (she turned in two separate applications). She was told on two occasions that he would be calling her that night to set up an interview and never did. She finally spoke with a different manager, Mike, and she was told by him that both of her applications had been lost, (I can see maybe misplacing one application, but both of them, cmon). When she checked back again on her application, she was told by Justin that he would be calling her that night to set up a SECOND INTERVIEW, (she never had a first interview). Well, Mike was finally able to set up an interview for her with Justin & he was so rude to her, kept talking to other employees, left her sitting there without talking to her at all. The clincher of all of this is the fact that he asked her if she was friends with a certain female employee, (what does that have to do with her being hired and was really none of his business). After the very rude interview by Justin, she was told that he would call her on Thursday to set up a 2nd interview. Unfortunately, Thursday has never come. I voiced my complaint to the GM and got no satisfaction whatsoever. All he said was that maybe he could give her an interview, and I said, what good would that do and was told that maybe it would give me piece-of-mind. I worked at Bob Evans for 7 years and, whenever a manager was conducting an interview, that person was given 100% of his attention, and he agreed with me and said that he would handle it internally (yeah, right). Well, needless to say, my granddaughter has no desire to ever try to get a job at Bob Evans, especially in Wapakoneta. Hopefully, all managers aren't as rude and inconsiderate as Justin. (When she talked to Mike, he said that she was very friendly and outgoing and, he was sure she would have no worries about being hired). I guess if you don't have another employee (who is Justin's pet) bad-mouthyou, you will have a better chance of being hired. We will never eat at the Bob Evans in Wapakoneta again!!!!!!!

Had breakfast a few times in bob evans bradenton fl. It was okay. They brag about the chicken soup so decided to try some one day for lunch. I had one small piece of chicken in mine and my husband had none, It was all thick noodles. I would not get it again.

If I could give less than one star I would! i went to the bob evans in hillview kentucky and was waited on by a female named Ariana. first i was continuously referred to as boo and baby. i dont even know the young lady. second after smiling in our faces she turned around and pointed her finger in another waitresses face calling her a f*****g idiot! my children heard the whole thing she is extremely lucky they didnt repeat her!

I coordinated a family birthday gathering at our local Bob Evans in Dundee, Michigan on Friday, January 27, 2012. I called the restaurant 2 days prior to our event to MAKE CERTAIN that we could have the SIDE ROOM & have TABLES ARRANGED END-TO-END so that ALL 17 OF US could sit together & converse relatively easily. The young lady I spoke with ASSURED ME everything would be set up for us bY 7 pm on the 27th. When we arrived at the restaurant, the host told us that we were actually going to be in the 'garden area' & the tables were NOT ARRANGED AS REQUESTED, but were in the usual pattern of 5 tables for 5 separate parties. When I asked for the manager, he told me that the young lady I spoke to 'FORGOT' to put in my request for the 'side' room & for the tables to be put end-to-end to form one long seating area conducive to a party. I was NOT HAPPY! I was quite angry as this was my mother-in-law's 84th birthday & I was the one responsible for the party being fun! My in-law's don't like to 'rock the boat' so they all said "don't worry" to me "we'll all sit at these separate tables & after we eat, we'll get up & walk around to each table so we can talk!" Needless to say, this was NOT THE FAMILY BIRTHDAY PARTY I HAD PLANNED! The Manager on duty, Don (I believe), was apologetic but that didn't fix the problem! Well, I decided to bite my tongue as I didn't want to get into heated words with my 84 yr old mother-in-law right there. I could tell that SHE WAS DISAPPOINTED BUT DIDN'T WANT TO COMPLAIN! It was QUITE UNPROFESSIONAL TO HAVE PROMISED THE SIDE ROOM & TABLES SET UP END-TO-END TO ACCOMMODATE OUR PARTY OF 17 & THEN NOT DELIVERED!! IT WAS OBVIOUSLY AN IMPORTANT FAMILY EVENT & NOT ONE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN 'FORGOTTEN' BY THE CALL SCREENER! IF CUSTOMERS CANNOT DEPEND ON WHAT YOU PROMISE, THEN THEY WILL TAKE THEIR BUSINESS - THEIR MONEY - AND GO ELSEWHERE! MY OPINION OF BOB EVANS HAD DROPPED CONSIDERABLY AFTER THIS EXPERIENCE. I THINK THAT IS TRUE FOR THE REST OF MY 17 FAMILY MEMBERS AS WELL.

I contracted FOOD POISONING FROM YOUR SALMON MEAL ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 27th, at the DUNDEE, MICHIGAN Bob Evans! Within 8 hrs of eating that meal, I was vomiting non-stop for 7 hrs straight! It is now 72 hrs later, & I am still very weak, nauseous, & in pain from all the muscle exhersion as a result of the wretching! I called the restaurant Saturday morning to report my poisoning so that, hopefully, this will not happen to anyone else! I also called the MONROE COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT to report the likely case of SALMONELLA poisoning. The Health Dept officer told me that if I do not feel considerable better by this Friday, I should go SEE MY DOCTOR for antibiotic treatment. He also told me that they would perform an inspection of the Dundee establishment and report on their findings. Also, he informed me that he doesn't think this is a case of listeriosis poisoning; but they will have to rule that out. He said that most likely, when the salmon was in the waiting/warming area there was CROSS-CONTAMINATION from a kitchen worker who was working with raw chicken or raw eggs. Of course, this is only speculation & he will not know for certain until the investigation is done. And even then, it will most likely be impossible to recreate the scenerio from last Friday evening. I must say, I WILL NEVER EAT SEAFOOD OF ANY SORT IN A RESTAURANT EVER AGAIN AS LONG AS I LIVE!!! IF I DON'T CATCH IT & COOK IT MYSELF, I WON'T TOUCH IT! SADLY, MY OPINION OF THE BOB EVANS CORPORATION HAS DETERIORATED SIGNIFICANTLY! POOR KITCHEN HABITS, MEAN POOR MANAGEMENT & POOR MANAGEMENT MEANS POOR SERVICE TO CUSTOMERS. I DO NOT CARE TO GIVE MY BUSINESS - MY HARD EARNED MONEY - TO AN ESTABLISHMENT THAT IS POORLY MANAGED!! ***CORPORATE BOB EVANS TAKE NOTE***

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