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I agree with all of the above, but add one more, they have no customer service

customer service

This is the worst, most rude company that I have ever dealt with. Hours on the phone and no Help. Take your money to another store and save yourself mega frustration.

Tall Men's clothing

I am very disappointed that there is not an item of clothing available in Bloomingdales for a 30 something male who is 6'5" tall. There should be a dept. dedicated to tall men just as there are options for large men. Other than slacks, there is virtually nothing at all in terms of sweaters, jackets, shirts, etc. Just ridiculous....consider carrying LT's!

General Manager of white plains cant be reached

I left messages to general manager, who was out on the floor. No one would take the effort to page him. I would give one star, if possible.

White plains general manager refuses to call back

Called gm of the Bloomingdales white plains store, and told he is out on the floor for two days already, and hasn't called back. If I could give no stars i would.

worse service-stick to saks and Neimans

ordered a $700 jacket after being on the phone over 40 mins. kept getting switched to different depts. barely understood the agent. was put on hold and then hung up on. if I wasn't desperate for this item (sold out in other stores) would NEVER shope here. planning on cancelling card after get the order

A pitiful failure on every level . You would think That average level rating of a 1 something would be a clear enough indicator of just how poorly this company is being run

Awful low class service

I can call Target and get better customer service. I am going to cancel my account. They locked me off the online site because they don't like the answer to my security question. Interestingly, it is the only answer. Called customer service and they just bounce you all around with no help. BLOOMINGDALES YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED.

worst customer service ever..routinely misinform and lie about basic items like ship status; collect one day shipment, hold order for three to four days and wont take cancellations, and then withhold shipping charges from refunds when articles returned. after talking to two suoervisors in customer service, it looks like a systemic problem with this retailer...the order takers cant even track what the back office bills you and you find clums of charges posted on your card that do not agree with the article price or the quoted shipping charges. Fast and lose without authorization on your cards...do not ever provide your car number to this merchant

do you have all day?

I hope you never have an issue with an online order. It will take multiple hours and multiple people .......I am still on hold.

terrible service

I purchased sheets at your store Bloomingdales at Boca Raton, Fla. The sheet ripped and I took it back to store. The sheets tag states made exclusively for Bloomingdales . They would not even look at rip or give me any consideration. I was treated terribly. You need to do something regarding the salespeople you have working for you. I am happy to continue my business with Nordstrom. They are courteous and polite, and send their customers away happy.

horrible if not worse

Called the number listed for the corporate office and after being on hold for 17 minutes Ernistine answered and offered to help me with my bloomingdales charge card. When I told her that I wanted Corporate information she told me " I can't help with that stuff". I told her that I was disappointed . Her comment back was that she would get a supervisor. Now 29 minutes late still on hold and NO one has come back. Do I really want to know about the corporate office. NOT anymore. Shame on you Bloomingdales to think you are on top of your game when you are so far below. I would have expected much more from you.


I received the worst customer service and I will never give them my business

never shop at Bllomies.com again!

Terrible if any customer service. I spent over an hour trying to get gift boxes that were missing from an order of expensive merchandise. I spoke to people in their cust. svc. office in the Phillipines that had no clue. I would never shop at Bllomingdales or Macys again

Helen Ficalora jewelry

I called to inquire about an ad in your catalog and was put on hold and no one came back to answer my questions.


This was a horendous shopping experience that I would go out of may way to warn/inform any potential customers about. Please do not waste time or money at this establishment as they are not concerned with customer satisfaction and employe rude unprofessional customer service representatives. Will not even allow you to rate with no stars

Terrible Customer Service

I will never shop here again. TERRIBLE customer service. I ordered a gift for Christmas ($250) 2 weeks later I still hadn't heard from them. I e-mailed asking about the order status and received an e-mail back stating they no longer had my item so I wouldn't be receiving it. They asked me to shop their online sale to find something else - Laughable! What a joke, I'd rather shop at Saks, Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus where they care about their customers. Now I don't have a Christmas gift for my sister and I don't have enough time to purchase something else. What a bad company.

Bloomingdales has the worst customer service and would advise you to take your funds somewhere else.


Bloomingdales is by far the worst retailer I have ever dealt with. The customer service personnel have no clue and will not help you. All you get is the run around and never the answer you ask for. Bloomingdales advertises on their website that they ship your order within one business day, which is totally wrong. They basically shipped my order whenever they felt like it. Also, their cancellation policy in my opinion is by far the worst I have ever seen. According to Bloomingdales website, you have one (1) hour to cancel your order after you placed it. So if Bloomingdales takes their sweet time sending your order out, there is nothing you can do about it. I really do not understand how they are still in business treating customers like this.

Black Tags on Evening Wear

A great decision that has been made placing a large black tag in visible areas on evening garments. I am sooo happy that Bloomingdale's is doing this. The consumer is just taking advantage of the retailers when they buy wear and return the garment. It has been going on far to long. Excellent decision. My hats off to you.

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