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The end

I once worked in district 101, Blockbuster was once one of the greatest companies when it was owned by Viacom. Shortly after the sale off it became a company that had very poor leadership snd little vision. They even onced backed down on kiosks in favor of keeping stores open. Quite simply they completely gave up on any honest revamp after a multimillion dollar debacle called project store. Every attempt after this created more debt than the company could handle. At least they managed to outlast their former competitors. Just another company to learn from now. The customers were the best asset the company had and corporate policies as well as micromanaged hiring practices kept the employee pool lacking.

what a company

I live inShow Low Az., and recently acquired Dish. Blockbuster came with it and they just can't get our address correct. It should be what Dish has but it's not. It goes to an old address. I've spent hours on the phone and still not correct. In 3 months I've had 4 movies as I wait to be forwarded. extremely incompetent.

Rude Worker

Hi just wanted to tell you that you have the rudest worker I have every came acrossed in my life. Yesterday and again today my husband and myself were treated extremely rude by one of your employees. This employee is snappy, rude and has zero customer service skills. I have been a customer of blockbusters since 1994 and will no longer do business with you. This worker works in Medford Oregon at your west main store evenings I believe she is the manager or someone in authority


I have never been so angry in my life!! I have been a member at the Lincoln Park Blockbuster for 15yrs. I have the one out pass, and not only did they raise the price by $15, they failed to inform me of the charges. I had my debit card stolen last month, so I cancelled it and got a new one. I gave the new info to Blockbuster, but they tried to bill the old card and now I'm stuck with all of these charges.. Time to cancel my membership!!!!!!


Its no wonder they have so many stores closing. Ive rented movies from blockbuster for 13 years. But its time to stop.. I rent movies every week and return movies every week. There claiming I didn't return a movie and they want to charge me for the movie now. I don't have your stupid movie...if I hade it I would give it back to you. Bottom line is your going to lose a customer over a $7.00 movie. I can go to redbox two blocks from my house. I don't need you blockbuster


No movie again this week,made a trip to redbox where you can always get a current movie. I have movies that are now 6 months old and still can't get them. I think they have more customers then dvd in stock. Just about ready to dump them and go with redbox or comcast on demand, what a joke they have become.

Hiked up prices without consent

I cannot believe that a national corporation such as blockbuster would just jack up their rates on their movie pass and also add a video game pass onto an account without asking the customer if they would like the pass in the first place!!! Absolutely disgusted! I was being charged an extra 11 dollars a month on my bank account, and nobody called to see of this was ok??!! I will never shop at blockbuster again. Go to Netflix or family video people, unless you want to give away your money.


Hi my name is Nathan Sproule I just wanted to complaine about the servise at the block buster in Fairbanks alaska 3637 Air port way. within 5 Days I had five movie that that skipped and one that did'nt play at all when i returned them and let them know the problem they said it was my dvd player and they wernt gana do anything about it in a rude manner i did not care about the money or the movies it would have been nice to get to watch those movies.But they were very rude when I asked where I could make a complainte "Thomas" the manager at the time said veary rudely have a nice night.I hope some action will be taken My phone # is (907)687-7017 Thank you for your time Nathan Sproule

Garbage website/customer sergice

BB wesbsite is horrible. When you try to leave a comment, it "spools" and never loads. They don't want to hear what you have to say, let alone any of your complaints. Zero satisfaction with BB!

What a joke

BB by mail has been so bad most of their newer titles are on a high demand...I've been waiting 2 weeks for ANY movie and my que is filled.. Now they just closed my local store. Thank you BB for putting the nail in the coffin, i'm done as of today hopefully more will follow and your out of business soon. What a joke you've become.

Corp Customer Service

Corporate customer service sucks they will only do what their computer system tells them to do , they don't think for themselves nor do they care to help customers that have a valid concern.I will take my business else where

Horrible way to restructure a company

I've been a huge blockbuster supporter and renter(look at my rental history, customer # 29195876358). I'm done after today, all stores closing they never get anything out the day it comes out anymore. The new breed of management is horrible, Thomas at Waddell in Surprise Az. I'm done. Dish network does not care and neither do I anymore.


I love blockbuster to death i live in Bakersfield ca. and i shop at the blockbuster on panama and there is this young girl who always seems to help me everytime i come in! i think her name is jessica or jasmine she's the best damn worker there and she keeps a smile on my face every time i come in! i had a balance on my account and she simply explained what it was for and I didnt argue or complain I just paid she because she was right my movie was a couple days late but she offered me this wonderful movie and game pass so that i wont have late fees i feel like this young girl values and care about her customers!!!! all because of her im saving money and renting 3 to 6 movies a day, just because of the pass!!!!

Horrible customer service/help!

I spent 17 mins on the phone with a customer service rep who went round & round with me about idiotic things that had nothing to do with my problem just so they could give a manager who sounded just like the cust rep and said she would give the store "feed back" but could do nothing for me. It was a simple problem. This is why Blockbuster is going out of business. enough said. NOT my concern...good luck when they look for other jobs.

Drug Addict employees

I shop at the Santa Barbara, CA, store and thier newest so called manager, Named Brandon, is so high on marijuana all the time, he braggs about it, that on every break he goes out to parking lot to smoke marijuana, so he can get thru a days work, thier at his Blockbusters job, what a shame, that Blockbusters employees these kind of people, I am disgusted, I have been a customer thier for many years, and do all I can to avoid this employee, sincerely, old loyal customer

I am a customer at buckner and bruton store for about 13 yrs. I have been going there because all the employees are so so nice always have a big smile except for one employee. I went there October 15, 2012 to get a particular movie she was having a bad day you could tell right away. She has this ugly attitude towards me for no reason i asked her where is a particular movie she walked away. And when its time for me to check out she is on her cell phone for 5 minutes and lets other employees take over her job. Witch she is slacking off i always see her on her cell phone this has to quit and the manager wont tell her anything because she is still there. I will be telling my friends not to come back because of this particular employee. I would give her an advice if you have attitude stay at home do not take it out on everyone else.

i will never ever rent from block buster again i rented hatfelds n macoys sat and watched 3 parts and at the end of the movie found out theres a nother disk its a 2 disk set how dare you charge 4 a 2 disk set 6dollars to watch a movie at home no wat so iam telling you and everyone i know no more block buster RED BOX is the way to go i pass 3 on my way to your store in nanticoke pa i will put my card in my movie when i take it back i will be putting this on my space face book and every wereelse i can like i told tem man at tour store i dont think you will be around much more anyway you took away the 2 dollar anight movies well again red box 2 bucks so hate to see you vanish but i really dont think you stand achance o and a iam soorry would be nice lets see if block buster can handel that my phone is 570 406 4233 lets see if i hear from you befor i start posting my letters about block buster or maybe you just dont care ben

Movie returned to store is still in queue after 3 MONTHS despite store manager confirmation of return. UNACCEPTABLE!! Have made over 10 phone calls and sent many emails but no fix. We are dealing with a bunch of idiots at Blockbuster. Why don't they hire people who can do the job ??

If I could give a 0 rating for blockbuster I would. I had signed up for Dish Network's Blockbuster Home thinking it might be better than netflix, boy was I wrong. Out of 6 rentals, which all came from the corp. in Dallas, we're all messed up in some way. I received 4 defective disks which almost completly messed up my system, one disk was the wrong disk from what I had requested, which when I took it up the the store they refused to exchange it, and the last disk I recieved had a big crack right down the middle which I was then blamed for even though that's how the disk arrived. I would have to wait well over a week for each of these disks to come in, and then when I contacted customer service they we're very rude and didn't seem to take any consideration or give me any help at all. I then asked to speak to a manager or the head of the corporation, and they have refused to even let me talk to anyone but a represenitive and continue to ignore my attemps to email them. I will be cancelling my subscription and switching back to netflix since apparently the workers at blockbuster must be half-stoned monkeys, no one seems to have any sense. I will make sure that everyone I know knows that blockbuster is definantly not the way to go. Terrible service I will never go back.

Dear Blockbuster, You have closed way too many stores in my area. We need one store that serves the Beverly Hills/Beverlywood/Century City community. There are plenty of minimalls on Olympic Bl or Pico Bl. with good parking that you can rent. There use to be more stores than we needed. Now there is not even one! Thank you, Shirley Lewis

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