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I recently stayed in best weastern in 112217 ih 37 corpus christi tx 78410 and i was very disappointed i usually stay best western but visit i really was disapointed the commode was so lose that everytime u sat it rocked and it wouldnt flush called the manager he tried to fix it but still we had problems and mind u the room was expensive i dont mind paying if its worth itbut this time it was out rages not being able to use ur commode i wish that yr office would please correct this problem or another manager needs to run it better the pool was dirty and pump was not even on we would not allow our children to swim and i noticed that no one was in the pool and now i no why please dont ignore this letter it cost too much and i work hard for my money just to throw it away in room that it couldnt use the bath room and enjoy my stay

I just finished a phone call with BW Corporate Headquarter Customer Service. They offered me a $30 voucher and said they don't have any say over the day to day operations of the hotels. What? Best Western Corporate has no say in how these hotels are operated? I realize they are independently owned, but the headquarters must have some power over hotels who want the Best Western name? (Complaint 120619-6232)

How would you like to wake up to this in your hotel room? Starting at 6:30 and reoccuring 4 times throughout the morning, water came pouring from our bathroom light fixture onto the floor. Turns out that the plumbers messed up a job in the room above us. It took them a good part of the afternoon to fix it. And, while the workmen were doing this, they left the room to our door open while they went back and forth between the two rooms and their truck. What did we get for putting up with this? 10% off one day of our $170 bill, so about $17. This is insulting. When we asked for the Manager's name, Vince at the front desk, said that the manager instructed him not to give it out. Again, insulting. If anyone knows how to file a formal complaint with Best Western, please let me know. It doesn't seem like they want to deal with any complaints. Because they are privately owned it seems like they can buffer themselves from complaints. At least we have the Internet where we can share our concerns.

my wife had to be admitted to the hospital with a bad infection. we were charged $84.00 on our credit card for not calling to cancel. and when we called best western to explain why we didn't cancel for monday may 7th 2012. barb smith the manager was stern telling me we should of cancelled and that i could'nt even get a discount or credit for a handicap room. in the past when we ''held'' the room with our credit card we were never charged. even after talking with corporate they insisted we should of cancelled as well. so we will no longer best a 'VISITOR'' nor will we recommed to our friends to stay at rip off western inn. be warned that holding a room means reserving it [ not holding it ] .. other hotels have held our room without charging... richmond, in 47374

I'm afraid I have to add to the angst noted in many responses above. I booked the Best Western Fox Valley Hotel in Appleton, Wisconsin for 13 nights from May 31, 2012 through June 13th. I booked based on a previous stay that went well (obviously under different management as the name changed to Fox Valley from "Midway" at some point). I booked early enough so that I could encourage all of my out of town relatives to also book the same Hotel. We were doing a family reunion with the Mayor of Appleton's family. All toll we accounted for well over 18 overnight charges. On June 6th I informed the desk I would be leaving for the weekend and would be checking out on Friday and returning on Monday. On Thursday AM around 10:30 AM (check out is 11 AM) the desk called the room and asked if I had decided to stay another night. I told them I intended to check out the following morning and they said I had told them I was checking out on Thursday. I told them I never even thought about checking out on Thursday and wouldn't have told anybody that. She insisted and said she had rebooked to room and the parties were due in in a couple of hours. She said there was another room available on the same floor two doors down. She told me she would bring the keys. As soon as she showed up I told her to forget it and cancel my remaining reservation. They essentially gave us 30 minutes to move 3 people who had been in the room for more than a week. (Why couldn't the people coming in take the room two doors down?). The militant manager showed up with two of the maintenance workers behind him saying it was just a misunderstanding. At any rate, it was a vacation spoiler and all of my relatives, including the Mayor will never recommend Best Western to anyone and I'm sure this story will be repeated several times. After I returned home I was asked to comment by email on my stay and I relayed this story. I was answered by someone at that hotel saying to call if I had questions! What! ? How idiotic. The whole atmosphere was different than my first visit. Militant (managers walking around with walkie talkies seeing if the guests noticed their importance, rude clerks, and hard enforcement of the pool hours etc......never, again....

8560 SW 124 TH AVE MIAMI FL I checked into the hotel for a 3 night stay on buisness as Ive stayed here multiple times before. However, I get to my room and my key does not work... No big deal go to the desk and the man tells me that I had not extended my stay, WTF, so they proceded to put all my clothes, food, drinks, shampoo in a garbage bag and left it at the desk. They then offered me a room 2 doors down from the one I was staying in. I was so frustrated I dropped a 230 dollar pair of shades as well. If all that comes of this is to get a couple people to look at the Holiday Inn Express, so be it. Stay away from here, or make them print out you something when you check in. Or you too will have your stuff in a garbage bag. William

Best western -Odonell St, Baltimore MD! Worse customer service ever! These people are incompetent! When you get in car accident and are escorted there by police officers, you would think these people would find it in their hearts to let the group use restroom while they wait, at least for the children! Not the case! Best western won't be receiving anything from our family except for a lot of negative reviews ! Disgraceful! They should be ashamed of themselves! Isn't it only human to help each other out in a bad situation ! Apparently not To employees of best western!

I made advanced reservations at the Best Western in Tomah and even received a confirmation number. What do you think a confirmation number means? After traveling all day and arriving at the Best Western with my "confirmation number" I was told that they gave my room away because individuals staying over the weekend decided they wanted to extend their stay. The only reason I was staying at the Best Western in the first place was that all other surrounding hotels were booked so when I arrive there and they gave my room away where was I supposed to go? I asked for the manager, Rita Cartwright, General Manager, and the desk clerk stated she was at home. I asked is she aware of this and the clerk stated yes and shrugged her shoulders. Obviously they didn't care that I was standing in their lobby with my "confirmation number" in hand at 8:30pm with no where to go. I had to ask them to find me another place to stay. One can only imagine my frustration and anger at their below poor customer service and disconcern! I will NEVER stay at a Best Western due to their lack of customer concern and service. I have advised my coworkers of this horrible situation I experienced as well as friends and family.

I stayed at the Best Western Bay Harbor Hotel on June 7 thru the 10. When checking out hotels on the inter net , I chose this due to the reviews. Well to my surprise this hotel was not to my liken. The pool was down and the shuttle driver Al was very nasty and rude. Due to the fact that the pool was down I and my family who was celerbrating my niece garduation from vet school, was stuck in this hotel with nothing to do or know where to go. I will never stay at another Best Western again and will not recommend it to anyone.The manager was rude as well. They did not offer to reduce my fee , I had to ask what can be done and they said they will take off 15.00 . I am writing the from the hotel . Wanda Wiggs

on 15th day of May , my daughter and I checked into the Best Western in Billings MT. The room was great and we had no complaints what so ever. However when my bank statment came on the 3rd of June I was charged for the 15th and the 17th. The 17th was $108.and change. I was in Washington state visiting family by then.. When I called the Best Western, the woman was so snippy with me and insinuated I had no right to be upset!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She said she would call me and let me know what she found , when she found where the problem was. She called around 2 PM and said " you will be seeing the money in your checking account on your next bank statment" I said you found the problem? she said "I said you will have the money in your account next month" I satrted to say there was some kind of problem when I am double dipped...she hung up on me....what a rude way to treat a customer...I will never stay at Best Western again....

I am writting on this web page to who every may read this. My husband and I spent 3 days at the Best Western in Rockville MD. Granted the staff was wonderful but the accomidations where a death trap. My husband is a disabled Vetern who uses an electic scooter to get around. The "handicap accessible" room, was nothing but a regular much smaller room with a lot of bars in the bath tub. The toilet was not regulation handicap height. The reason why it is a death trap. There was no automatic doors to open. So if by some reason my husband was in the room alone and a fire broke out he would not be able to get out of the room on his scooter and open the door at the same time. Federal handicap regulations require an automatic door. Do any one who reads this and has a handicap spouse or friend don't use best western hotels if you want your handicap friend stay alive.I intend to send an e-mail to the handicap american organization. Also as a last note. Being a foreign corporation you probably don't give a damn.

I like the Best Westren in Yucca Valley :-) never had any problems.

My husband and I just back from traveling across country. We stayed in 10 or 12 Best Westerns and we have to give the Steeplegate Inn in Davenport Iowa and AAA+. The people, the room and the amenities were fantastic.

On our way to Florida, we stopped at a Best Western because we belong to a Harley Davidson club and they recommend them in all their touring books. Let me tell you, Clanton, Alabama Best Western not only overcharged up for our room, they gave us handicap room. The room stunk and was dirty. The sheets didn't fit the bed and the bathrom was dirty. When we went to make coffee in our room the coffee pot still had coffee from the previous people that used the room. GROSS!!!! I am going to contact Harley and make sure they take Best Western off their map. As a matter of fact she said she had nothing to do with any discounts with Harley or any other organization, so we paid $90.00 a night for a filthy room. Never again will we stay in a Best Western!!!!!


Our accommodation were acceptable, although I practically had to beg for some bars of soap, was just my wife and I, both in our 70 . Checked in on Saturday 5/20, stayed until 5/23. On Sunday really wanted a waffle but was only one cup that was given to me and it produced about 2/3 of a waffle and there was no more, so I was told, yeah sure. So Monday I expected to get a couple of waffles only to find out as per the matron that they are only on weekends. That is absolutely ridiculous!!! I've stayed at many hotels and they served waffles everyday. Do you think for one minute I'm going to stay at this place the next time I'm in town................hell no!!! My son lives here in Ashland , KY so I make several visits. We stayed at the River Cities Best Western Motel in Ashland, KY. What, did some one turn in a cost reduction to only serve waffles two times a week, and then noteven enough batter to make a whole waffle.............to you I say nuts! Alan Mudrak 85 Overlook Drive Somerset, KY 42503 606-677-0996

I'm posting this comment as an employee at one of the Best Westerns in Southern CA. The way I've been treated as for another co-worker of mine. We have been tooken of the work schedule, NO G.MANAGER , ASST.MANAGER OR THE WORST HEAD HOUSE KEEPER will tell us if were being fired , laid off or whatever. I 've never seen a group of lesdership behave so rude and childish in the work field. I don't know what it takes to be in upper management to work at Best Western. But what I've been dealing with, I assume you just need to gossip about your employees and bully them. I am going to corperate, then I will file a claim with the labor board. I might be a nobody to my lazy bosses. But my children look up to me and I need to be the best roll model for them!!!!!!!!!!!! I have rights and Best Western will have to respect and treat there employees with respect.

HERE'S ONE FOR YA!!! BEST WESTERN INN AND SUITES, WARDEN RD, SHERWOOD ARKANSAS. The owner of this hotel kicked me and my family out on memorial day weekend 2012. I arrived at 1pm to my room not being ready, not unusual for i have stayed there about 60 nights over the past 3 1/2 years. so i quietly waited until my room was ready. Once i got my room i changed into my swimsuit and headed for the pool. Just as i sat down and put my feet in the water, my wife, son, and daughters two friends arrive with pizza and swimsuits on to join me at the pool, for they were already in town visiting. The manager, who is of foreign decent, came out to tell me to leave the pool for i had too many people. Now i understand rules, keep in mind i have spent thousands of dollars at this particular hotel, there sometimes is an exception. 2 too many people, both of which are kids under 10yrs old. As i tried to explain to the Camel Jockey the kids would only be there for an hour or so to swim then return home, he threatened me!! He told me to get my "SHIT" and leave his property!! I was SHOCKED!! there was only 2 cars in the parking lot, 1 other family of 4 at the pool who had their car parked in the driveway by the pool with doors open and music playing. The MGR/Owner said i had 5 minutes to get off his property. The kids loaded back up in the car and i went to change clothes and get my bag. I proceeded to the lobby to give the key cards back and to my surprise 7 Sherwood squad cars with multiple offers and a Lieutenant to escort me and my family off the property. Great customer service!! When i told the Officers what happened, they laughed and said "well you don't have to stay here no more". We found a Hampton Inn just down the street, $15 cheaper per night with 100% Guarantee, that did not care if we had 2 too many children. Welcome to America Towel Heads!! In Memory of my grandfather, SIMPER FI!!!!

I can see by reading all the comments that the Best Westerns in the US are as bad as thay are in Canada. My husband stayed at the Best Weatern in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and he was charged 100.00 more then the price we were given when booked,they said it was a deposit,for what we dont know.I know that this chain is not one of the better ones but come on what woukd have happened if he didnt have the extra cash. I know its only 100.00 but still.The fact that he had to make the trip to see a niece that is dying of cancer is bad enough but to have to deal with this on top of it has just made the whole thing harder on him Thanks Best Western for all your help. We will never stay at one of your hotels again, sleeping in the car would be better

I have been in entertainment and customer service all my life. What a pleasure it was to speak to your guest services employee RAHINA, at the Canton, Ga Mountain Villa & Suites; Positive Personality +. My husband travels with work and we touch base daily. Never have I been greeted with such Joy and Grace as when I called This location. If there is a prize or reward for valuable employee, it should go to RAHINA !

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