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Our stay at the Best Western, Galesburg, Il., was a nightmare. We arrived late from the west coast, checked in, when we went to the room, we could not get the door open, we called the front desk, they send the night watchman, he couldn't get the door open either, finally he found a pass key after leaving us standing in the hall for over 45 min. the following day the same thing happened and again the following day. We also discovered the doors to the outside, were not locked and anyone could come and go at will, no security. The room smelled musty, the shower knob came off in hand when we went to shower the following a.m. A very bad experience:

manger in manassas va hotel e is very bad person he play with his workr and let other use room for free

My girlfriend and I stayed at the Best Westeren in Gardiner MT while taking a tour in Yellowstone. I can not believe how horrible the employees are. The girl at the front dest "Arianna" was obviously stoned out of her mind, with the smell of Marijuana pouring off her clothes and breath; Nice girl but very confused and stoned. The next morning was no different, our housekeeper looked as if she lived on the streets and just crawled out from under a rock obviously still drunk from the night before. Our room was nice and had a great view of the mountains but I find it hard to believe that management lets the employees act like this. I know they live in a small town and have nothing to do but drugs and booze but for christ sakes you have to keep it real while your at work.

I am not sure about posting a complaint on your corporate page because from what I have read above, nothing will change. It doesn't even appear as if anyone has contacted the people to get more information or try and resolve any issues they may have had during their stay. I filled out the Best Western Survey that I was sent via email after my reservation. I filled it out honestly and submitted it. Ever since that point, the manager of the hotel, who speaks and writes very poor English, will not stop emailing me. He keeps asking for my phone number to call me. I advised he would not be receiving my phone number and to stop contacting me. He WILL NOT. I am about to turn this over to an attorney. He has reached the point of harrrassment and I want it to STOP. PS. Do not EVER stay at the Bestern Western located in Carrollton, GA.

I stayed at the Best Western Plus Inn at Marina Del Rey. I was charged $250.00 smoking fee when I was not smoking in the room. Housekeeping staff and the concierge staff member said that they could smell smoke coming from my room. The general manager was very helpful at getting this problem resolved. However, I did call headquarters and made a complaint. I recommend that you sleep in the streets before you sleep at the Best Western Plus Inn Marina Del Rey.

Inn by the Sea, La Jolla. One bad apple can definately ruin your vacation! My husband and I were napping; when we were awoken by a walkie-talkie going off (very loud), we woke up to find someone in our room. My husband got up and ran her out of the room, I called the front desk immediately and we went right down to file an incident report. When I got up from laying down,.my purse was on the floor and my wallet about a foot away. She didn't know we were in the room and when she realized -- dropped it and ran. She told the manager that she was in the room to change towels; which she never did. If that was true, she should have passed them to one of us and apologized. It was an excuse to enter the room. BEWARE AND STAY AWAY! We did have the police come and gave a report..however since we didn't see her actually go into the purse and no money was taken..nothing can be done. I'm sure she has been doing this for years, but this time got her hand caught in the cookie jar. PUBLIC AWARENESS...do not stay here!

Best Western Hotel Tour Invalides Paris. We Booked this Hotel for its Location through Eurostar as a four day break to celebrate our 39th Wedding Aniversary. We Booked in February and arrived at 5.30pm on 19/04/2012 only to be told they were fully booked and they could give us a room for two nights and then we would have to move again to another room for the other two nights. I informed the gentleman that this was not convenient as the hotel was booked well in advance. We were then offered the Garden Room advised us that it was a family room and contained four beds. Well Knock me down with a feather the room was in a state of disrepair, it had obviously been flooded the ceiling was a patchwork of plasterwork along with the wall which had been plastered over the wallpaper. The bathroom was the same took photos should you like to see them. The Garden was actually the smoking area for the Hotel Guests and staff, and the bins directly located outside our door,we DONT SMOKE AND COULD NOT OPEN THE WINDOW FOR THIS REASON> We were also above the Breakfast room where we had an unrequested ALARN CALL every morning at 6am by the person that wore clogs going up and down. We went out on the friday morning at 9am arrived back at 4.30pm to find the room had not been made up my Husband went to ask for milk and this is when they realised they FORGOT WE WERE THERE. We were greeted by Ismael at reception with bonjour i did respond though not with a big smile his sarcastic answer was tre jollie HOW RUDE. Alas the day came to Check out and we were asked if we enjoyed our stay ,when i responded that we had notand that we would never use a Best western ever again nor recomend them to anyone else, he quickly lost interest AS THEY ALREADY HAD THE MONEY IN THE POCKET. I did ask if he would alocate the room to his parents or another family member i didnt get a reply.BEST WESTERN SPOILT OUR STAY IN PARIS> I have my own Business though not in the so called Hospitality industry, we do deal with the public and we dont treat them with total disrespect or disregard. TO PUT A CUSTOMER IN A ROOM IN DISREPAIR IS A DISGRACE. BEING RUDE TO CUSTOMERS IS SHOCKING. FORGETTING A CUSTOMERS EXISTANCE IS UNFOEGIVABLE. yours sincerely Linda Hall

My wife and I recently visited D.C. We stayed at the Mt. Vernon/Ft. Belvoir Best Western which was not only comfortable but reasonably priced. What made our trip much easier and more enjoyable was attributed to the service we received by two employees, Mr. Marcus Reed and Ms. Elizabeth Hasp. Mr. Reed provided a shuttle ride to and back from the Metro station each day and gave us directions and info on visiting the sites of D.C. and Mt. Vernon. Ms. Hasp provided us with maps and info and always with a great smile and attitude. 'Attaboys' are only effective when the employee is rewarded and noticed for their service. Please commend these employees for their excellent work and service to Best Western. They represented the company in an exemplary matter.

On the afternoon of my final stay I advised Bobby that I would be extending my stay. I told him that it would be done within 45 minutes - an hour. He looked disgusted. He rolled his eyes and as I walked away he told me that if my mom was paying for an additional night that she would be required to re- fax all of the information that she did on the day before. At that point, I was fed up with his ugly attitude and condescending tone. I never told him that my mom was paying for an additional night . As I stated, I it would be about 45 minutes to an hour. After he made the comment about my mom paying, I proceeded to the elevator. It wasn't 15 minutes later, he came to the room banged on the door and advised me that my mom said that she wasn't paying for an additional night. I reminded him that I never told him that she was. I reiterated that I would be downstairs shortly with the credit card information. When the money posted to my account (within the time frame that I original informed him of) I went downstairs so that he could process the payment and re program the keys. At this point I was fed up with his attitude. As I approached the desk I told him that I feel as though he pre judged me when I entered your lobby doors 3 days ago and that he really took issue with the comment that I made about the clerk being murdered in your lobby. He claimed that he had no attitude, but it was evident. By that time I was in tears. I told him that I am going through something and that I wasn't at the hotel for pleasure, He should think about how he treats people because he never knows what burden a person is carrying. I was there because I had to be. His response was " We all have gone through something and standing here now aint the time to cry and complain about it!" I was appalled. I reiterated that I think that he could have been a little nicer than her was and his response was "YOU DONT HAVE TO STAY HERE!!!" I told Bobby that he'd been wanting to tell me that since I walked through your establishment doors. His reply was well its true YOU DONT HAVE TO BE HERE!! " At that point, my phone made a really loud noise which I believe made him aware of the possibility that I had proof of his unprofessional and unnecessary comments. At that point he attempted to explain that he was just doing his job. Well, that came too little too late. The bottom line is that if he is what you chose as a manager, he should know that stereotyping is unacceptable. He was totally out of line for contacting my mom and basically LYING to her by advising her that I said she would pay for an extra night. That incident alone has caused a riff within my family and I'm still confused as to what his motive was. Once I complained about the bugs in room 418, we should have been moved then. Your company needs to clean up and rid your hotel of the critters. We literally slept with the lights on as. we were afraid of being bitten. I have photos of at least 4 or 5 roaches in your hotel rooms. As I previously stated, we weren't there for pleasure, we were there as a result of an unfortunate incident. I'm already in a depressed state and your manager's attitude and the sub-par conditions of your rooms only added to the frustration that I was already dealing with. It's evident that he would have been elated if I chose to leave, unfortunately I was immobile and basically had no choice but to remain there. I actually thought that once we changed rooms that the roaches would be the least of our worries, but again, that was an assumption and shame on me for giving the hotel conditions or Bobby the benefit of the doubt. I work as a lead Customer Service Agent for a prominent company and I am well aware of how to treat people who choose to do business with you. I may not have been in business attire but my money is the same color as that of people that he greeted with pleasure. Our entire visit was uncomfortable. I feel as though we didn't even receive basic service. At this point I definitely wouldn't advise anyone to stay at your hotel and I know that I wouldn't re-visit that location as long as you have Bobby mishandling your business. He needs more training in customer service and prayer to overcome his prejudices, This is not a situation that I take lightly and I will definitely see to it that anyone within ear shot of my voice is aware of the unsanitary conditions and your managers unethical business practices. Please investigate this issue and advise me of the outcome. Shari Riley

I am submitting this letter to you in regard to a recent stay at your Best Western Hotel located at 4580 Collins Road , Orange Park, FL 32073 . The entire stay was unpleasant thanks to the unsanitary conditions and Bobby, the manager that you have mistakenly hired to handle your managerial/ customer service issues. I made my initial reservation via Priceline. I placed a bid and requested a hotel with 2.5 stars in the Orange Park area. I was surprised that your hotel was the one that they blindly chose for me, as I once frequented your establishment but Helen Walker's senseless murder left me hesitant to book with you. Upon check in , I made a comment to Bobby, advising him of the coincidental reservation and my reluctance to stay there. He stated that it was an isolated incident and that it could have happened anywhere and I agreed with him. At that point there was nothing that I could do as Priceline will not refund your money once you've placed a bid and won. Bobby initially assigned my son and I to a handicap accessible (still not sure why, I guess I got the raw end of the deal for booking with a discount) room with 1 king bed . At that time I explained that the other person in my party was my 15 year old son and that I would prefer 2 beds versus 1. He informed me that it would be a $10 charge to “upgrade” me to a double room. I decided that I would deal with the king size bed . We were initially assigned to room 418 . The room possessed a strong stench and later that evening I saw more than a few roaches. I contacted the desk clerk and inquired about a late check out on the following day and I also advised her of the roach sightings. She advised me that she would inform her maintenance guy. On the following day, I extended the room. My mom agreed to pay for the room. I made the reservation via the computer and was advised that my mom would need to fax over a credit card authorization form. As I stood there in Bobby's presence I realized how he short talked me and was rather snippy with every comment that he made (toward me). Almost like it hurt him to deal with me. I initially blew it off and decided that he may be having a bad day. I realized that it wasn't “his day” that lead him to answer me sarcastically and with an attitude it was obviously me. Because as others came and went he smiled and greeted them kindly. He thanked them and apologized for inconveniences and told them to have a good day. The only difference that I could see between them and myself was their race or the way that they were dressed. Either way Bobby was extremely unprofessional and made me feel guilty about “him doing HIS job”. During our conversations I was the polite one, continually thanking him, addressing him with yes sir and no sir telling him to have a good day and so forth. While he addressed me with one liners and his nose turned up as though he smelled something sour. He spoke with my mom and made arrangements for her to fax over copies of her drivers license and credit card as well as the authorization form. Prior to leaving the desk I asked him if the lady that worked the graveyard shift made him aware of the problem with the roaches and I also informed him that the phone in the room was inoperable. He acted as though he was checking a list and mirrored the exact thing that the woman told me earlier, that he would inform his maintenance guy. Once Bobby received the documents back from my mom he advised me that I needed to come back downstairs to give a signature and have the room key cards reprogrammed. I immediately went down stairs as he requested. I again asked about the roaches he informed me that he could move me to a room with a queen bed I reminded him that I had my 15 year old son with me and I felt that the king bed was pushing it so why would I want a queen? I asked him if that was the best that he could do. He then advised me that he would go ahead and give me a room with 2 beds. The new room number would be 402 and that I had to wait because he needed to have housekeeping clean it before they left for the day. I advised him that a friend had come to the hotel; to give me a ride to the store and that I would switch rooms when I came back. I was gone all of 20 minutes During this time my son called me and advised me that the head of housekeeping entered the room (418) and asked him if we were moving he told her not that he knew of and she stated "yeah somebody sounds as though they have no clue about anything" . I'm guessing sarcasm is a class that all of your managers attend prior to being advanced to managerial positions. When I returned from the store my son and I moved our belongings from one room to the other (418 to 402). Later I realized why the roaches were no big deal, the hotel is infested with them. There were more in the double room than there were in the king room. I'm still disgusted by that but when you have a person like Bobby mis-managing your business I assume that most guests figure that there's no need to complain as nothing will be done.


My stay at Best Western in Jerome Idaho was worse than poor not only did a towel rack hit me in the head ,I had to stay an extra day because I got sick. I live 14 hours away on my time of leaving Nicole the manager talk to me 3 times she never said she had to do a walk through.So 2 hours out she called me told me she was charging my card another 100 dollars for my pets potting .1 the animals are 13yrs and 5yrs. the have never had accidents since I have had them my grand son spilt mountain dew on the rug and some of his vanilla milk shake BUT THE DOGS DIDN'T PEE 2 I got hit on the head by the towel rack and she called me a lier my 5yr old grandchild saw this along with my 28yr old daughter after this happened I had a headache and vominting ladies when you feel like this you know you don't want anyone around. I was over charged disrespected and I had to stay an extra day because like I said I had a long drive home. I would never refer Best Western in jerome Idaho to anyone Nicole is the worse person you could have in charge she has NO customer skills at all and no one calls me a lier or my 5 year old grandson.

I stayed here with my pregnant wife on our way to Napa Valley. We arrived at midnight and the rate was 149.00, with a pet non refundable deposit which of course I did not mind paying. At 800 AM we were rudly awoken by children in the swimming pool which of course did not open untill 1000 AM this I could have dealt with untill I checked the balance on my credit card and saw that I had 400 dollars on top of my 149 pending for the hotel. When I called to enquire about this, Sandy at the front desk informed me that it was a 200 dollar charge for smoking in the room. Again I styed here with my PREGNANT wife!!!!!!! We DID NOT smoke in the room!! This is by far the WORST hotel to stay at and i never would reccomend this to anyone


VERY POOR SERVICE at Louisville, KY Airport, Best Western This location is labeled as a 3 star... If you peruse the photos located on the website, it looks like a great place On Monday, 26 March 12, my two boys and I arrived at the above address, after close to 8 hours in the car. Driving up, this facility looked no different than an Econo Lodge. A little frightened, we drove to the front door. This scene was much more appealing. The pictures located in the link above of the Lobby and sitting area do share a resemblance. Of course the pictures do make the area appear much larger by comparison. Checked in by a “manager” named Steffan Michael. Who was standing behind the desk, appearing to be smoking a cigarette. Upon close observation, this was one of those electronic cigarettes, however still equally unprofessional. During my entire check in process, he did not let go of this “cigarette” at all. My youngest son is on medication that is administer by injection that requires refrigeration. He has a defect in his pituitary gland, located in his brain that does not allow his body and organs to properly grow. He is required to be on this medication, likely for the rest of his life. This medication typically runs approximately $3000 to $5000 a month. In all of our traveling since he began this medication August 2010, we have always had a refrigerator provided to the room upon presenting his prescription at no additional charge When we first traveled shortly after beginning this medicinal regiment, we were informed by several different hotels that it would be illegal for them to charge me for use of a refrigerator when it is medically required. I was given similar information by our doctor as well as several of our support groups. Steffan Michael stated that he have never heard of this and told me that “consuming the use of a refrigerator will have a charge. That it did not matter if I were consuming it for the necessity of food and beverages or medical necessity”. I asked to speak to a supervisors. He informed me that he was “it”, that there is no one I may talk to. I told him that unless he was the owner, that I would like to talk to his supervisor. He replied that he refuses to bother them on their off time regarding this matter and that if I want to, I can utilize the “Staff” refrigerator in the office or I will have to pay for the use of one “if available” in my room. I asked for a phone number so I can contact them. He finally stated he would call and entered the office behind the front desk. I stated I would like to speak with them. He returned later, and stated that he phoned his supervisor and the result was the same. I have no proof of whether or not this is true, I did not see him on the phone. My opinion is that he did not call anyone. I paid for the refrigerator, because as I said, this medication costs typically $3000-$5000 a month and I did not want to risk leaving it in the “staff” refrigerator and it did in fact require refrigeration. Steffan had already taken my credit card for incidentals. He began demanding my card once again, claiming that he needed to re-enter my information for this rental. I did not understand why, when he already swiped my card. This concerns me. He stated if I do not provide him with that card again, he will have to write my information out on paper to re-enter on a different screen. Once again, this does not make sense. My credit card information was placed in the system for incidentals, is the use of a refrigerator an incidental? I am pretty sure it is, so why did he really need my card a second time? This check in process had taken close to 30 minutes. I was ready to leave and take my business elsewhere. Steffan laughed at me and told me, that is fine with him. Stating that regardless if I stay or left, that he would still “win” because they have my money either way. I paid for 4 nights. As I mentioned above, I have been using Hotwire.com since 2008, this is the FIRST time I have ever had an issue with any of the hotels I have stayed at, or the complete and utter disrespect by a hotel staff member. As we were leaving the front desk, Steffan continued on and on about how he won, laughing at us as we made our way to the elevator. We could still hear him laughing as we entered the elevator. So, we entered our room. This is where in the pictures, in which the comparisons did not exactly agree. Wall paper was bulging and seams were separating. Ripping near the AC unit. The television had holes in it where buttons should be and only 2 of the 6 dresser drawers were able to open. I have stayed in 1-2 star hotels that were better maintained. The room was labeled a non-smoking room. Aside from the fact that there was a sign stating this, as well as no ashtrays in the rooms. The room still had a stale smoke smell lingering. I mentioned this to the women working the desk on the morning of 27 March 12. They told me that they will have someone look at the dresser and the TV. As far as I can tell, no one did. On 27 March 12, we decided to partake in the free continental breakfast. The food was old and stale. What was unprofessional was sitting next to the coffee bar was a “Tip” jar. For what, I did not understand. The woman that was replenishing the food was doing just that. She was NOT serving us, she was NOT clearing our tables. She just made certain that the small area was clean. She was just doing her job. There is no way she could have been quantified as a “Server” and thus paid “server” rates that required a tip to make up the difference. In all the hotels we have stated in over the years, this is the first time I have ever seen a Tip jar in the breakfast area. We stayed that night, and checked out immediately the next morning, cutting our trip down by two full days. This was the worst hotel I have stayed at. As we checked out, I requested a receipt. Considering that this hotel did in fact charge me for use of a refrigerator I should have a receipt of this. They told me that they do not give receipts to people who make arrangements through third party sites. I mentioned that THEY did charge me for the fridge for my sons medicine and therefore should have a receipt of this charge. The woman working on the Morning of 28 March 12 told me that there was nothing on my room for any charges. Telling me that they DO NOT charge for refrigerators when needed for medicinal reasons. That concern me even more. Why did Steffan need my credit card, not only once, but twice, making a fuss out of this refrigerator rental charges? I am looking at my Credit Card Receipt and there is in fact a charge for $10 for renting this refrigerator. 03/26/2012 Best Western Airport East $10.00 So, which one is it? Is there a charge, or is there not a charge? As of today, 31 March 12, that charge is still there. I found this hotel experience to be one of the worst, and this facility would do well if they relieved Steffan Michael of his position.

On March 28th we stayed at the Best Western Plus Harrisburg Airport Inn & Suites hotel. About 9 am on the 29th, I called for check out time. I was informed 11am. At this time I requested a late check out, and was ask if I was a member of their rewards program. I stated that I might be. I then stated that I was just asking for one additional hour, or to check out at 12 noon. I was informed over the phone that if I wasn't that I would be enrolled and that It was ok to ck out one hour later. During this time and the time before we checked out, and even though I had a no disturb sign displayed on my door. My door was knocked on 3 different times regarding checkout by staff. The first time I informed them, a female voice stated, "well they didn't call me", the other two times they didn't say anything. We left the room at 11:55 and out of hotel by noon. In checking my account, I noticed a charge of $100, I called and was informed that it was for damages. According to them, there was a towel stuck in the toliet and the toliet overflowed. I then went to hotel and talked with Manager. I informed her that we didn't do it and she preceed to tell me that we checked out at 1:45p. I told her that she was wrong and that obivously it had to be a staff, and that we checked out at noon. We didnt have to ck out, it was paid on Priceline. She states to me that she didn't "appreciate me accusing her staff", and I told her that I was 17 years law enforcement retired and didn't appreciat her accusing me and charging me $100. She never even ask me to see the damages. After going back and forth and after my request to call police so I could file a report, she decided to refund my money. I am sure that they have done this to others and gotten away with it, and this is where I have a problem. I am not going to mention that I am a black male and my partner was a white female and the staff was at my door or doing the rooms was a black female. There is something wrong here if they are allowed to do this to consumers and get away with it.

The customer service is HORRIBLE..the toilet flooded our room with 2 inches of water, we were denied a new room,made us sleep with an industrial sized fan on and we couldn't walk on the floor without soaking our shoes AND we still got charged!! NEVER will I stay in the BEST WESTERN in Carlsbad, New Mexico!!!or ANYWHERE else!!

I am staying at the Best Western in Sebastian, Florida, and will be staying for several months as part of my job. I strongly recommend anyone traveling to this area to avoid this hotel. The cable TV is been out of service for 3 weeks, and hotel management is disinterested in getting it fixed and for hotel guest complaints about it. The air conditioning in my room did not work and they would not fix it, had to move to another room. The soda machine ran out of product this past Saturday, and it still has not been restocked. Several ice machines are out of service, and they have not been fixed or replaced. I'm stuck here because my company is paying. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

We recently stayed at a Best Western in California. Everything was great. But when we tried to call from one room to another and if the ringing phone did not answer by the 4th ring it would go into a recording of what I call a Bevis and Buthead laughter. Then it said "Butt wipe". Just a laugh and the two words. I called the main desk and told them about it and they acted like they knew about it (some "yes" or "I know") but the comment they said was that they did not know about it and I was told when we want to call room to room we had to call the office first. Huh ? A little double talking there ?? We called room to room some more and calls went through as long as we answered by the 4th ring. What's with the joke? I don't understand why the Bevis and Buthead laugh and name calling. Let alone the office sounding like they knew about it and then said they did not know and not willing to investigate. With the "prank calls" going on in hotels you would think they would be a little concerned.

Recently stayed at BW Annapolis and the accomodations were what I expected at this chain. Room was reasonably clean but outdated. The outside was shabby, but the room had fridge and microwave and was conveniently located to where I had to go for work meetings. Free breakfast bar was well-stocked and area was kept clean. However, the front desk service was poor. Clerks could not complete simple tasks in timely manner and I was asked to leave credit card for incidentals three different times because it was supposedly not on file. After making an online reservation, my card number was stolen and used at a business located 20 minutes away. When I raised concern to hotel manager, she called me "ridiculous."

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