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The Cordele Ga store needs a lot of training in customer service. I tried to return a shirt that I had already exchanged one time and this time they couldn't give me credit it for it on my account because I had cut the tags off, even though the had one identical in a different size. The second time I used up my lunch hour because they take so long to help you while they visit and chat among themselves, so I left it and said just give me credit on my account. Today I went back for the third time and guess what they have lost it. I used up half my lunch hour today and left with nothing. By this time I was in Tears.! I would also like to say it is so hot in the store I am usually wet with sweat after a few minutes, the womens department is so jammed up you can hardly get thru the aisles, all the departments for young people are very spaceous and neat it looks like a different store.

I do not shop at Belk,but get mail from the store all the time. How do I get off their mailing list? Yes, I have tried all options that I know .

Stop sending catalogs to my home. Never been in a Belk store in my life. Very hard to get any action.

I only have good things to say about Belk. I have never found a rude clerk. I always buy my clothes and everything else there, shoes, cosmetics, etc. I always find exactly what I want in my size (12) and style. I ordered some shoes in early April as they were not in stock and now it is the first of May and have not received them yet. I called the store in Rogers, Ark. (where I shop) today and the Mgr. named Barry said he was sorry they were back ordered, and I told him I was going on vacation and needed this particular shoe. He said he would find them. He did, he personnaly called 5 stores and located them, called me back and they will be mailed to me tomorrow. Now, that is what I call SERVICE, He was so helpful and nice and I really appreciate all his trouble. I live in Eureka Springs which is in the mountains and go to Rogers to shop. I just think people are nicer in the south anyway. Hope you all have good experiences in your stores too. Smile

Belks advertized a sterling silver bracelet in their 4-27-12 news flyer in sc. I contacted two columbia,SC Belk stores in search of this bracelet. The Dutch square store said each store only gets one piece of the fine jewelry advertized in any of their sale flyers and they had sold that piece.I then called Belk at Forest Drive in Columbia, SC and that store fine jewelry dept. said yes, the had the featured item in stock and would hold it for me. I advised the clerk that i was on my way from out of town to purchase the item. The clerk said she would put my name on the bracelet. I arrived to make the purchase. I was then informed by the clerk that the news flyer had advertised the wrong price for the bracelet. The clerk said "i will let the manager tell you so you will believe it and "it has now been noted". The manager was came in person and she stated 'point blank'that the numbers were not the same but the letter 'C' as indicated next to the braclet in the picture on the sale flyer actually cost over $500.00 and not $350.00. No consideration was offered to me for a mistake that was due to no fault of mine or the 50 mile distance i traveled to patronize Belk's. I am not sore and did not create any drama. I am shocked that Belks would resort to sales trickery by not having but one item in stock at each store and not honoring an 'obviously misleading advertized' sale price! Shame on you,this is not a Southern Style practice that Belk's can be proud.

Trying to reach someone in HR corporate. I am a past employee and this is ridiculous. Called 3 stores and no answer from any HR department and trying to call 1-704-357-1000 my nerves are bad!!!! cant talk to any live person and the system is sooo screwed up It keeps sending me to same recordig over and over again. I am so thankful I dont work here anymore the customer service is HORRIBLE. I cant imagine being a customer...seriously pay live people and it will repay you in the end!!

Aiken, SC customer service is awful.I was discusted with the lack of knowledge and rudeness of the assistant manager marcus. You can't make money when your loosing customers because of employees being traind in customer service! Will not be spending any money in belks stores again.

In the Tanglewood Mall store in Roanoke, VA, Belk is moving all their menswear upstairs and all women's clothing and lingerie will be downstairs. Why?? How many men will travel upstairs to shop? Shopping is not most men's favorite activity and moving menswear upstairs will hurt your sales. Also, most women don't like sleepwear and lingerie on the first floor! Did you do any market research on this? Why don't you spend the money bringing better vendors into your stores, rather than just moving things around? The women's clothing needs some more upscale vendors. Not everyone wants to wear "Kim" and "New Directions" whatever that is. A customer in Roanoke VA A customer

I used to do most of my clothes shopping at Penny's until they made the change in their sales & coupons. I obtained a Belk card and shopped there for the first time since they changed from Leggett's. I was not happy with the lack of professional behavior at the Tanglewood store in Roanoke Va. I waited for 15 minutes at the register for help, only to have another customer go and look for someone. She found them talking to the girls at the jewelry dept. Then Saturday I went back for a second try. I purchased some jewelry and asked the salesperson for a box. She said they didn't have any to go over to the jewelry counter. I did so and the lady was so rude. I asked her and she said, we don't got no boxes. She was not from the US and this must be how they handle customers in her country. Then another cashier said, YES WE DO, and went to get me one. Strike two. thanks, Linda

I was going to buy a few tshirts from the men's department. They had the original tag on them that read everyday price 8.97. I got 3 went to pay and they wrong up 12.99. I questioned the sales lady and she asked where I got them. I took her to them and she said "well see here's a sign that says they are on sale for 12.99. There were some more expensive shirts that were priced at 20.00. I assumed that those where the ones that were on sale for 12.99. She said no that they are 12.99. I told her I thought stores marked prices down not up. She said no that stores mark them up all the time. I told her nevermind I dont think I want the shirts after all. I really hope that there was some kind of computer or human error and it's not Belks way to do business. I think if a store is going to put something on sale for more then the ticket is for they should have the smarts to change the price on the ticket. It was a very irritating experince. I went on down to Macy's and found some shirts.

This is my review of your Jacksonville Regency Mall store.! At Arlington. About ten years ago this was still a good mall.. Now it is like trouble waitng to happen. I only go there Because I have always loved the clothes at Belk. But since today, I will never go there again. A store clerk outside of Belk was shot by three black Thugs bullets ringing out in the store.! This is a bad, bad area . And if you try to take the bus, it is full of thugs, ever since they opened up the route to Moncreif so that Black people could go to the beach.. A whole bunch of gangland dredlocked, pants to ankle, chains and hateful faces, pile into the bus. And ask you for money coming in or going out.. Am I ever going to this mall again, NO, BUT I SURE WILL MISS IT. Jacksonville is really getting out of hand and a civil war would not surprise me in the least.! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BELK BUILD YOUR STORE OVER BY THE BEACHES 32250, I know that you would have many more customers. AND SO I CAN SHOP..Thank You, Laura

Okay so where is my review ? I have to write it again ? About ten years ago this was still a good mall.. now it i like trouble waitng to happen. Run down deserted and scarey. I only go to this Mall Because I have always loved the clothes at Belk. But since today, I will never go there again. A store clerk outside of Belk was shot by three black Thugs, bullets flying every where. Crime is really bad here. And if you try to take the bus, it is full of thugs, ever since they opened up the route to Moncreif so that Black people could go to the beach.. A whole bunch of gangland dredlocked, pants to ankle, chains, and hateful faces pile into the bus. And ask you for money coming in or going out.. Am I ever going to this mall again..NO....BUT I SURE WILL MISS IT. Jacksonville is really getting out of hand and a civil war would not surprise me in the least.! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BELK BUILD YOUR STORE OVER BY THE BEACHES SO I CAN SHOP..I am not going back there and get shot. Thank You, Laura

I recently tried to buy Kim Rogers Polo shirts in a 1X. Well, the other sizes were out and I understand that Managment has decided this is the one segment of the market they are not going to supply. Shopping in the stores was a good experience at the Coastal Mall and they were very helpful. The personnel have not been infomed of this decision however. All that was obtainable in blouses was round and scoop necks. Now, why would would one make an arbitrary decision to exclude this one segment and insist that all one was going to sell was round/scoop necks? Larger sizes should have more tailored clothes not "tents" I am tired of looking at the "pregnancy" tops as a fashion without being pregnant. Further, this is Florida and you have spandex in the clothing. This is oil! It is hot! Wrap yourself in some saran wrap and stand outside. Not pleasant. They don't wear well, they look like they have been slept in after an hour. Not how I want to look or feel when paying good money. I further believe that not having this line in all size areas is also discriminatory. You have made a decision for whatever reason based on certain perceptions. When I have previously been able to buy these I have found them to be almost sold through in comparison to other sizes. I also do not want a line where someone has already decided for me how much cleavage I want to show. Yes they were there but not the traditional.

Belk in Snellville, GA - Chanel Cosmetic Counter I was refused a refund when I went to return an unopened bottle of cologne with the original reciept. I had received it as a gift and it was paid for with a debit card. The only way they would give a refund was if I had the debit card - it was a gift - not on my debit card. The only thing they would offer was a store credit. There is not a thing in that store that I want. I resent like heck that I am having to waste my time and energy fighting this backwards corporation. They are apparently in financial trouble since they will not make refunds on gifts.

I just want to write and tell you how wonderful I think I have been treated by an employee on a consistent basis at the Belk store in Cool Springs Galleria in Franklin, TN. Patti Hawley in Karen Kane has been so kind to me and she exudes what I consider the definiton of what customer service should be. I want someone to properly thank her for all the hard work she puts into making sure you are taken care of no matter how busy the store becomes. She also seems to always have the right thing to say to her customers. Kudos! Thank you for your attention to this matter, Raye Goodman Franklin, TN

I have an employee check that is dued to me from December 2011.I have NOT received the check as yet. I have contacted the HR person via email and phone and the manager via snail mail. I was told it would be in the mail January 3,2012 and today's date is January 15, 2012. What gives?

From reading all of these "complaints" I feel I need to make a statement from a different point of view. I am employed at Belk and I have to deal with the ignorance of all you lousy people. First off, the Belk credit card is through GE MONEY! Belk has nothing to do with their incompetence... (wrong names, balances, etc.) Stop trying to blame your problems on the company. Second, just because you missed a "one day sale" doesn't really mean you missed out on anything. Belk brands such as New Directions and Kim Rogers are ALWAYS on sale! If the price changes within a few days, we usually price adjust to accomodate you. And that brings me to the coupons, or "coopuns" as we Belk associates hear pronounced often. Yeah, Kohls and JCP may offer coupon discounts on their clearance, but their clearance isn't the same as Belk's. Belk's clearance is marked 50% and 75% off already, and will run red dot clearance sales to offer an additional 30%, 40%, and even 50%! THAT'S WHY YOUR "COOPUNS" DON'T WORK ON OUR CLEARANCE. You're already getting anywhere from 65-85% off! Additionally, brands such as Free People, Miss Me, 7 for All Mankind, etc. are excluded from Belk coupons by the VENDOR. Kohls and JCP do not offer luxury brands such as these. Thirdly, Checks not going through, debit card refunds and such situations have to do with your financial institution, not Belk. And last, Don't call our stores and have us search for this one little clearance item that you just must have right away because its so important. Seriously, we have better things to do with our time. Also, I bet not many of you know this, we Belk associates clean up the shit you leave scattered around the fitting room. No, a magical fairy doesn't come up behind you when you try on the 50 pieces of Kim Roger clearance. We do that. We do that on top of the other tasks we are assigned to do daily. No, we do not get paid to stand at a cash register all day. In conclusion, think about how ignorant you sound when you post about the name on your credit card being wrong or how the coupon doesn't work on clearance. So glad I put in my two weeks notice. SAYONARA!!


Although I realize that my concerns and comments cannot assist me at this time, I wanted to share my disappointment with your company policy. Recently, I purchased a pair of shoes for my husband from Belk. I returned them the next day. I had used a debit card. Interestingly, the money was debited from my account immediately. I have been waiting for 4 days for the reimbursement and it has not been credited yet. I contacted one of your stores and the manager informed me that Belk takes ONE WEEK to return the money. This is not acceptable. It is Christmas time and we need the money. I have returned items to other stores and they make it a point to return the money within one day. If a store receives their money immediately, they should return it in the same manner. If I had given you a paper check, and then had a waiting period, that would be understandable, for you have to find out if the check cleared. But…that is not the case with a debit card. We do not use credit cards. We do not want to carry a lot of cash, so the debit card is the safest way to conduct our business…except at Belk. We will think long and hard before we shop at Belk again. I am very disappointed in your processes and policies. We have always been loyal customers. I hope that this input can assist you in offering improved customer service to your customers.

Your ad at the Auburn, Alabama store said take $10 off ANY item - regular priced or sale priced. That's not what actually happens, because there are apparently several different types of "sale" items, and the $10-off coupon won't work on any of them. We have been shopping at Target this holiday season, because when Target promises a discount, they deliver. They accept all coupons without exceptions. They don't refuse to accept their own ads because of the fine print. I won't be shopping at Belk's anymore this year. Target keeps their promises, so they get my money.

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