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Bristol Belk had a lady that they paid to sit outside the store in the mall to do credit applications and she stayed on her cell phone 50% of the time and no one said anything to her. At least they had money and credit approvals from me but no I was fired with no warning. I was trying to stay the 25 years to retire but corporate must not understand things like that.

Belk stop harassing slander customers put in jail

Allow Susan fowler get hair done there coach hairdresser hates gay byron lass! Susan grow up hate slander lie about people only has money mom left to her gets social security ! Cathyingiular allow belk salon help hate take advanced byron lass ! These women men aren't Christian slander harassing write Facebook MySpace text message hate people personal details helps hate they should be jail!

Business Owner

Belk has the absolute worst Customer Service and Experience of any retailer I know in their space. If they went out of their way to create a poor experience, they could not do a better job. Customers become lost in their labrynth of an automated phone system, no one has any power to truly help you.

Disgusted client

Very concerned about the dimissal of people of color by store manager, Shelley Ifert, at Belk's the Streets of Southpoint mall in Durham, NC. Terrible, terrible to have a person in this type of position who does not understand DIVERSITY. Hopefully, Belk's executives will address before they get a civil case against the company.


The Belk in Canton , Georgia has THEE worst most unprofessional store manager in the entire universe. This Pamela Price is not even a decent human begin. She has anger issues and should be on medication for her emotional outburst. The other managers are just as crazy. I guess they have conformed to behave as their leader.


Shame on u for having employees work on Thanksgiving day if people love your store it does not matter what time u open people will come u dont care about your employees

Don't work for Belk!

I still work for Belk in Charlottesville, VA, so no sour grapes here. It is a horrible place to work in so many ways. Managers are under-qualified, so are the HR people. I lost a week of vacation due to my request being ignored three times in a row. I was told I my vacation days wouldn't expire until the end of January, but they were washed out January 1st. I can handle that part, but to have my request ignored in the first place is pretty bad. This is just one example folks, but it kind of sums up everything about working at Belk. Don't apply to this company, not worth the stress.

Corporate office

Treat your corporate employees with respect! What goes around comes around! And that's the truth! Think seriously about about it!!

Shocked bad business

Seen a post on facebook with a picture of a poor baby belly all scratched up and bloody after she wore a Bonnie Jean outfit, purchased December 11 at Belk in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.. Two hours in this pink outfit and the baby required medical care. The tutu is sewn into the seam and pieces of it are sticking through the seam on the inside like little needles. Belk employee asked the mother, "didn't you check out the outfit before you let your child wear it?" Really??? A refund is the least of the concerns; however, Belk will not refund the purchase price because outfit is blood stained. The outfit should be removed from the racks, nationwide. — at Belk University Mall.

Unprofessional Managers

I was a great employee in your Leesburg, Fl branch-I received many awards and was chosen and sent a beautiful letter from my South East District Manager. I was very proud and very happy- sadly two managers and their terrible attitudes and lack of proper people skills helped deter me from continuing my employment at Belk's Leesburg. (Fran and Mine) I really enjoyed my position and would have continued my progress and terrific Customer Service skills, sales, and growth if these two individuals were transferred. Thank you for your time-

Thanksgiving Day!

You should be ashamed of opening on Thanksgiving Day! Your employees work extreme;y hard for minimal wages and now you are taking more time away from family because of your greed. Stand up for what is right....Modern, Southern, Style....How about all your core values? How about family? Our country is in dire need of providing values & spending some quality time with family. And I guess we can all let go of our family traditions!

No statements

I have called and spoke with office management for about three months. I still have not recieved my statements. This is poor service especially when you are young and wanting to established your credit.

Filthy Dressing room

The Belk's store in Sherman, Texas is filthy. I had not realized just how disgusting this store is until I used the women's dressing room. There was debris and stains all over the shabby carpet, and holes in the wood stalls. It's more what you'd expect from a third world country. When I brought it to the attention of the "manager" (a dunce) she was defensive and snippy. She must be a slob at home.


I had such horrible service from a Belk employee. I believe this lady was an operation manager, and she just kind of shrub me off when I simply approach her about an issue I had. I didn't know who she was but I was pointed towards her because she was management and she was absolutely nasty. I loved Belk, but with employees like her I will have to think twice before entering another Belk. By the way this was located in Monroe, Louisiana.

out of town customer

Recently i was visiting my son and his family in Charlotte,NC. We went to belks after dinner. Your Southpark Mall store is just beautiful. We were in your home department and I did not know where to look first. The merchandise was at every price point you can image and the displays were outstanding. The quality of the merchandise was also outstanding. This store should get an award as well as recognition for its beautiful organized home department. The rest of the store was imaculate too. I hope to visit again soon.


I was in your Cullman ,al store a few weeks ago .I was injured due to the neglect of your manager ! I have talked to every one I know to get in touch with other than a lawyer!! I stood in your store pouring blood from my arm the manager refused to fill out an accident report ,when I finally got someone to listen I was sent a $25 gift card, It's been over a month and I still have wounds help!!!!

Disbelief and Disappointed thst young cus are being discriminated against

I am ver disappointed that your customers must be 18 years old ti qualify for your gift card giveaway. I choose to shop at your Orangeburg store where I spent my earned money but was not allowed to be given a card. The card did not have this exclusion printed on it. Very disappointed that you discriminate base on AGE.


Yesterday I went into your Winston-Salem store to buy a purse and a blouse. I was astonished to find almost all of the purses from designers down were made in China. In addition, the blouses where made in China too. By chance is your store owned by China? I would like to buy a nice purse and a nice blouse that is made in America. I am VERY disapointed in your store.

Belk Monthly Statement

I have registered a disagreement concerning my balance on my Belk card. I logged on to the Belk website and attempted to pull up and print out my monthly statements beginning with the Jan. 2013 statement. I was not permitted to do this. During a telephone conversation with Belk's Customer Service personnel, I was informed that the Belk system will not permit me to recall more than 3 months statements. Even those 3 months do not yield a complete statement, only a small portion of a months activities. It is difficult to understand why, in this present electronic age, Belk is so far behind other stores in the same industry relative to retrieval of account activity. Other credit cards I utilize will permit me to go back years and retrieve information on my account. We move past the Abacus era centuries ago. Seems Belk was left behind. Respectfully, Evelyn Todd

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