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a sale person is wasted all the time

Do Bebe check on there employees for drugs or alcohol background . I experience with a sale person in your Outlet store in the premium outlet on Grand Central in Las Vegas. Her eyes was all glosses. She was very rude and swear . She talked very loud. I don't want to shop there cause I had a bad experience with bunch of your salesperson. Following me around the store felt like a criminal. You will loose customers . My money is good every where.

Cheap bad quality

The quality at Bebe has really gone down the drain! I purchased a dress and the stitching and material sucks! Babe why would you lower your product?? Please go back to quality vs quantity!! Your long time customers knows it ain't te real deal trust me!!


I will never shop at this store again! I tried to return an item in the store after 28 days and was told that I could not because it had been longer than 21 days. What kind of store has a refund policy less than a month? I was shocked. I am now stuck with a $100 dress that I do not like. I did really like the store but I like customer service more. No more Bebe for me!


I will never buy anything at this store I had a receipt and wanted to exchange the phone case and they said since my receipt was over 2 weeks old it is not valid and they gave me less then I paid and made me pay 9 more for the same kind of phone case. All the women who work there are so rude they were standing around the register watching also brought back a purse that used once and totally fell apart they would not give me the value I paid. The manager even came out and was so rude and rolled her eyes at me. How do they get away will treating you so poorly and were else you shop they are happy to help you in any way. They welcome you...NOT HERE beware if you buy something for overpriced things you can never return and if you do they will not give you what you paid. Also make you feel terrible having everyone stare at you, WOW


BeBe sells real fur that they get from china. They skin the bunnies they use alive because fur is much more managable when the animal is still alive. They hang them by there feet while the bunny struggles. Once they're half way down skinning them with a knife they pull the fur off their body. They're usually still alive after this and are left to die. If you buy from this store, you are a disgusting person. BeBe is a disgusting company.


I am very upset with this Store in Pleasanton calif. I bought a Blouse $58--dollars. Paid cash and the Girl who helped me on Saturday said if it didn't work out to bring it back of course with Tags on it and not worn. I took it back today 2 days later, because I noticed it ahd a snag on the backside of it. The manager helped me today and told me I could not get a refund after I took reciept and tags were on it because she said it was spotted, I pointed out the snags & didn;t see the spots she pointed to, I am very disappointed with their service!! she said I could only exchange the top! What can I do??? Please answer my note. this was @ Stoneridge in Pleasanton, ca. Thank You, Stella Riebli

Issues with return

I called yesterday and asked to formally place a complaint with the district manager in Northern California. I'm still waiting for a call. This is for the store in Modesto CA. I bought a dress and when I bought it it did not have a price tag. I am a very attentive consumer so I asked for a tag to be placed on my dress so I could do a price verification. The girl that helped me was just going to give it to me without it. I also noticed that the other tag that says it must be attached for a return looked very torn. I tried the dress on at home and it was too big and accumulated around my waist making it unpleasant so I took it back. I was made to wait 15 minutes while the manager went to the back after giving me a dirty look. I waited and she came back and told me I could not return the dress bc the tags had been taken off. So, I bought a dress that wouldn't have had a price tag on, and I asked for one to be placed there. Yet I can't return it when both tags are there? When I bought the dress the tag was missing! How about some inconsistency and hipocrisy! Is corporate even listening? All I see here is BAD reviews. How is BEBE in business! This year I have spent at least 500 dollars worth since may, which was the first time I shopped there. I will NEVER buy anything there again.

I am interested in opening a Bebe store in south of Italy. Is there any way I can get a license? can anybody help and guide me? Thamks

I will likr to know if all original clothing BEBE BRAND!! Is jiat made in US or in china also???? :) thanks :))

I work at bebe and I have been working there for quite awhile now. To this day my manager is always looking over my shoulder and seeing what I'm doing on the register. When a familiar client comes in she just stares at me when I'm helping them out and when I ring them out. A lot of my too clients have noticed this and said they didn't feel comfortable shopping while she is there, I have even lost some clients because of that. Also she is very nosey. She looks up whatever we buy from the store and makes us prove that it is ours. I brought a couple of things recently and she had another manager ask me if they were all my items and no one else's. I will be quiting very soon because of this problem. I don't wanna work a company where I am not trusted.

I had been shopping at bebe for many years. Usually at Menlo Park and Short Hills, NJ. I had been treated very well and was known to the managers and sales associates. There were lovely ladies who knew how to provide service with a capital S!! The last several times I was in Short Hills or Menlo I couldn't find my favorite lady. After a little investigation, I found out she had been fired because a black woman complained she felt discriminated against. It was not because of the way she was treated but because another black woman was denied a return on a purchase which had considerable signs of being worn. Then a white woman was alowed to return a garment that had no signs of being worn. The accuser did not know exactley what happened, unless she believes black people should always be allowed to return items regardless of the condition of the clothes. What gives??? Never shopping at bebe again. Reverse discrimination is just as bad as discriniation. Evcents that did not happen should not be used as reason for fired.

This isinhgt's just the way to kick life into this debate.

We again need to lead the way and attract the big putenr instore. We in Qld have already set up 2 $200 plus syndicates to get the bigger player in and spending their lottery money with us. Never has there been such a purple patch for lottery products.We need to share tips and experience so that we can all take advantage of these times. I made a call a few blogs back for such things but nothing has really come through. Don't sit there thinking that other newsagents are your competitor they are not. Big draws such as these provide opportunity for everybody.

Store: WillowBrook Mall, Houston Texas. They are more then helpful when it comes to purchasing but any returns from another store or online is hell. I purchase dozens of items a month and spend a lot of cash at BEBE. A lot of my purchases are online and sometimes they don't fit or are damaged etc. Basically, I went into the store today and told the manager I was charged twice for a dress I phone ordered from another location. The original dress they billed me for was torn so I called that store and they sent a new dress to the location near me. Meanwhile, the store charged me AGAIN for the new dress I called them and they said the Houston location would refund my $$$ no questions asked. Nevermind the amount was $8 more the second time for the same exact dress?!! So, I go in the store with my bank statement and tell the manager and she gives me a rude look. This lady doesn't want to deal with it and doesn't want to take the hit. Basically she and her associate said for me to get the refund from the other store. But they went ahead and physically took the damaged dress. So now, I have to get my refund and I don't even have the merchandise anymore. I'm basically afraid to ever go in that store again because this isn't the first experience like this there. I'll be back to post how it goes, hopefully corporate can help me. I don't want to ever be treated so poorly ever again, so I hope to never go back to the WilloBrook Houston location.

Just left BEBE about 2 hours ago..left work around 6 and left BEBE around 8 all just for a simple exchange. Spoke to a new Sales manager at store 45 I explained to her that I purchased this leather jacket I was exchanging for a different size because the size I had was too small. I didn't try that one on in particular because I was actually going to buy a different color but changed my mind at the check out counter and requested the sales clerk get the color I really wanted. The sales clerk rung me up for the jacket that was missing the tag but didn't indicate it on the receipt. Therefore as a result I had to wait over an hour because I refused to except the lowest price, being that I had my orig receipt, while the sales manager called several other managers to get their permission to exchange my jacket...how ridiculous is that? This was the worst experience I've ever had at BeBe, I explained to the manager how I'm a frequent customer at that store I always purchase and that the jacket was never worn which was apparent and I have no reason to lie I didn't want my money back I just simply wanted an exchange. This billion or million dollar company isn't going to lose anything by simply honoring my exchange. I just want BeBe corp to know just like I told the manager at store 45, that they have lost a customer and I will never shop there EVER again..its not worth it at this point.

I had a bad experience at North Park Mall bebe store in Dallas, TX. I was about to post the issue on this website, but started reading what everyone else posted. For the most part my issue is the same. BeBe does not adhere to their return policy. After reading all the post on this page, I honestly believe the managers are to find a problem with the items so they do not have to return them. How else could you explain the same tactics being used in different states?? The manager's will find something wrong with the product and accuse "US" the customer of damaging it,taking off the tag's, retagging etc. just so they do not have to give you a refund. Hey BEBE, you should put on your receipt "no refunds only store credits" you would possible have more satisfied customers

Bebe is the absolute worst....especially at Cumberland Mall in Smyrna Georgia!!!! The refund policy is ridiculous and the people that work there are very unprofessional!!

My 2 daughters 16 and 18 year old, volunteer thier time once a month, for the last 9 months,and help BeBe model cloths in Albuquerque,NM Coronado Mall. On July 12th, after they finished hanging up the cloths they used for the evening,employees stopped them and searched thier belongings. BeBe employees found nothing that belonged to them. BeBe employees basicly said they had stole something. BeBe employees then offered my daughters some cupcakes with no apology for thier poor judgment and the embarrasment they caused in the public eye! My daughters have told me that this location has always been very predjudice, the employees think they are much better than anyone who walks in, unless you meet thier standards. Nolonger will we be doing business or volunteering for BeBe. They should have offered a cupcake when they got there, now that would be customer service!!

I want to make love

rIVEREAD II Tanger outlets in riverhead ny is horrible customer service. I Asked to speak to the manager and they were standing around talking. This was a busy day with a crowded store and only one girl was doing everything. I asked for the phone number to the corporate office and they handed me a business card witht there number on it. I always shop at the full price bebe but 2b u lost a customer! No help, just a bunch of teenagers goofing around!

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