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poor quality

Bealls has been a favorite store of mine for several years. The last two times I visited the store in Round tock Texas I was very disappointed. The quality of women's clothing was very poor. There was nothing I would have bought. The season is winter but there was very little to buy for this season. I do not feel I will be able to continue my shopping at Bealls. Such a shame to allow this to happen.


All these people complaining about the outlet stores. Maybe Nordstrom, Dillard's and Macy's will provide better service and better quality.

NO ONE can give you answers about the Bealls Outlet store. We emailed twice with NO answers. I was told at the Port St. Lucie store that NO CARES so I won't get and answer.

misprint in newspaper bealls loss

today 9-2-14 I went to a bealls outlet store and purchased some clothing. when I went to the cashier and presented a Tuesday only coupon for people over 50 and she said that's for the department store only. nothing on the coupon front o back said anything to that effect. I paid for the merchandise and came home and called corporate hq and she said sorry it was a newspaper misprint. those things happen. and more or less there was nothing she could do for me. well so be it, this is the last time I will shop there and I will encourage my friends and associates to stop shopping there.

Purchased a sweater which shed hair all over my pants and Bell's will not refund money

selling personl info

never shop @ Bealls again. they will give your card #'s to other businesses & your info. will be compromised.

Abuse of Merchandise by Store Personnel

I visited the Bealls Outlet at Ruskin (Sun City Center) last week and purchased a long sleeve white t-shirt. I wore the t-shirt to work and did not notice of flaws. However, once at work, my co-workers said I had a black spot on my t-shirt. We looked inside at the label and noticed that a clerk used a black marker to cross out the label of Merona on the inside which bled thru to the other side leaving a black line., I did not return the t-shirt as I had worn it and could not prove it occurred in the store. Such practices should not be allowed. MY co-workers were shocked and vowed never to shop at Bealls.

Extremely Disappointed in Bealls

I received your sales booklet in the mail and in planning a shopping trip I had placed on the top of some news papers along with coupons from Belk and Kohls. My husband, thinking that this was recycle items put them into the recycle material and they were taken off. I wrote to Bealls asking if they could email me a downloadable coupon as I had a shopping trip planned. I received a reply that they would not do this. Belk's sent me a coupon to print off and use for their store and Kohl's advised me to go to customer service to check out tell them my name and they would take care of everything. Shame on Beall's for not caring about their customer.

She yelled at my 3 yr old

My sister in law, teenage nephew, 6 year old niece(on vacation here from Kansas), my 3 year old son and i went into Bealls today to shop. We were looking for shoes for the little one when they started playing around a display of plastic cups. They never disturbed the display or any other customers. An associate came up and started yelling at our kids right in front of us, the parents! She had a nasty look on her face and never made eye contact or ever ask us to please spot your your children from running in a circle. She was way OUT OF LINE!!! This is suppose to be a family store! Im not happy and wont go back>

My second home

I have been buying at Bealls for years at many of their stores and am always satisfied with their merchandise, good deals and most times courteous staff. I wish they would open a store in the Plantation Shopping Center in Socrum Loop, Lakeland 33809 they have many empty stores. Thank you Bealls.

rude managment

very rude assosiates . they had a sale . well this item i was trying to buy had a yellow slash which is 80% off when inwemt to register to buy i was told it was marked wrong. not my problem they made a mistake they should of given me the sale price instead she pulls the tag off and says sorry u cant get them at the price it was a mistake really i should have gotton them for the price they were marked manager was no help . ill never go in that store again and corp is a joke i tryed reaching out to them . they did nothing .

Women's Dresses

Why do you not have Women's Dresses at your Sebring, FL store? You used to. Checked in Customer Service and they say they have request them and never get any. No everyone is a 12,14,16. By not carrying them, I and others have to spend our money at other stores. I am disappointed. Please start stocking Women's size dresses again at your Sebring, FL store. Thanks

Great Shopping Experience

I have been doing most of my clothes shopping at Bealls in Bradenton for years and have usually been pleased with the inventory available and the customer service. I agree with the reviewer who mentioned the tight restrictions on the bonus coupons given in the store which are usually only good for 2 specific dates. Otherwise, no complaints,

Weird and Creepy Items

We are very upset about weird and creepy items in your stores. The first item is the monster doll set which freaked my daughter out.These dolls look absolutely scary and evil. What sick mind created these creepy things? We thought Bealls was supposed to be a family store.Is it Halloween all year long now? I wouldn't have them in my house and people might start boycotting your stores to protest it. Another item is the skull and roses cologne set for men and women. We find this sort of thing disgusting and repulsive. Again evil and creepy. I will never shop at your store again. Your employees are all rude and disrespectful.

Great store and fair prices

Is it me or are a lot of the people giving this company a one star are just idiots. As someone who works in the hospitality industry not too much different from retail I am appalled by the things people complain about. Kids running around the store? I would yell at them too. Its not a play ground, its a store. Then when your kids get hurt, you want to yell at management and tell them its their fault and your going to sue, because you weren't watching your kids to begin with, like a good parent does. Debit card being declined. Maybe something went wrong the system, I have had it happen before and I didn't make a huge deal out of it. Complain about the nationality of their workers they employ? Well I mean this is America, and not everyone is white. Employees not being able to go to college. I am scratching my head on this one. I work three jobs and still find time for college. Any who. I live in Thomasville, GA. I like the bealls here. I find some really good deals, and find clothes different from retailer mills. I use to only shop certain stores but now, I am expanding my taste in clothing, and I can get it at Bealls, with reasonable prices.

disgusting ad piece

An ad piece with a woman's exposed breast has arrived. Why? I have never seen anyone shopping in your store who looked like this woman or dressed like trash. Your advertising people are disgusting.


Thank you for your great staff. My husband and I were on our way to get on a ship in our clothes we left Va. In. Needless to say we were hot and in a big hurry. But your amazing associate Tayler (32137) helped us both get shorts tops and even grabbed me a pair of sandals. Out the door all in 15 mins. Push up, great job we love bealls wish we had them in Va.


I used to live in florida but have moved away. I have tried repeatedly to stop getting mail from Bealls but to no avail cannot. If you try the customer service it comes right back saying undeliverable. Please help with this issue I have tried unsubscribe PLEASE Thank You


Your Bells store here in Eagle Pass has a store manager her last name I think is Ms. Herrera, was very rude to me today, i was asking her for help, and she was just ignoring me, and this is not the first time, another lady came to me because she noticed the way she was just ignoring me.

Bealls Bucks

I have been an avid Bealls shopper for many many years. I have enjoyed the experience for most of those visits. However, when it comes to the Bealls Bucks restrictions, I think they are too restrictive. On Jan 30 I shopped in Bealls in Winter Haven for 2 1/2 hours. Once I selected my items for purchase I had spend enough to receive $20 in Bealls Bucks. However, I had to return to the store within 2 days to use the bucks, which I was unable to do. Bealls Bucks are one of the main reasons I shop at Bealls so many times a month. However, with restrictions just as this, I will now think twice about shopping at Bealls so often. Especially since there are other stores that have less restrictions on the buck, cash, and rewards programs. In today's economic times, these programs help stimulate the economy. But continuing with such restrictions only turns me off, and I will start to shop elsewhere.

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