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top dog photo contest NY

Extremely disappointed in the way the contest is being handled.

the lack of customer service in the Memphis tn

Can't get the boat mgr to return call . I gues I will buy a boat somewhere else!!

blue jean selection

longtime customer, I am disappointed and surprised to find Redhead jeans with comfort waist and cell phone pocket are no longer available. What gives?

To long......

I purchased a 2014 Targa 18 WT boat in June 2014 at the Manteca, CA Bass Pro Shops store. The boat is great and most of the accessories have been installed well. The full enclosure top I purchased has not been installed after three months. My boat has been at BPS on several occasions and has not been completed yet. I get excuses the supplier is at fault and no body appears to be in a rush to correct the problem. I have told them one more week and then I want a refund so I can obtain a top elsewhere.

Absolutely SHOCKED

I'm new to the Orlando area and after such wonderful experiences ( they not only sold me a bow for my son, but TAUGHT him to use it!!! ) in the Irondale store near Birmingham Alabama. I was looking forward to visiting the store. I looked up the location in my maps app and noticed the reviews section. I was stunned when I saw that 31 of 76 reviews listed were of horrendous customer service and lousy management attitudes. I'm totally shocked that such behavior would be allowed in-store or even tolerated at the corporate level. I personally will not tolerate the least bit of poor customer service, and I will not ever set foot in such a store.

Long time Tony Stewart Fan

All of the men and some women in our family buy hunting and fishing supplies from Bass Pro Shop. I am a long time Tony Stewart fan and I am standing behind him 100%. My prayers are being sent for the Ward family for Tony' and his family. A terrible tragedy but that is all. Thank You! y

Prices way to high

Saw a nice short sleeve polo style knit shirt in a Bass Pro Shop that I thought I might buy. Put my glasses on and saw a 40.00 price tag. That's over the top and thought 25.00 would of been high. I use to but Columbia all the time.


I bought a 3.5 mercury outboard motor! Nothing but trouble! Bass pro shop has been working on it off and on for a month and still don't know what is wrong with it! This is a one cylinder engine!!! They have not been very nice about it! This is in concord nc! They are not worried about their reputation I can tell you that! 6-10-2014

Redi Edge Mini Tool

HI I'm a product tester for North America Hunting Club and have been sent this product for testing, its the Redi Edge Mini Tool knife sharpener. I searched your store for this product and noticed that Bass Pro Shops didn't carry this product. As a user of this product I think it would be a very good product for your stores to carry. I am very impressed with the size and overall performance of this product.

This site

I find it amazing how stupid and petty the complaints are on this board. The fact that some of you can read and write is simply amazing. It's also pretty terrifying that some of you are able buy firearms.


Bass Pro has lost my business. Laugh if you may, but I am a huge Duck Dynasty fan and they show an episode where they put a new Duck Dynasty section in Bass Pro in Shreveport, La. This never happend and goes to show how phony they are. Look out Gander Mountain and Academy here I come.

Never got my order for Christmas! And no email saying it was cancelled!

I ordered a hunting jacket in time for Christmas or shortly after. It never came! I checked my account and they had processed it but then put the funds back. But they never even contacted me to let me know!

Penn Rods/Reel Failures

Sending a letter to corporate with more detail, in 2 1/2 years I've had multiple issues with the Penn Fierce 4000 series rod combination and inserts on the rod popping out. Staff at the Ft. Myers store make the return process very difficult and refused my efforts at getting a replacement. Very disappointed with both the merchandise and the staff there. Time to visit other organizations, too bad, thought they were better at customer service

Dear Bass Pro I feel it is fair to tell you my thoughts on A&E Network.which you choose to carry your Advertisements with I will no longer be viewing programing from this network as they have in my Opinion gone against the beliefs of the Bible of Christian people. I will look for your Ads from another Network.

No thanks Bass Pro

This chain of stores is disappointing. There stores are loaded with substandard, foreign made Bass Pro shops product. One year at there Auburn Hills Mi store they were out of 20 gauge shot 2 days before small game opener? Bought a high end Thompson-Center muzzleloader, but you cant buy a breech plug or anything else? There return policies and customer service are dismal. All with there supposed 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. This supper store is not even close to shopping at Cabela's or any other large retailer. I live a mile from the store. I'm done shopping there for any reason. I don't have to be constantly disappointed.

bad santa

very disgusted with the santa at foxboro store he wouldn't allow a 3 year old yes 3 year old boy to sit on his lap cux he thought the CHILD was too heavy what a bad santa I wont be going back to any bass pro he should be ashamed of himself for making the little boy cry in other words Bass Pro your Santa SUCKS if I could it would be minus stars


I've recently asked bps to donate fishing gear for the youth of my church and neighborhood... I hope that my request will be granted


while in the las vegas store 11/22/13 at around 3pm in the fishing dept my son and I were hit on the head with water from there leaking roof. When I asked for the manger and told him what happened he said oh my Im sorry about that its our maintenance manger that lacking, when i asked where did you get him from he said oh he over from camping. What a bunch of fools. I will never shop at any bass pro shops again......

Since Bass Pro has decided to make the employees work on THANKSGIVING, I will spend MY money with a company that will put its employees before profits. Signed Compassionate Capitalist

Poor return Policy

Ordered a game cart, BP shipped me a hunting vest- charged me 18.00 $ due to weight of cart, but I did not get a cart, I got a 2 pound vest, I did not order. Contacted the On line store. The employee tells me I need to send back the vest, upon receipt they will send me the cart. Shipping turn around on all of this will be another 25 to 30 days. I request to the employee- it is your mistake you send me the cart I ordered now and I will send you back your hunting vest. Answer can't do that. My response - you just lost me as a customer Mr Morris. Sportsman Warehouse, Amazon and Cabelos now has my business. And since I spent likely 10K or more in BP stores over the last 15 years, I hope it was worth it. I also canceled my membership.

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