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New logo is ugly! You had one of the prettiest corp logos ever.


I have been with BoSierra for several years and it is great--when you can get to the branch. Otherwise, customer service are a bunch of idiots who cannot possibly deal with a problem. If you open an account with this company be advised that you need a phone number directly to the branch, not customer service. Get the manager's number if possible. Otherwise, call the corporate office for help.

Hello,My name is Vandy Kamara and currently livnig and working ( studying) in Australia having settled here for the past four years. I went to the Huntingdon secondary school (HSS) Jui and a very proud product of that school. I would like to thank every one for still helping out there and providing the much needed help to my less fortunate brothers and sisters.I have tried over the years to get a diaspora old students association for the HSS jui but my efforts are getting me no where. I was wondering if there are any suggestions to get past students ( a lot out there) together and form this association with the aim of supporting the school back home. During my days at the school, we had students at the boarding home of the HSS from across West Africa ( Ghana, Liberia, Gambia etc) and I am sure we are scattered all over the world.Could someone help us with any suggestion/connection to keep the Jui school dream alive? Please feel free to contact me :nyaiyatta@yahoo.com ( Vandy Kamara, class of 82 – 87). My constant search through social networking sites actually led me to this Huntingdon Sierra Leone Mission site. Someone please help!

I called several days ago with a complaint about the service at bank of sierra. I was re directed from the corporate office to the manager of the bank of sierra in cal city of which I was making a complaint. I received no satisfaction from than the manager other than her telling me to take care of my business and she would take care of the banks, meaning, my customer satisfaction means nothing to her or the bank. I am disappointed. A bank employee \ telling me that she was not going to let me speak. She continued by chastising my 91 year old mother which upset her. This is the first incidence of this kind I have ever encountered at this bank, let's hope it was your employees just having a bad day. Since your employees there seemed untrained in how to speak to the elderly nor able to handle the ire of a customer perhaps it would be a good suggestion to give them an inservice reminding them the customer is always right.

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