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Has anyone tried to do a settlement on their second with Banco Popular?

I went to the popular bank trying to resolve a situation from my account.I was deducted 600 dollars unauthorize from sprint company wich i never have account with,has never own a cell phone,only had in the account 25 dollars, didnt know why the bank payed that bill. Looking for an explanation and help to resolve this matter with the bank representatives I end up being verbally insulted by felicia solano incharge of checking and life insurance in dyckman branch manhattan ny and if it wasn't enougth she also threat me with closing my account,when I stated I suffer from blood presure,sarcastically she reply I dont care and is going to go higher, also she stated that i was not going to have money this month because when the social security money arrive the bank was going to keep it,cause of the unathorize payment they made so im going yo be punish for their mistake.all of this took place in presence of the bank manager.my dauhter wants to kill me she always tell me whats wrong with u we are in century 21 and you are staying behind with this worst bank.Im not going to stared cause it doesnt diserve not even one start,looking foward to switch to another bank.

This has to be one of the worst people I have ever had to deal with. I have been trying to get a bill from this mortage part of the bank for 2 months now. They have NO ONE to talk to about getting a billing. They refuse to give out phone numbers to anything yet they have no answer. Was a transfer from Bank of America to this bank. If you ever get this bank just consider it a dead payment that you will have to work for. Hope they sell you to another bank soon. Sounds like I am deal with PacoBank of Mexico.. Oh wait they are called Blanco..

This bank is horrible to deal with. They claimed they sent me my money one month ago, the check never arrived and now they say it take 90 days before they will put a stop payment on the missing check. The Rowland heights Asst. Branch Mgr., Sarah NG,says nothing can be done about the delay. Customer service tells me that the Branch Manager can authorize issuing it now, but the Branch manager is never there and doesn't return my phone calls. Totally disgusting!

I have had my mortgage with Banco Popular for 11 years. A few years ago I retired on Social Security after working for the same attorney for, at that time, about 14 years. Going through the Social Security "red tape" is a nightmare, not to mention being physically impaired at the time as well. Banco Popular made my life a living hell, but I managed to keep making my payments, though they threatened to foreclose on my $36K house several times. As soon as my Social Security was approved, I began making my payments on time every month. Then I had a serious fall and borke my leg, requiring a titanium rod in my leg, a week of hospitalization and months of recovery. I got behind in by ONE housepayment during that time, but have continued to make a housepayment every single months since then, although I have not yet been able to "make up" the extra housepayment yet. I was assigned a very nice young lady who called me each month and arranged for my housepayment to be taken out of my bank account on the 3rd of the month. Every month she called me and set it up. But then Banco Popular decided to get ugly with me again, so they took her off my account and gave me another person who does not call me, is not at the extension she gave me, and when I called to find out why I could not get the person who said she was assigned to my account, a very rude young man informed me that my account had been turned over to "collection" and no one had been assigned to my "collection" account yet. Now, I have been paying on this loan for over 11 years at an interest rate of almost 12% and my "payoff" amount is approximately the same as the original amount of the loan. Apparently Bank Popular has failed to realize that No.1) Banks are very unpopular these days; 2) Banco Popular is not even an American bank; and 3) The U.S. Government has recently passed legislation and has launched investigations into the fraudulent activities of some banks who systematically steal money from its clients. I attempted to make a payment this morning and dealt with a rude, beligerant, nasty young man who seem bent on behaving like some kind of dictatorial thug. I am going to call one more time to try and make my payment, as I have done, each month, however, if I reach that same young man again, I will ask to speak to a supervisor, if that does not work, I will make a formal complaint, in writing, postage pre-paid, return receipt requested in order to have the letter as evidence of my good faith attempt to make my payment.

I agree with the other two comments Banco Popular is a horrible bank if that's what you want to call it. The service is terrible and their staff is rude and difficult to understand. I can't believe I used bank there. Banco Popular needs to be investigate by the IRS and the Better Business Buearu for some there financial practices. Somebody is making a lot of money and IT'S NOT THE CUSTOMER THEY ARE A RIP OFF!

I went into the Chicago IL, Chicago Ave. location this afternoon to cash my savings bonds and the person who was working with me took my savings bonds to ask her coworker a question, but since I am an English speaking person, they decided to speak in Spanish so that I could not understand what it is they were saying. I am so offended by this because the only two customers inside the bank were English speaking and they stood in front to both of us and discussed my money in a language I was unable to understand. This is unfair and extremely ignorant to the customers they were "supposedly" trying to serve. She then proceeded to tell me that I can only cash two and that there is a limit, if there is a limit at your bank on savings bonds that's unbelievable. I have cashed mine before at a bank where I did not have an account and I had no problems. What if I didn't have any accounts with anyone and only used cash? My business was denied at your store because I had more than two savings bonds to cash. I have never been so offended by banking services in my life. Never again will your company have my business and I will let everyone that I know how terrible/ignorant/offensive/rude your business is.

Your bank is terrible. You don't have any branches near and when I try to call all I get is machines that repeat over and over how busy they are. If your busy at least put on some music. I am having a terrible time just trying to get to find a branch. I google and travel to a branch on harrisburg that is not even there. If your going to move the branch at least remove from the internet announcement. I have tried calling the one on Hillcroft and all I get is the phone to ring no announcment nothing. I call what this is to be the coorporate office and still not assistance. I will work dilegently with my family mother to switch bank. She is a senior and has moved to TX with me has been living here for a year but she is so stuck with her bank being so faithful I let her see for herself that Banco Popular is only interested in getting her money in once in the rest is up to her. Banco Popular is terrible.

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