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I was entered in a photo contest and followed all the rules. They pulled my picture for no reason. They are biased and unfair.

Babycenter.com is a website that allows its members to harass, slander and mistreat other members. Information from our website (Myfertilityawareness.com) was taken and copied to several groups on babycenter.com, to which this website nor its group members refuse to remove. We do not appreciate being harassed maliciously by members of babycenter.com, through email on the services we offer. We have asked the website and members to stop emailing and taking down our information, which has not been done.

A terrible, terrible site! No one go here or put your email in. I have gotten phone calls and emails, and I they WILL NOT unsubscribe me! I DESPISE this company.

Babycenter.com is a terrible site. I have enjoyed the debate team and I all of a sudden when my opinion differs from others people began to act childish and get upset and all of a sudden my login doesn't work. This stupid and I plan to complain until something is done about it. I have had my membership for 11 years and as soon as I make an opinion in the debate team my account is banned!

I was seuroisly at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

Great comomn sense here. Wish IÂ’d thought of that.

Babycenter LOVES to spam you, and they refuse to remove your e-mail address from their database even after several requests are sent to them. I will be filing a complaint with the PA State Attorney General's Office Of Consumer Affairs fortheir flagrant violation of my rights.

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