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New York Style Pita chips

As I was driving and eating my crunchy pita chips I bit into something soft I spit it out into a tissue and it was animal feces!!! I almost got in a car accident from spitting the disgusting food out I will NEVER purchase a B&G product again !!!


I was writing to criticize the cardboard spout on the box of Cream of Wheat Cereal and to inquire when you might consider making one more convenient for customers. After reading this blog, I think I may have greater concerns. I think I am going to pour out my box of cereal and see if there are any bugs in it.

Ortega Shell Gaping Hole

Of course B&G doesn't list a customer service number on its packaging -- they would be SWAMPED with phone calls on their shoddy products if they did. They also will not answer their (973) corporate # I just discovered. This is the second time in purchasing perhaps 5 total packages of Ortega taco shells that the contents are terrible and returnable. Yesterday I opened a "whole grain corn 25% larger" shells package only to discover one shell had at least a 3-inch gaping hole within side, and others were burnt and missing edges. Totally unacceptable in both product and service of product.

Bugs in cream of wheat

I went to make my self some cream of wheat for breakfast this mornin, rip open the package, pour cream of wheat in the bowl, and there are 2 small live worms crawling around in my cream of wheat!!! I try to fill out a complaint on the b&g website and when I hit submit it says error with page. Plus there is no phone number on the package to call them. The expiration date is 02/06/2015. I only had 3 packages left in the box which scares me bc I could have eaten a package with worms in it before and just didn't look closely at it.

Cinnabon cream of wheat

This is the worst tasting stuff I think I've ever tried to actually eat. I finally gave up and decided it actually was this cereal that tasted sooo bad. I just can't believe anyone would put something that was this disgusting out on the market and try to sell as edible food fit for human consumption. Veeery disappointed in this product by B&G foods. I caution, you eat this companies food at your own risk as there is NO recourse (no real 800 number) for reporting defective food/product and the customer service is worse than bad...It's down right nasty and useless. Stick with Malt-O-Meal!

Trappey's Jalapeno Peppers

I have used this product for longer than I remember. The last three bottles were not good to the point of throwing the away. The peppers are small and don't have a good taste. I feel you should have a phone number to call when your customers have a problem with your products like most other companies have. You are shooting yourself in the foot, you don't care if your customers are satisfied with you products. Shame on you B&G Foods.

Bugs in Cream of Wheat

Today is Nov. 24, 2012. What is wrong with this company to allow bugs in their Cream of Wheat? The "Best by date" on my package is Apr. 24, 2014. This is totally unacceptable, and I am now purchasing Oatmeal instead. So long B & G Foods.

bugs found in cream of wheat

On 11/4/12, I opened a package & discovered a dead black bug in it. How is that possible after going through the process at the factory?

B&M original baked has mostly syrup. Very few beans. I has happened to twice now, never again!

i called head office to buy B&G sauerkraut. no one their could tell me what store carried it. very poor customer service. with the comments listed here, i would stay away from the B&G brand of products.i think they are a brand name only and do not produce any of their own products them self's. i would be concerned from a quality control point of view. you never know what foreign matter is in the product??????

I fixed a bowl of whole grain cream of wheat and found some dead worms in it. It is so disgusting.

It looks better than the PS1 veisron - the PS1 looked really blocky! I remember getting the game for my B-Day, along with Toy Story 2 which my dad finally told me the manic tale of finding it! It was sold out everywhere! So he had to get a pre-owned one!VA:F [1.9.11_1134]please wait...VA:F [1.9.11_1134](from 0 votes)

B&G foods is charging $1.15 a can for B&M Bake Beans. The price has double in one year from $0.50 a can. I'm boycotting that product and need a list of all the food the B&G sells so I can Boycott those. They refuse to answer any emails and the website will not take complaints. Either locks up and nothing happens so the consumer complaints can never get resolved on any product they own. The CEO needs to be held accountable for his failures and unwillingness to resolve consumer complaints which is a violation Law. I'm filing a complaint with the BBB and FTC and product safety so they can force the CEO to resolve complaint. I urge everyone who reads this to BOYCOTT B&G Foods.

I too am writing my complaint here because I cannot submit it on the BGfoods.com website. My complaint is regarding your Manzanilla stuffed olives(bar code number is 31500 00189). The information on the label is Best by 5-20-2014 L21141. I decided to use a jar of these B&G stuffed manzanilla olives that I had in my cupboard and when I went to open the jar, there was a whole ring of scum surrounding the top under the lid. In fact some of the scum had broken off and was also intertwined with the olives. Quite disgusting to say the least. I would like to know why this happened. The olives were not passed the Best By date and the jar was not opened. Your reply would be appreciated. Elaine Costello 1526 Ryder Street Brooklyn, NY 11234 (718) 951-9268 efredd1@aol.com

I am contacting B&G foods here because I have repeatedly attempted to contact someone via bgfoods.com contact page, however it continuously refuses to submit my concern. Today we opened 3 packages of Cream of Wheat Maple and Brown Sugar to find worm type bugs in the Cream of Wheat. One of which was still slowly moving. I am very upset over this. I have been eating Cream of Wheat for years now and have never seen anything like this. I looked this bug issue up online and found others have had this same issue in the recent past as well as far back as 2008. I would like to know when I will be able to resume eating this product. I also have photographs if you need along with the original packaging if you need. Also I typed in the UPC code in the field above by it is insisted that it is in correct, it is 01310060530. The Best Used by is jan112013s1114:32 My contact information is: Daniel Castonguay 86 Clifford St. New Bedford MA 02745 Phone number is 774 487 1000 Email is dancas12@aol.com

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