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was a rep

I'm very upset with your company taken my money then closing my account so now it's get my account backup or no offense I'll be suing you guys

so much negativity

I have been with Avon for 1 year and I have not have any problem selling for Avon or talking to any one from Avon. I have been doing great I started off selling Avon and making $80week now it has been a year I make over$300-$500 week it just takes time a lot of work. Alot of work along way you find tricks that helps a lot. There will be negative people out there just go make the best out of what you want to do with your business. It takes time and selling products from Avon and being succesful doesnt happen over night. Trust me it took me a year and I still sometimes struggle.

dogs toys / food

I would like to see Avon start selling dog toys and dry duck dog food with out corn in it 16lb bag and 45lb bags also Buffalo can food it you would get 26 cans in a order. Have puppy food, Adult food and senior food. And for dog that need to lose weight have turkey and wild rice dry dog food in 25lb bags. I know this would sell good look how many people have pet dogs.

men clothes

If you can have women clothes and shoes why can't you have men clothes and shoes. Its time you did we have rights too. If you can have men perfume then its time for other things for men in the magazine. I will keep my eyes peeled for this.


I would like Avon to sell small laptops in these colors Lime-green, red, neon pink, purple, brown. I hope to see these different color laptops soon. We need a bigger change in Avon I hope they don't cost over $385 dollars so many people use computers now days. Also can you carry the computer bag in these color black and tan.

Retaliation at Avon Zanesville

I found out why Avon and Randstad wouldn't return my calls about work. They finally answered and told me that I was cussing at the nurse, being rude to her and I refused to fill out the accident report. All lies, that was their way of getting back at me for filing a disrimination complaint against them. I don't care about not working there anyway. That place is a sweatshop, and I'm going to make them well known for how they treat their employees. I'm sure they can use the publicity...

Stopped selling avon

I stopped selling avon when the orders keep comming up wrong. Order and reorder products that I had , and couldn't get what I asked for. the the charges for th eshipment was getging higher. That It was me with the customer service letting them know that I got rid of books that were already sent back.

always getting what i did not order or miising product

always getting what i did not order or missing product. hello Avon i have contacted you once before I'm seeing now I'm not the only one that does not have Problems. There are rude customer service rude supervisors. when you call in to the call center and every time my total does not add up to what your saying i owe. when i send it bac for credit on missing items or product i did not recive. i all ways owe close too $150.00 or more whats going on.

charched for items did not recived

ive been a rep for 8 yrs and i keep getting charged for items i dont get now im on that no credit or return policy. avon has really gone down hill in the past 3 years and your customer service people are not so polite and neither are the super visor and when you have a free gift for a customer over a certain amount you only send 1 or 2. when i have 50 adorable customers. so your cheeting my customers. whats going on avon..


I would like to see avon sell wedding dresses and wedding shoes and wedding cake ect. And roses and cd and other things that goes along with a wedding. And a wedding teddy bear.

Why doesn't Avon smarten up and sell natural, real natural and organic products at a good price. Avon would excel. Why have you not figured that out yet?

A horible company to work for

I have worked for avon for two years. They would always mess up my order and miss products. I would call and complain and the proublem would never be fixed. Than I received a bill for a years worth of missing products. They were trying to charge me for. The whole company is nothing but a scam. I can't afford to pay for their mistakes. No one could help me fix the problem and no one cared.


I am writing to you because I don't know whom else to contact. I have been an Avon Representative since 2002. I travelled and lost my account. upon return, I reopened my account and had been with you since. On May 26, my elder sister had a stroke and I had been in and out of the hospital, to rehab and doctors appointments. During this time, I could not place an order, and my account was cancelled again. I called again to have it re-instated. Since then, I started having problems. First they could not allow me to use quick pay online to pay for my orders. I was told I would have to pay a deposit in every order before my orders are released. I started making payments online banking which is easy and convenient for me. I use that method of payments for all my bills. My bank had sent three checks, and they have refused to cash the checks, and ordering me to make cashiers checks or money order. No one could tell me the reason why. I have never in my life had a return check. No one could tell me why. I called the customer service, they told me to call the district manager, I had called and left 2 messages for her to call me, I have not heard from her. Please review my accounts, and let me know why they have decided to treat me in this way. Thank you

Avon Representative

I have had a very positive experience with Avon, and I was shocked to see all of the negative experiences being shared on this site. I received my $10 packet by signing up on-line, someone contacted me the same day to answer any questions, my orders are coming and I pay every two weeks. I haven't seen any example of where Avon is doing anything differently than their documents and on-line information states. I suspect the problems come when representatives are not following the procedures correctly. You have to read the literature...that's why they provide it.

Rep Account Management

My daughter is a new Avon Representative and LOVES it! There is a problem; however, with Avon's accounting and paperwork procedures regarding credits, returns, and backorders. When she receives a credit there is no information given regarding what the credit is for. If an item is on backorder, there is no time frame given as to when it might be received, if at all. I'm "amazed" that Avon is still in business with such SLOPPY financial management involving their Representatives. It seems to me the Representative is Avon's FRONT LINE for product sales and service. If the Representative doesn't get the SERVICE, how do you think the customer sees it? AVON...you need to clean up your processes. It's called "PROCESS IMPROVEMENT". V/R, Amazed Customer!

Hi My name is Belva Kaminsky I'm a new Avon Rep. The only problem I have is I can't get my order on time. I really feel soory for my customer. I hope you can help me with this Thank Belva

am a new representative, my order was placed on hold then i payed the amount and i faxed the slip but they still sending sms which says my order is on hold, what can i do now cos i faxed twise now? If i call avon nomber i keep on talking to the recoded people! What can i do now an so comfused

I am an AVON Representative in Indiana. I have been selling AVON for 19 years. I noticed on my customer invoices that, each customer who ordered $10.00 worth of products was supposed to receive a FREE Gift which they clearly stated was a COMPACT Hair Brush with Mirror. I thought that AVON was actually doing something nice for our customers. Well, come to find out, NO, they gave me the excuse that it was an ERROR on AVON's part, that we were not supposed to receive the FREE hair brushes. Why is it our problem that AVON Products Inc. made such mistake? I called the INTERNET HELP DESK and spoke to a Supervisor, she refused correct the problem. I have lost a huge amount of confidence in AVON Products, Inc. Plus I don't think they appreciate all the hard work AVON Representatives do for the company. If they don't have us, (the Representatives) they aren't in business. No wonder so many Representatives quit. AVON doesn't stand up to their word. VERY DISAPPOINTED REPRESENTATIVE HERE.

After 20 years I still think Avon has excellent products. The representative Website seems to be outdated, never updated causing alot of problems. When you call Customer Care you will only waste your time, they don't answer your questions because they do not understand English it's pretty much "Yes"..."Yes" to everything. If you are a new Avon Rep. I suggest you have your sales manager help you with your very first order.

It is not worth signing up to be a representative as they have absolutely no mentors to help you get started.

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