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Tech Support

I wish I had seen this site before I bought coverage from Avast. My computer has more problems than before I got Avast. I was assured it would work perfectly after I PAID for a complete overhaul. I can reach no one to help now, though it was easy to reach a salesman.10115

Tech Support

How funny its to talk about a service but never read the website policy or company policies not everthing is Mcdonalds. When it comes to security and making a complain just because we are ignorant believe me no one will care.

AVAST has the WORST support that I have ever seen, probably the WORST in the world. No one available to correct billing errors. They say submit a ticket, ha! Ha! I've submitted 8 tickets with NO ONE ever getting back to me.

just me

your customer service reps. on line had real fun w/me tonight...i am sure your response will be the same

Poor Service

I am unable to gain access to make changes to my program because it will not accept my password. I called support and the person said that there is nothing he can do. He said try uninstalling the program and reinstalling and that might work. Is this what I paid for if so I will not renew and face book will soon be hearing me

Horrible Customer Service

For weeks now I have tried to retrieve my backup from Avast backup, I have spoken to so many people, all I get is "submit a ticket" yeah, don't expect anything from that route. I have all of the Avast products and am so discouraged that I will be terminating all of them. Beware of these products. Also please note the phone number on this page also is disconnected....

Tech Support

they are not user frendly, couldn't find or fix the virus their ainti virus software missed, charged me for the service and would not give a refund when after 6 hours and 8 different phone conversations the billing dept said I did not give them an opertunity to fix the problem.

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