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wow att has too many times to about our phone and tv do not go with att


I too, just get the run around..I am going to write corporate office in al tlanta ..praying foe a letter back!


i have been a customer before it was at&t. i live in a part of the usa where at&t doesnt own their own towers, they just rent. one day they decided they didn't service enough people to rent anymore. they dropped all the at&t customers in a 50 or more mile radius and informed me i had better get other phone service, which I did, but they still charged me for the month of service i didnt have their service, plus it cost me alot of business because of missed calls. i called customer service serveral times (explaining my situation each time), they told me to disregard the bill. THEN THEY TURNED ME OVER TO A COLLECTION AGENCY. I am trying to file a civil complaint, but cant seem to get a physical address

At&t mobil phone service

At&t just cut my line off! I have been going threw some medical problems was in the hospital for a week and i spoke to at&t dept. they showed no concern about it and did not re start my service as i was on a payment plan. I been with the company for over 30 years and this is how you treat you customers its a shame. Please contact me to resolve this issue.


Att does a great job training people to put customer on hold for ever and then keep transferring until customer gets fed up with run around and nevers gets anything resolved. Just got off with Edward with mobility dept. and only thing they look at is there side only. If ATT was only mobile service I would do without. Company isn't smart enough to resolve situation they would rather lose the other 2 accounts we had with them. I would not even give it one star but you have to give it something.

Poor Data Plan Options

I was very disappointed to learn that you removed your $25/month 2GB data plan from the option of services. My son has this plan which works very nicely. I had just purchased my daughter’s phone less than a month ago and that plan was still available. However, once she was given her phone for Christmas and we determined what her data usage might be, I discovered that the $25 option was no longer available. No notice was given to existing customers about this change taking place. What you had offered in the way of plans was very nice with the base $20 option and then $5 increments for upgrades. But now you force us to upgrade by $10/month if the basic plan does not work. This makes no sense in terms of providing your customers with a variety of good options and leaves me not wanting to continue with AT&T. Know that all of our contracts will all be ending around the same time and I will look seriously at switching to a different provider if this lack of reasonable data plan offerings continues.

Should be negative stars!!! When I started wireless with Cingular service was great--then AT&T bought 'em out. Just had to contact AT&T to ask them not to share my # for marketing calls. Info on the letter sent out is wrong. I called, and got referred to another #--the CS rep is an idiot. Had to go through 12 or more prompts on their phone system to get to the idiot. Can't get through to upper management to complain--they make sure of that. Can only conclude that upper management and execs are idiots, too. Hope investors know this.

...Guaranteeing a refund. I found out today, they charged me, anyway. The guarantee was from The Office Of The President, okay? They're about to get some info they really, really do not want.

What is up with this 'data' service thing? Not everyone has iphones people! There are 3 of us with the at&t service, and to have the data thing, it will cost $90 a month on top of the regular bill! So, because of this, we can't ever upgrade again!

I Am A Former DSL & Mobility Accountholder IT SUCKED I Ordered U-verse It SUCKED I Ordered Charter TV, Internet, Phone It Works

Wow, 'Anonymous 5 Star', you are obviously and AT&T employee, not a customer! And if that is how you treat your customers who have ligitimate complaints, you're not going to succeed. Recently, I bought an IPhone for my daughter. When asked it I could have the 'activation' fee waived (as has been done in the past), I was told by the store clerk that they COULD NOT DO IT IN STORE, AND HAD TO BE DONE AFTER MY BILL ARRIVED. I should simply call in when my first bill arrived and it should not be a problem. I did as instructed, and was told by the customer service rep when I called in, "IT HAS TO BE DONE WHEN YOU PURCHASE THE PHONE. IT IS TOO LATE NOW!" AT&T obviously will do anything to make a sale, including LIE! I regret not getting out of my contract when it expired! That will never happen to me again!

ok for all you complainers out there, 1. there is no such thing as a free phone that is any good, just becuase i pay car insurance doesnt mean i get a free car. 2. if you paid less then 100.00 for a phone you didnt really buy quality or overpay. 3. if you get a basic phone you get BASIC service so dont complain you dont get signal or its a piece of junk, you picked it next time get a smartphone. 4. for those who want a smartphone with no internet, thats like buying a BMW and putting liability on it 99% of those phone usage is internet based. 5. dont complain about 3rd party charges like ringtones when the only way you can get them is if you accept terms and conditions for them, there is no accidental or magic way they just appear on your bill. 6. long time customers being with a company of any kind now of days for years doesnt mean anything, everyone pays upgrade fees, activation fees, pays for phones, if you have been with a company that long you should know that stuff and stop complaining. 7. you get what you pay for if you go cheap you get cheap, plain and simple no reason for you to complain to the sales agents. 8. at&t one of the biggest coverage area providers, offers the best selection of smartphones, and can actually allow you to serf the web and talk at the same time, if you are looking for a cheap cell phone bill then go somewhere else becuase if you want quality you have to pay for it just like a car.


I have AT&T Services for my business & my 5 family cell's. I will be switching as soon as my contracts are up. AT&T is constantly overbilling me and when I call in to try and get it straightend out it seems like all the representatives want to do is argue with me (without even looking at the bill(s) in question). I put a 3rd party block and a password on my cell lines and still get charged from 3rd party sourses. Call in to question it and am treated like I want something for free!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE SUCKS. Ask to talk to a supervisor and get "disconected", this seems like it is STANDARD practice. So this time I called back to talk with a supervisor and actaly got one (same thing he was VERY ARGUMENTIVE) but when I could get the supervisor (Adam Goodwin) fake name or not, to actualy look at the bill he said he did make the adjustments but refused to give me a total stating I would have to call *BAL# on my cell in 24 hours. I asked him "if the bill is still not right then sould I call back in and talk to someone else argumentive?" and he replied "CORECT". I PAY FOR 5 CELL PHONES AND I PAY FOR A BUSINESS PHONE, FAX AND INTERNET WITH THEM!!! I think AT&T should teach thier reps to be a little NO ALOT more curtious to the customers. They may be the biggest game in town but they are not the only game in town. Check all your options before using AT&T.

AT&T gets far below a zero. Have been a customer for 10 mos. Customer reps are caged in a large room with 400 people. They have no authority to really resolve anything. They treat you like you are worthless and never get around to problem solving. Since October 8th, 2011 I've talked to at least twelve people. There is NEVER anyone available who can make anything happen. You spend your time EXPLAINING AND EXPLAINING, and it always go back to NOTHING being resolved. It's a no win situation. This is how these huge companies get ABSOLUTELY FILTHY RICH. It's all about greed and getting rich, not helping people be happy with the product they have purchased. It's a hazard to people's health to deal with them. I believe they are trained to do just that. Very few people will do anything or go to corporate, which REALLY DOESN'T EXIST, because when I called it wasn't really corporate, it was an operator who was going to direct me to yet another manager, only to go over and over what I've been going over since the 8th and yesterday 10/11/11 it lasted for 9 and 1/2 hours, with no resolution. They somehow managed to cancel out ALL of my contacts which took me 10 months to accumulate and I ended up with a list from all those months ago that had been supposedly deleated. There were a lot of contacts missing which screws up my life totally. Then when I went back, which was more time from my LIFE and the things that I NEEDED to do, the girl erased ALL of my call numbers. When I asked where they were she just looked at me real stupid and said "I don't know". She asked for my license. One time in a million I didn't have it. It was in another pocketbook. However she had talked to me twice that day, knew my name; I had my Medicare card, credit cards, AARP card, auto insurance card with my name and my car registration. She stood there like a 6 year old and said "Well, I can't break the policy and give you your call list" over and over and over and over. We all know she could. She just was being a bitch. When I went home I called 611 and the guy immediately said he would send me my call list, even though I really wanted it back on my phone. This man was the only person out of ALL those people that was Nice, Polite, Compassionate, and willing to compensate me. He asked for my SS #. Now, isn't that just amazing. That little bitch deserves to be kicked out that door, but there she is, along with so many others, collecting their paychecks, doing nothing except running people around in circles and getting their CEO who they have never met, don't know how to get in touch with him, don't know his name,AND this is what we ALL have to put up with, like we're not valuable, our time isn't valuable, and our very lifes aren't valuable. AT&T doesn't care how many hours they take out of our lives or anything about any of us. They just want to get rich. Those poor people working for them for 7.00 an hour are only there to run people around in circles. As I said, corporate doesn't exist. The CEO, RAndall Stephenson (sp) is unreachable and so is corporate. We have become so dependent on all this crazy worthless technology that AT&T and other companies can screw all over us and torment us and treat us like we are just a means to an end to their wealth. So where do you think MR. RANDALL STEPHENSON IS? He's probably going on vacation in his private jet living the life of a king and buying his kids jaguars for their 16th birthdays and his wife is probably wearing diamonds sticking out of her butt and living a lavish lifestyle. Do you think they're thinking about us. In essence, they're stealing our money, time, health for all the frustration and going round and round in total frustration while they're lying on the beach laughing and having fun. And so I say, WHAT ARE WE, AS THE CONSUMERS, WHO GET TREATED LIKE SHIT, AND GIVEN THE RUNAROUND GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? No one even know where Randall Stephenson is. I was given an address 1st of 205 WEst Monroe, Chicago, IL, they I was given an address in Texas. I got online and very quickly got almost 600 complaints, just on one page, and they another page. SO, WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? ARE WE GOING TO TAKE IT AND CONTINUE WITH OUR ADDICTIONS OF HAVING TO HAVAE ALL OF THIS STUFF SO WE CAN BE DRIVEN INSANE AND FRUSTRATED AND THEY CAN LIVE THE GOOD LIFE. I'm going to try to PASTE what I found from the internet: I'D REALLY LOVE TO JOIN TOGETHER AND BRING THESE ARROGANT MONEY HUNGRY ASSHOLES DOWN. THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT ANY OF US!!! DOES ANYONE GET IT? I'll put the stats below. Too large for server. More crap.

I have been a long time customer with AT&T home and mobility. I am extremely disappointed with the service I have received from your store in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA. I purchased a cell phone from them almost two years ago. I have a two year contract with them and I paid a great deal for my Noki 6350. I did not buy a warranty because who would think that a phone that expensive would be torn up within a two year period. I have always taken care of my phone, never abused it. It started to lose a charge on the battery even after being charged all night, about 4-5 months ago. I have purchased three new batteries and each one last about 30 minutes, then it starts to say "low battery". I spoke with the service people at the store where I purchased it, told them the situation, and the only response I received was, "if you want to come in and purchase another two year contract, we will give you another phone, which of course meant the cheapest one they have". I told them I wasn't spending another penny on that phone and was not purchasing another contract. They told me that was all the manager was willing to do. I told them that as soon as my contract was up on November 12th that I would be leaving them and going with another carrier....I'm very disappointed in AT&T. You evidently do not care if you lose your long time customers, so as far as I'm concerned, that's how it will be. I have several family members that I've told this to and they are also thinking about leaving you. I'm sure you don't care and that's fine with us. I will just say in closing that if AT&T can afford to lose their long time customers, then that's your business. I will be leaving AT&T as of November 12th, 2011.

If you have a legitimate problem/complaint that goes unresolved, contact your State Attorney General's Office, Consumer Complaint Division. You might also try the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in Washington, DC. or the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) Consumer Protection Agency, Washington, DC.

Have been w/ATT since 2005. Had a family plan with two lines. . .everything was humming along ok until my daughter decided she wanted to change providers. Her plan started in 2005, so by May of 2011 there was no cancellation fee for her phone. I changed to a family plan sometime in 2008 and got a line for me. Then in April of 2010, I upgraded my phone, which started a new 2-year plan commitment, for my phone number. Unfortunately my new phone was assigned to her number. I got that straightened out and the new phone was eventually assigned to the right number, mine. Now they are charging a $115 early termination fee and I can’t make them understand that the original number, which is the one terminated is not subject to early termination – My number – which I am not terminating is the one subject to the fee. But if they don’t remove the charge I will be terminating and going with my daughter’s service provider – which is Verizon and I understand they have better service and coverage. After six year, you would think ATT could work with me.

You get negative stars from me as you are the worst company I could ever imagine. You have the worst customer service and you have an unbelievable amount of incompetent employees. You lie to, steal from and scam customers. You are unethical and unprofessional. I hope in my lifetime I see the death of AT&T because that's exactly what you deserve.

The one star rule is this, as stated by another, you can't go lower. I am so mad I don't know where to start, My husband is in Afghanistan, we had 4 customer service reps tell us we had to have the international plan at 60.00 a month... AT&T doesn't cover Afghanistan at all, charges on our bill from this to that that shouldn't be on there so had to call and fix it, EVERY bill! Upgraded one line to the Iphone, a week and a half later it some what works, they ordered a new sim card for it and told me I would have it in 2 days, called on the 3rd day of not getting it and was then told it would take 5-7 days, on the 8th day and talking to a superviser, the sim card was never even ordered. She told us to go to our local store to get the sim card, the thing I offered to do at the beginning cut was told I couldn't. Now, with the upgrade, said we can't get the unlimited data at $30 like all 3 of the other iphones on our plan, it's $45.00 for that...There is just too many problems to list on here, My advice...DON'T get AT&T!!!!! I just joined the class action against them..I'm so mad at them right now it's hard to type this, forgive me for the mistakes...

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