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i have spoke to store managed and have gotten no where, they are very un organized, i will never do business here again

art van is terrible

I had a bed delivered and it is damaged. I can't get them to come out and pick it up. They scheduled a pick up and never showed up.

Sales Associate

Art Van Furniture treats its employees unfairly and abusively. The average shift is 12 hours, 5 days a week. They don't care about employees having a life or family outside of work, pay is withheld for more than 30 days, management makes employees clock out for breaks they never take, and if you complain, they force you into quitting by making the job even harder. Shop somewhere else if you care about labor violations!

youshould care who drives your trucks

I was traveling towards Blissfield Michigan on Beamer Rd. and was run off the road by one of the Cream Color Vans and the guy couldn't even bother to stop and see if I was ok. When I try to report the incident the main operator was very helpful and tried to get me to the rite department. That how ever seems impossible. I have left a message and now have to hope the right person gets it

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