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crapy outlet store

Your store in riverhead has rude crappy customer service it used to be nice but now it is being run by white trash close it down!!!!!!

Holes in shirts

Same thing happens to me. I get tiny holes in my shirts after the first wear and washing. It is frustrating and embarrising.

Most Racist Company

I went to the ann taylor store at the galleria mall in fort lauderdale. My son is a toddler.He needed to pee. I was told there was no bathroom in the store. By the time, I took my son to the store across, J Crew. my son was already pee on himself. If you a person of color Stay away from ANN Taylor.

Tiny holes in shirts

I've been having the same problem with tiny holes appearing in my shirts from ATL. My Mom has the same problem and so do other friends. None of us have this problem with shirts made by other companies. What is going on with their shirts?

HOLES in tops

Same thing happen to me as the review above! So annoying! All my new tops got little holes after only wearing a few times. I think their quality has gone downhill and tops seem very thin.

I bought over 1000.00 worth of summer clothes from Ann Taylor Loft this summer. I have lost over 7 new shirts due to tiny holes after one washing! Just try to do something about it, it's nearly impossible. They are so nasty, it's just easier to stop doing business with them!

Parve earrings & Suits

I left at Natick, MA store 2 suits & was told that a credit for $99 each would be mailed to me. I never got any credit! The suits were not even worn & the seams were falling apart. I bought 1 pair of parve hoop earrings & the backing broke within 1 week. I then bought another pair & the same thing happened. Store & customer service never sent a replacement.

I was shopping at the Ann Taylor on Michigan Ave in Chicago. The manager and staff were wonderful. Everyone was very helpful constantly running and changing sizes for us. We were there during closing time no one made us feel rushed. The way the store was set in such a way as to make it easy to shop . Everyone was helpful especially Lakeia and Marissa.

Male in dressing room

That's great they hire male employees, let's just keep them out of the dressing room ok? Really don't appreciate him asking how we are doing. Thanks

Rude Service

I got the Loft credit card to get their discounts. I used the card once and never received a bill. Honestly, I forgot about it b/c life is hectic as anyone knows. I got a call 2 months later from a collections agency accusing me of being delinquent. The holder of the credit card, Community Bank, was extremely rude to me. So much so that I would call it harassment! Take a guess how much the bill was . . . $38. I paid the bill and cancelled the card. I will never shop there again!

Stay Away from Maine Mall Loft

I was shopping with my daughter at the Maine Mall tonight. It was a huge mistake to venture into the Loft. I picked up a sweater I had seen online and went in to purchase then turned to look at pants I thought would look nice with the sweater on another rack next to the sweater. I put the sweater down honestly not 10 seconds after setting it down the manager nudged me out of her way to fold the sweater and put it back in the pile. She did not speak to us. My daughter saw a shirt on another rack which she wanted to try on. I said oh you should. The manager looked at the other clerk behind my daughter and said quite loudly. "We need to close the registers now it's 20 minutes until we close the store". She still never spoke directly to us. The Maine Mall Loft has had terrible managers for awhile now and this woman was NO exception. I went into the store to buy a sweater and saw several things we would have purchased well over $250, I bought NOTHING and won't go in again. I am done with the Loft. I am an executive in a large company. I hope that the executives at the Loft read customers reviews. It is easy to have nice looking clothes lots of your competitors do as well but bad customer service is never ever okay. I will take my business to your competitors.

inefficient service

I am a military spouse and currently reside in Stuttgart, Germany. We get our mail on base and have an APO Box. I placed an order online with The Loft and noticed that the PO Box number was not included. I called customer service using Skype within 5 minutes of hitting "purchase" for the online order. I was told no corrections could be made and i couldn't cancel the order once it was placed. I was told i would have to wait until it got to the post office in Germany and it was returned. For God's sake! REALLY??? This order was placed January 6. It was returned undeliverable on January 16 so i made a second call to ask to have the address corrected and resend the order. Since January 17th i have made several phone calls and numerous emails to inquire about this. I have incident numbers galore and no package has arrived. They were quick to debit my account but have the most inefficient system i have ever experienced when it comes to follow-up, tracking packages, and actually completing an order. Never again will i order from them.

my daughter recently purchase a gift card from the loft at Jackson outlet nj....she misplaced the card and I called to see what I could do to make sure someone else did not use it. LIZ helped me with the situation and I felt the need to mention what a wonderful experience I had with her. .She was so helpful. ,called me a couple times to reassure me and totally soved the problem. Overnight end the new card and at all time was so sweet and friendly. I must say....this is not the way businesses treat people anymore and this was a pleasure!!!!! Thank you Liz for taking such great care of me and actually doing your job to the fullest!!!!!!!! Gail

Do Not Shop Online

15 days ago I ordered a blouse for my daughter and it said it would be at my home 5 days ago. Last Friday I called Loft and a rep very nicely re-ordered the same blouse for next day delivery. It is now Monday night and still no blouse. I found out that instead of telling you it is out of stock requests are made at the store and it just sits in LIMBO. I cannot cancel the order either I am told. I need this for Wednesday evening and it will not do me any good after that. I think it is very bad policy to have someone just waiting for something forever!!

Loft in Cranston RI

Love the store the service and the energy!!! Worked there for almost 2 years and it was a great experience. It was like family. Everyone works together as team to get the job done and also has some fun along the way. On any job sometimes you don't feel like going to work but there at Loft in Garden City in Cran. RI I never minded it. My moto "work to the best of your ability and then. some, smile and always stay positive,and always be encouraging". No longer there because I moved out of state.

Don't Shop At Ann Taylor

If you are even THINKING of ordering Online and you live in St. Louis, please heed my advice--DON'T DO IT (especially if you want to return to Frotenac). The Manager and staff are so inept, can't figure out how to credit and will charge your credit card TWICE instead. Almost two months later and I am still trying to get this resolved, which makes one wonder if there is a possible internal theft problem at that Store!

This past week I shopped in the Opry Mills mall Loft Outlet store in Nashville, TN. While I was selecting items to try on, the sales associate, Debbia was very attentive. She asked if she could start a dressing room for me so I wouldn't have to hold my selections as I continued to shop. While trying on clothes, she came through the dressing room frequently, checking if customers needed different sizes or colors. Whenever I needed something, she went out to the floor and brought it back quickly. While checking out at the register, she asked if I had any coupons (which I would have forgotten about without her reminder). Debbia is an asset to your organization and deserves recognition. She goes above and beyond what would be expected of a good sales associate.

I too noticed the service at the chapel hill store in fort worth has service issues! Customer service went down the drain, they are rude and are always too busy to take care of the customer! The management there is awful now!

Went into the loft at chapel hill in fort worth TX, to my surprise I was completely ignored. Had to ask for help, the fitting rooms were full and dirty. I have never been treated so rudely. I ask to speak to someone on the management team. To my surprise I was told that she was the co, Jo. She was extremely rude to me and acted as if my needs were a bother to her. It seems that this store has staffing issues that came with new management ? What happened to our friendly team that once was at this store!

Chapel hill fort worth ... Store 1387 Only because there is no 0 star Previous management made shopping fun, she knew my name, ask about my family, me and my daughters miss Jimmie.... When she was there you walked in and new she was eager to help you! She was friendly to everyone that walked in the door ! She made shopping fun! Now... These associates and management are rude and are not helpful ! I will not be returning to this location!

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