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Totally Uncooperative

There isn't much to say other than the errors this organization has made in dealing with an IRA of a deceased relative is unacceptable as is their uncooperative approach. I would NEVER use this organization again.

Money Wasted

In its effort to convince me that it has the combined intelligence, education, and experience to manage my money better, TD Ameritrade published an ad in "The New Yorker" (15 April 2013, page 20) asserting ungrammatically that ". . . it only takes 15 minutes . . . ," rather than ". . . it takes only 15 minutes . . . ." Although a detail, it shows me that, whatever professionalism TD Ameritrade has, it doesn't include English grammar as one of its strong suits. Poor judgement at the top tolerates mediocre English in its public communications.

Super PAC Scandal: Negative 5 star rating for eAmeritrades involvement in the racist, deceitful lies and distortions to bring down President Obama. You, sirs, are Unamerican. Shame on you!

After an abrupt end to my contracted position with the reason, "we dont have time to train anyone," TD Ameritrade has been difficult to work with in terms of verifying my employment so I can move on to the next contract. They were very unprofessional to work with. Very disappointing.

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