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american signature furniture ad

Totally hate the ad where the man and woman are gagging. It makes me sick and does not make me want to buy their furniture at all.

Unhappy Consumer

Customer gets no satisfaction. After spending over $15,000 at your store in Stonecrest Mall in Lithonia Ga I must wait 12 weeks for a leaf for the dinning table that came damage. Why? I paid in cash for the furnitures. I will make my Report to Consumer Protection on this store.

Bought a dinning room set. The finnish is worn away in countless places right out of box. This has got to be the worst piece of furniture I have every seen. Will not by again. And I am also going to warn as many peaple as possible

Extremely bad csr

My family purchased a couple pieces of furniture and its not been delivered all we keep getting are excuses and broken promises.I will never purchase again from this store.


Please don't buy there furniture I brought a 2 piece sectional from them they require me to purchase warranty..The sofa peel 2 years later I contact warranty company they saidthe warranty don't cover peeling..American Signature said it does cover peeling..So I been getting no where I decided to let everyone ASF is a rip off furniture with cheap quality furniture which they advertise different..I will never in my life purchase another piece of furniture from them.

First Time Customer - Never Again!

Purchased $2000 Clarion Bedroom Set at Altamonte Springs, FL store which was an average experience. From delivery going forward absolutely horrible. Will never buy from this company again; I fully doubt anyone wants deal with poor customer service and waste hours of their precious time/energy along with suffering time after time on broken promises from management - just awful!


this the worse costomer service in america liars, don't give a dam about you take your money break your furnitue when delivering it can,t replace it. give you the run around.I will give them the worse review not and years to come.it nothing they can do to make up for what have happen. I am hiring lawer monday morning will not return my money and I do not have the furniture.

leather peeling after 1st year

after 1st year the leather started peeling on my american signature couches. almost 3 yrs in now and they are completely trashed. all so called 'leather' in seating areas and cracks has completely peeled away.

don't buy if you need it delivered

Bought furniture in PA it be delivered from their store in Miami to apartment in Miami. Delivery did not occur they attempted shoving a piece in the elevator said it wouldn't fit and wouldn't take it up the steps. After many phone calls to the Miami site (with no calls back) contacted the corporate offices to complain only then did we get a call. They don't deliver to the 4th floor they only go to the second floor!! Good to know find a mother store don't waste your time with poor customer service I should have read the reviews they are true:(2

Boggt 3 items in the last 2 years ( clay, NY). Mistake. !! The last and will be final purchase was Nov 7, 2013. I purchased an ottoman for 250. I picked it up and after a week or so noticed the material was bunching up under the " bonded leather kooks bad. Called and the rep stated the receipt clearly says must be returned within 7 days - gee when did that come up during the sale?? IT DIDNT!! Now it's a run around of they will look at it and see if it's a manufactor issue or if it can be repaired. It's brand new?!! Wrf

DO NOT ever buy anything here

Worst customer service ive ever seen in my life. I just recently bought a dining room table and chairs looked like a great set and was very pleased with my purchase scheduled a day for pick up. The day i went to pick it up they gave me the wrong set. So i returned the set for the right set. Came back few days to get the right set and they gave me the floor model explain to me that they no longer made the set that i had purchased. So reluctantly i took the set.two days after geting the set home my mother in law sat in chair and the leg snaped. I am now in process of trying to get them to resolve issue and they are giving me the run around worst customer service/products ever DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE.

Horrible Company

Do not purchase from furniture from American Signature Furniture. Horrible customer service. Quality of furniture poor and salesmen are liars!

you suck

paid money did not get all my furniture was on hold forever


We purchased a sectional about 3 years ago were very pleased with the quility of the couch and the level of service at the store. So naturally when we were in the market for a new bedroom set, we chose American Signature. This experience has been awful. We purchased our set on 4/2/13. Delivery of all pieces with the exception of the pillars was scheduled for the 6th. Delivery came on time, but drivers told my husband that the frame that includes 4 drawers could not be delivered due to damage. When I got home from work that evening I called the store and asked for my sales man, he then shuffled me to customer service. They told me redelivery couldnt be set up to Wed. I told the lady that was unacceptable due to the fact that I work all day. So the next available date would be Sat. ( 1 week away) I told her I need to speak to the manager, because I was not about to have my new mattress sit on the floor for a week. When I spoke to him I told him that I too work in customer service and He needed to make this right. I suggested finding a frame in the store and to please make delivery today. He agreed and said he would send I driver out when one returned. After my conversation with him, my husband and I began to load clothes into dressers. It was then that I noticed a large crack in my husbands dressers leg( rear left) I called manager back and asked for a new dresser to come out with frame. So this Sat frame and dresser arrive. Dresser if fine but 3 out of the 4 drawers that are in the bed frame are messed up 2 are missing bumpers and 1 is off alignment. I called manager yesterday and they said they would send a repair man on Fri. I am very upset that I have to have repairs made to brand new furniture that cost us over 4,000 dollars. I am also irritated that this is taking so long. 18 days from purchase date and I stll have compromised furniture. If this is not corrected my Fri the 19th. I have instructed the store to pick it all up on Saturday the 20th and refund all of my money to I can go to another chain. Just to warn other shoppers this store is in Sarasota Florida.

I brought my leather sofa, loveseat, and other side items from the American Signature in Morrow. I paid alot of money for my items, so tell me why almost 6 yrs later is my leather sofa and loveseat peeling like it was never leather. I've brought better furniture from Badcock outlet and the furniture is still lasting. American Signature is a joke and I suggest you all go elsewhere if you want good reliable furniture.


By far the WORST complany in AMerica. First they screwed up my order then they delivered part of it, 6 hours late. 3 weeks later they delivered a broken piece. then they said we will give you a credit for $50 plus free delivery. Now they refuse to answer my calls. They keep saying that a manager is not avail and refuse to gte anyone. I guess my next email will be to CHannel 10 news in Tampa to report what a FRAUD ths company is!!!


Your advertisemnet showing the caricatures of two of the greatest presidents our country has ever had break dancing is not only demeaning but in extremely bad taste. I can assure you that even if I needed a whole new house of furniture, I would rather sit and sleep on the floor than to spend even one cent of my money in a company facility. P.S. I am rating this one star only because it will not accept this critique unless I do.

rip off recliner

purchased 2 recliners delivered 1/5/11/ one was as is and is fine the other was on clearance and that is awful. the leather is blistering and peeling it is a mess. called the store on chemical rd. plymouth mtg.19462 and he said the chair was guaranteed for only a year.and that was that. the leather was put on the chair was faulty. i am 84 have little money and thought this chair would last until i pass.

gift card

We bought livingroom furniture in May 2012.Received a 100.00 gift card.Tried to use it yesterday,Nov 26.We were told we missed by one day,and nothing could be done.This could have been avoided.As good customers they could have been courteous and said one day is no big deal.We thought we could use it whenever,had no idea there was a deadline.We definitely will not use your store anymore.

Erick C. Joined 4 months ago mayo 29, 2012 Customer service is bad. They have items in the floor that actually do not have in stock or are discontinued. Yet they will sell it to their customers just to get a sale and make their comission. The things that they do have then their warehouse which they allege it is out of the state might not carry it and they schedule a delivery without doublechecking availability directly with the storage. This results in continuous last minute changes in delivery dates schedules as well as last notice availability change. Do not trust their word because they do not have one and they dont take responsibility for their actions. They always want to blame it on either the system or their lack of availability of their products. I would definetly NOT RECOMMEND this business to nobody especially to hard working miamians that despite the situation with economy crisis ,save their pennies to realize that a company so big an...

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