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Thomas brookpark

Should not be in charge. Don't know how to talk to people. Worst customer service won't even let you know if your order is in store


Worst customer service!!! In corporate and the store! Will never purchase from them again!


worst customer service ever!!!! don't buy from this company at all. save your money go somewhere else. merrillville IN

the worst store ever

I bought a bed there not even four months ago and the foot board broke off of my bed frame and they dont want to raplace it that is not right i spent 800.00 dollars on this bed and they dont want to replace the foot board .Dont ever buy furniture from them ever

very poor business

I guess if I were selling low quality products to the public then yelling at them thru a commercial would go hand in hand with a business trying to take advantage of people

worst furniture store ever

the worst store ever will never shop there again and to get a refund is like pulling teeth shut this hell store down.


I bought a bed frame from them and it broke In a month

boardman ohio

Purchased furniture 3/21/15 and received it 3/22/15 and they delivered me damage furniture smh they continued to put me on hold and the hang up saying the call drop how and your using a landline

I had bought a sectional couch from the Gainesville store when I received it has s hole in the back bottom of couch is ripped off it was delivered on top of a SUV that is just messed up I have called the manager twice still will not call me back poor poor customer service. would not recommend this company to anyone.worst experience ever

bad service

i paid for my furniture a month ago and each time i call i get a different story about why my recliner has not came yet...this is the worst furniture company ever and when you ask for a refund they come up with every excuse why you cannot get one...i will never buy anything else from this company

Terrible Service

I think this place is awful! I received a couch and love seat from there and the couch was broke! Never even got the love seat that I PAID FOR! So I called and complained and got PART of my money back! This happened the end of August and here it is October and I STILL havent receieved my full refund! Trust me the workers have heard my mouth. This is ridiculous! Also, the workers there are so rude! I have had them hang up on me 5 times because I was calling to see if my refund check had came. I will never buy anything from there. It's cheap furniture and awful service!!!!!

horrible service

They tried to charge me an extra hundred Dollars to deliver my sectional. That was way to high For two guys in a Ryder truck ask for a refund and it's been five days Now and I still have not gotten my money back!i

Y'all suck!

My boyfriend purchased a sectional and the frame broke in less than 2 months. It took them four months for them to even respond. We had to finally go to the store and pick a different couch. Come to find out the original was discontinued. Before his item was delivered, I placed a sectional on layaway for my house. Dissatisfied with the service, I went to get a refund and was told the only thing that I can get is a store credit. Why would I want a credit if I NEVER plan on buying anything from this company! Will be seeking a lawyer soon!!!!

Terrible chairs!!!

I purchased some dining room chairs here in mid-July, just over a month ago. One of the chair legs has split out where the leg is attached to the seat base. I went back into the store to have the chair replaced and was told that would not be possible. I was rudely informed that I should have noticed this defect when the chair was purchase. He then insinuated that we broke the chair. VERY rude salesman with no concern for customers. The merchandise is HORRIBLE and I will not be back! I will do my best to keep anyone I know from shopping there too!!! Doesn't even deserve a star.

Poor customer service

First off the no warranty policy is screwed up to begin with. This company pretty much knows how terrible the furniture is PERIOD and they try to push the no warranty issue on people. You want business but your not treating customers fairly. WORST FURNITURE COMPANY EVER!!!!! You don't even deserve a star

to hot

walked in and like to have walked back out it was so damn hot in there it didnt make no sense quit being so damn cheap and cut the air on and cut the heat on in the winter

they're horrible

Their basically con artist selling low grade funiture. Their some of their salesman take for ever to talk to you. An I can prove it.

Bad company

Well my sofas frame broke and it has a 5 year warranty and I have had for 1 year and they say they are not fixing or replacing it. So it's time to go to the bbb not that this company cares because if they bib I would not be writing this.

loud commercial

your commercial with the man yelling at me is the reason they have a mute button on remote controls. If you were the only furniture store left in the world, I would rather stand then buy a chair from you.


Your TV commercials are the LOUDEST, most obnoxious ever! The loud HONKS at the beginning plus the man's loud VOICE are an invasion into my quiet home so I always mute them or turn to a different channel !!! Turn down your VOLUME and get rid of those honks !! Many others feel the same way!!

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