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I finally got my ordered to be placed then after a weeks wait it was still processing.So I emailed customer service to ask just to be told my order was cancel and had to be replaced >.>

I tried calling American Eagle HQ to speak with an area rep. regarding an issued. The person answering the phone would not connect the call to anyone. I then asked to speak to her supervisor and she said she would not put the call through. This person stated their name was "Jess" and she told me to send a fax to the corporate headquarters. Should the fax be directed to whom it may concern? They will just throw it into the garbage. What kind of company does not allow anyone to call their management? The local store always has a "now hiring" sign in the window. It appears that they can not hold onto any help and if you have any questions for the store or their headquarters staff you are met with an attitude problem.

Your new updated website does not have any customer reviews anymore?! I found them immensely helpful when choosing clothing items to buy especially the reviews on how they fit. Now I'm more wary when purchasing items. Would be annoying to find they fit too small/big when I received them in the mail especially living in Canada! Please bring the reviews back!!!

I was shopping with my daughter at the American Eagle store at Fox Valley Mall in Aurora IL on Black Friday. My daughter is finally big enough to fit in the clothes and weve bought from there before but never during really busy hours. Needless to say I nothing but satisfied. From the second we walked in till we walked out the entire staff was Great! I was helped by so many of these young individuals and was treated with nothing but respect. The line looked pretty long when I got in but the cashiers were fast and efficient. The young lady who checked me out was such a sweetheart too!

I have had my items that I'd like to purchase in the online cart since this morning. It is ridiculous that you advertise 25% off and free shipping, yet you make sure that the customer is unable to purchase the items by the cut off time because there is coincidentally a "we are making updates to our site" bs message that comes up everytime the customer tries to update their cart and purchase the items. This is clearly false advertisment and your company makes plenty of money to offer the sales you promise. Afterall, your customers are the reason you're still in business. You should be ashamed of yourselves!

I went into the Fort Walton Beach store and the sales reps were supper nice but while shopping there were two managers working at that time, all they did was continually harp on all the reps that were trying to assist customers. These managers did nothing to assist customers or support their employee team. I a manager myself was highly disappointed and irritated at the lack of professionalim continually showed by these two managers. Neither of these men communicated with each other let alone properly with their staff. I felt sorry for the way that the employees were being treated because you could truly see the employees were making efforts above and beyond. I was so discouraged by the treatment that I ended up taking my business else where. I felt if this is how American Eagle treats its employees than it is not a company I wish to do business with anymore.

What is up with the website on 11-25-2010? Big sale can't buy anything because you can't get thru.

I am an ex American Eagle employee. I want to say I agree with the person from ottawa I to worked at the ottawa campus. Not only do they keep raising the picking amount, they lie to employees . i know i have caught not only supervisors, but h.r. managers as well in many lies. they don't like it when you confront them about what was said. i have gone as far as bringing employee handbook in to dispute what they say is policy if you are not one of their pets. you don't stand a chance. if you get hurt they write you up even if it was not your fault. i do not recommend to anyone out there to work for them.

I was spoken and treated so rudely at your Wire-Grass store tonight that I am making you aware and hope you would be concerned of who is waiting on your customers. The girl that is in a supervisory position associate #78 should be reprimanded. There were three of of us in line when I got to the register and two registers open. The lady in front of me decided to open a credit card after being in line a few minutes. That was fine the associate on the side I was on did her job and I waited patiently for twenty minutes. She then called another associate's to the register to ring me up and the girl #78 on the other register said no he can go check the dressing room and that I could come over to her register where she now had a long line. She stated I am breezing through these people. My son went to that side after ten more minutes we were finally being waited on. #78 said rudely sorry for the wait. I said its fine just get it done. She said you don't have to be so rude people come all at once to the register. I said just get it done. After it was completed and we were walking out the comments that were made to the following customer were uncalled for she should not be in this roll especially coming to the Holidays. I am a frequent shopper both on line and in the store. If it wasn't for my boys I would not shop in your store again. Rude people do not belong in customer rolls.

i have been a loyal customer for American Eagle Outfitters in the Governor's Square Mall in Tallahassee, Florida for some years and spend from several hundred dollars a month to under one thousdand dollars a month. After asking one of the female manager's for some s hooks to hang some jeans the manager was short, rude with the reply '' I CAN'T LET U HAVE ANY ''. In this day of time with prople loosing there jobs, not spending much you would think American Eagle Outfitters would want to hold on ther customers to keep Corporate happy with high digit's but because of a bad manager working in the store this is a good way for a customer to go to another brand name store and American Eagle outfitter's will loose this customer for good and other's also because the word of mouth is a proven effective means of advertising. If i don't get postive results from the Corporate Office of American Eagle Outfitter's i plan to close my account with American Eagle Outfitter's under GE Credit and never by anything else from them and advise other's to not! shop there.............10/23/10.

I just wrote the review about American Eagle Outfitters and the 5 star rating is wrong! I give American Eagle Outfitters a 1 star rating or lower because of the encounter i have had with a female manager 10/23/10 at the Governor's Square Mall Store here in Tallahassee, Florida.

For my sons 17th Birthday, he requested clothes from American Eagle. Therefore, I gave him permission to order off your website. GUESS WHAT? After 2 emails, I was informed that there was more "additional" security requested. Therefore, I contacted AE again. This time Emee #72530 of Orlando Florida stated that she did not have the authorization to make any concessions. Simply put, my $170.00 order, was unable to go through. She was unable to provide the reason. I will now be taking my son to abercrombie and Fitch. I'm sure, they will be able to value their customers. Sincerely, Laura REnfro Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

To whom it may concern: Im writing to let you know the staff in the Peachtree City location, follows all the African Americans in their store. Which they make very obvious and don't care to ask how can they help they just watch. I hope that is not a form of your customer service manual to just watch the certian minority groups if so thats Horrible!!! The Manger on staff that day her name is Cathy!!!!!!! Hope for the fellow African Americans don't shop at the Peachtree City Location and if you find that happening in another location just spread the word that they don't want African Americans in their clothes!!!!!!

This is to inform you that your Ottawa Ks. location is not what your expectations would be. your picking dept. the people are running to make goal which is a safety hazard. The goal is set so high they feel they have to run to make goal or they get into trouble with the supervisor. When it is reported people are writing it down as fast walking and nothing is done. Well as we all know there is a difference between fast walking and running. There are suppose to be cameras everywhere but yet no one conveniatly seem to catch the running on camera. Something needs to be done. This is a safety hazard! I just felt someone should know before better bus. bureau was contacted or someone gets hurt. Sincerely concerned citizen

I went into the american eagle store in the meadow wood mall, reno NV on 9-1-10 with my daughter to try on some clothes, my daughter found what she was looking for and went to check out, I asked the salesman micah if they could hold the items uintil friday when she was going to be back in reno and he said that they only hold items for 24 hours. I asked if they had lay away and the sales,am response to me was " this isn't Wal-Mart" needless to say not only was I offended, but his remake lost your store a sale. my daughter ended up purchasing her items on line. heidi anderson 775-220-6392

I purchased 2 pairs of jeans Both tags read Sz. 10 Long. Down the leg, the plastic strip read Sz. 10 Long. I wore a pair and loved them! We went to a party in a different state and I took the other pair to wear. When I put them on they were way too short. I rechecked the tags. They still read the same, naturally! I then checked the inside tag. Sz. 10 Reg. I ran to the mall to find an American Eagle. They wanted to charge me for the replacement jeans because they were a darker blue than I had originally purchased. I paid $39.99 originally and they wanted another $17.99. I put the old jeans back in the bag and told them forget it. I loved the fit, but will never buy again from a company that claims that this is company policy. To SCREW the customer! Not me, ever again.

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