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I am a tiny 4'9" and around 87 pounds woman. Some of your size zeros fit perfectly, no belt or rolling up the hems. Some of them don't and are huge. Can you make all your size zero pants and capris fit the same, or at least the zero and one slims and regulars? Oh, and I get so offended at times when I hear the God-awful music you play. In your summer 1 2011 playlist you played "When I'm Small" by Phantogram, a song about a girl named Lucy being dead and buried. Depressing. You also played "The High Road" by Broken Bells on that same list, a song about being lost in your life and having no friends to turn to. Another sad song that actually made me cry. On your current playlist for Fall 1, you have the songs "Booty City" by Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, "Hot As Hell" by Drop the Lime, and "Make Some Noise" by the Beastie Boys. Such inappropriate songs! You ought to be ashamed! Stores like this are supposed to be positive. Are these positive? Nope! They are either depressing, have swearing lyrics, sexual references, or just all together stupid. Learn to play better music, before I boycott your store all together.

AE has poor cust serv. i ordered a dress in April and decided to return it through mail because I was in school and it was hard to get the store. When AE received my dress they sent me an email telling me they received it and issued my refund. So I waited for it to show up on my bank statements and my refund was not there. I called AE and reported the issue plenty of times and nothing has been done about it. AE told me to wait two billing cycles and I did. I like to know where my money is, it has been over two months now and I am still waiting. I even sent an email to someone from the corporate office that was on the AE site and I have not received a response yet. If the members of AE corporate can't help me than who can.

I have shopped for many years at American Eagle in Peachtree City....I will no longer give my money to this store. My daughter went in today to purchase some jean shorts and was told to leave the store that she was NOT allowed to shop in this store. She had not idea why she was being told this. She asked why and she was told that she had been banned because she was accused of shoplifting in the store the week before. She told them she had not idea what they were talking about that they had her mixed up with someone else...she was again told to just leave. The manager approached her asking why she was upset, as she had started to cry...and when she show her ID the manager said they thought she was someone else. She was the same size and looked like someone who had been caught shoplifting there. She was not even given an apology. This should not have happened...she should not have been accused, especially after she told them she did not know what they were talking about. I will NEVER step foot inside that store again...and I will also suggest that my siblings and their children also choose another American Eagle to shop in if they choice to shop at American Eagle at all. What a shame!!!!

I went to American Eagle in the Edinburgh Outlet Mall today and was absolutely appalled at how they treated me. I went in to buy two gift cards, &200 a piece. I understood and expected them to check my bills like any other store would with a large bill. I did not expect at least five employees to check after one had okayed them. The manager, i assume, continued to check them several times and rudely asked why i needed $200 gift cards. Finally he called to verify my bills and rudely asked for my I.D. American Eagle used to be my absolute favorite store, now I'm just upset and disappointed with their employee's attitude.

As much as I love AE your choices in employees and management I are awful. I went in to the AE in the chappel hills mall in colorado springs looking for new close andmy friend and I asked one of the employees about another employee who we liked from the previous trip. Durring our conversation the manager of the store (sarah) told her employees to stop talking to us because we were annoying and then said she would call security if we didnt leave she even kicked out my friend who was still shopping and not involved out. I work in a customer service job and I have never been so disrespected by an employee aspecially someone who is supposed to be in a management position! When I went back to get her name she claimed we were using profanity in the store and my friend doesnt use profanity ever and I was complimenting another employee not using bad language in the store! I am not happy with what has happened!

I purchased a cute purse in AE in Alamance Crossing NC the other day. It's red with different color dyes on the fabric...sure enough it rubbed and RUINED my white shorts. It does have a tag that says MAY BLEED COLORS but GEEZ, it doesnt say it's going to RUIN everything it comes into contact with. I've tried washing it, soaking it with different products and it still can't be worn. Tell me something, why sell a purse no one can wear or use?? What a waste of money...cute design, NEXT TIME..make it so it can be used withOUT staining and ruining my expensive clothes and the floorboard of my car.

I went into a portland maine location to stand at the counter for nearly 15 minutes while two girls spoke about their daily life events and a poor young girl doing the fitting room ultimately had to help me Then the next day I had to return the pants and was told I had to put it back on my debit card It would take days until that money posted back on my account she said thats not my fault that's your banks while I'm standing there with my bank logo shirt on. Then trying to call the headquartes also rude I'm doing shopping there!

The American Eagle in Auburn Hills, Mi treats their employess with NO respect at all. They hire you give you 3 - 8 hours a week, continually hiring new people. They need to keep good employees, throw out the trash and work their employees more. The Management at this store... I don't even know how to explain. I have had hangers thrown at me by my manager not in a nice way I might add, We all received key chains and everyone was handed one and mine was thrown at me. I am one of the hardest working employees, and have been there for over a year and always show up. But for Matt, the manager, NOTHING is ever good enough. It is their fault they do not have good employees, we don't get enough hours, you treat us with no respect, they have managers with PMS, Make your company like the others hire good employees, that WANT to work their, that Want the HOURS, and are happy there. Everyone just bitches about hours and hates it there. I have been taught by my parents you give respect when you receive respect... and with Matt there is no RESPECT anywhere! Never Happy, Miserable attitude... All we ever here is if my DM comes in I will get written up for this and I WILL MAKE YOU ALL PAY FOR IT! Well good morning to you too Matt... YOU MAKE OUR DAYS MISERABLE CAUSE YOU ARE NEVER HAPPY!

I like their store, but they update their website too frequently. There was a shirt I wanted to buy online that I saw last week that I can no longer find now. It's a big pain in the ass, as I was intent on buying it.

I went to the store in the volusia mall in Florida. They didn't have my size and told me to order online, now they don't even have my size online?

....Y si pudiera ponerle menos estrellas no dudaría en hacerlo. Endías pasados estuve por Mcallen, texas. Pedí hablar con el manayer y adivien que? Un gordo todo arapeinto en shorts y además todo tatuado es el manayer del distrito, pero ahi no acaba la sorpresa que me dio su precencia para ser el encargardo ademas de tener la apariencia de cholo como decimos los mexicanos le falto educacion al tener conversacion conmigo. Creo que la tienda tiene que hacer una examen mas detenido para seleccionar a supersonal, exigirles buena presentacion e indiscutible tener una educacion profesional (graduados de profesion)para saber que nosotros como clienes tratamos con una empresa seria. Se imaginan que impresion me dio al verlo todo arapiento, con shorts y sin vocabulario y comportamiento adecuado a la marca que representa? nosotros como clientes exigimos a los directivos de la empresa para que contraten a personal adecuado. 956-791-3065 estoy a sus ordenes para cualquier aclaracion.

I will never order anything oline from American Eagle ever again or for that matter even in the stores. I tried to exchanged a jacket on Jan 12 , I have never recieved the jacket back with the right size or a refund. I called 7 times already and their customer service technicain told me that corporate office has to take care of it. Now their tring to tell me they never recieved the jacket but i gave them the ups comfirmation number. I cant believe a national company can act like this and just take me money from me...

this is soooo stupid..i cant find my research on american eagle..ughh.,,

I'm located at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan and I would like to report your location here in Rochester Hills in the Village. they are plain racist when it comes to hiring Blacks. I'm mixed and I have applied multiple times and I get a BS story about lost application and etc. However, my Caucasian friends get the job when they apply. American Eagle is truly discriminatory because they limit to the minorities that they hire, they never hire obese people and they go by the area you live in. So racist. I will go future with my report if I need to because this is depressing. Email: irishcherokeeinferno@gmail.com

I have never been so disgusted with a company and their customer service department than I am with American Eagle. I have been a loyal customer for 7 years. Now that my children are big enough to wear their clothes, I purchase all their school clothes there as well. I am currently stationed overseas and forced to order everything I need online. 5 months ago my online order was never filled. When I contacted AE to explain why, they were short and rude and basically didn't care. Now 5 months later I try again. This time my order was pulled for verification and I had to call in, CALL IN from an overseas military base. Are you serious? So after a $27.00 phone call to get my order released I asked to put in a complaint and was given another number to call, this person was just as short and rude. Now half my order is cancelled due to an INVENTORY SHORTAGE, excuse me but it was available when I ordered it and paid for it!! AE has TERRIBLE customer serice and just lost a customer!!

On 1/27/11, my boyfriend, his mom and I visited your AE store in Sunvalley Mall, Concord , CA and we were disrespected and discriminated. After a long day at work and walking around in the mall, my feet were starting to hurt so I wanted to get a pair of flat shoes that I found in your store. I asked one of the employees who is wearing house clothes and flip flops, if I could purchase the pair of shoes and wear it already, she rudely responded “No, you will have to purchase it first.” My boyfriend went ahead and paid for the pair of shoes and a sweater as I stayed in the couch. He then returned to me with the purchased shoes with the tags cut off and the sweater snugly placed in a small bag with no room to place the shoes. We asked a different employee for another bag to place the pair of shoes in and she refused to give us another one since she was not the one that rung up our transaction. We found the same woman that rung us up and asked her if we can get another bag, she rudely responded “No, you can only have 1 bag per purchase.” I explained that we bought 2 items and that it will not fit in one little bag. She argued that it was only 1 transaction and that your company only gives 1 bag. Then fine, I told her to just give us a bigger bag. And she exaggeratedly said “PLEASE!” like I’m suppose to beg for a bag to put the merchandise that I purchased. She stormed off to the cash register like I was such a nuisance for asking for her help. I asked her if this is how they treat their customers and I demanded to speak to her Manager. She completely ignored me as I was asking her name and who her manager is. As she shoves my sweater into a bigger bag, she asked me angrily “Is that how you ask for something? You don’t say please?” And I responded “Is this how you treat your customers. You are rude and you expect your customers to carry their purchases with their bare hands. All of this, just for a bag.” And again, I ask to speak to a Manager and her name. Still no answer, so I asked the other employee and she said that woman is the Manager and her name is Michelle. As I was gathering my belongings, the other employee asked us to leave because I was bothering the other patrons. I asked her if she was going to apologize for her Managers rudeness and disrespect and she responded “Why are you getting on me? I did not do anything to you. Why should I apologize?” Obviously, your company does not value your customers. Regardless of the person’s race or color every customer that enters your store should be treated fairly. I do not ask for much but to be treated with a little respect. From the moment I asked for help, I was mistreated and disrespected. With today’s economy, you would think a retail store would value their customers. I refuse to spend my hard earned money at a store that treats customers like dirt, where you have to beg for a bag to place your paid purchases in. This is unacceptable. I expected more from your company. With all the good unemployed people in this country, you would think your company screened your applicants before hiring them, especially your Managers. It only takes one bad employee to ruin a company’s reputation and with today’s market your company cannot afford to lose customers. I called your customer service line and told her my story. Until I asked for an apology I was not getting an apology. Your company’s customer service is dreadful.

I have been trying to get in contact with the corporate office for days now cause customer service has been of no help to me. I received my ae rewards and it was only for 20% off and it should have been for 40%. I spent over a $1000 there in Oct. and Nov. but they are giving me the run around and saying that there were so many purchases in one day that they do not all go towards my rewards that they only take three for the day. I have three young girls and I do not get out to shop much so when I do go I buy a lot and I may check out several times or go to multiple locations. I would like to go shopping today cause they have really good sales but I will not shop at ae unless I hear from them and they give me my 40% off that I earned!

I am FURIOUS with American Eagle. I got alot of clothes for Christmas from AE and I also got a coach purse. I wore one of the shirts and also had my coach purse. I look at my purse at school and there is a pink stain on my COACH purse from my shirt. There was no tag/sticker on the shirt that said wash before use. Now my coach purse is ruined, I am furious, and while I try to contact AE they have the wrong number on a website to talk to the AE corporation. So now I am stuck with a Coach purse that is ruined because of AE. Never again will you catch me in your store! Brooke.

I as well as my entire family shops at A.E. needless to say the company has lost alot of business. When I shop I buy for three females so I end up spending between 7 to 11 hundred dollars depending on what type of displays and clothing they have. I went on Dec 23 10 and spend well over what I had planed.The young lady that waited on me forgot to hand me a bag, I didn't realize it until I had made it home and started wrapping the gifts up. I called and spoke to the manager and she assured me that the items was behind the counter and she would put them away in safe keepings until I could return to get them due to the drive which I live some 2 hrs away. I call before I drive over today 1 14 10 to make sure my items was still put away and again was told YES I arrive just to be told that the lady didn't know what I was talking about. Both employees I spoke to was very rude and acted like I was trying to get something free...Ok At this time I don't need hand outs not to say I may never but as of now I don't. Lets see how much of a commission anyone gets off me from now on.....I figured A.E employees are suppose to be more professional and have better additudes than what I was greeted with.

I have been purchasing your jeans for at least 5 years. I would like to let you know that I am really not happy paying $49.95 for jeans that don't last. I have bought my daughter numerous pairs of jeans and now they belt loops are broken, the pants are tearing at the bottom and they are just wearing out with in 3 weeks of usage. I really think your prices are way too high for the quality of pants American Outfitters are selling. I can go to gap and wear a pantt that may cost me $15.00 more and I can wear them for years and have no problems. I wouldn't say anything about it if they were $20.00 jeans, but for $49.95 or more they need to be better quality. I am working mother and I work hard for my money. I hope that you can send me some discounts for your store that way I have some peace of mind. www.andreamashburn0202@hotmail.com Thanks: Andrea

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