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American Eagle is the bomb digideee! screw the reviews that some of these people are saying! I love this store! Ive gone to it since I was 13 and now im 17 and I still go. :)


Shopped at the American Eagle store in La Cantera in San Antonio , Tx. I used to have a rewards card with ae and asked the ditzy rude cashier if I could sign up again. I asked her THREE TIMES if what she was signing me up for was credit card. THREE TIMES she said no. A week later a credit card arrived in the mail. I was FURIOUS and called the manager up of course I didn't have the name of the employee but he said sorry and there was nothing else he could do. I was nice about it but the next person she does this to, I hope they rip her a new one. Horrible! And I'll never shop there again

I am an employee at store # 2232 in bluffton south Carolina at the tanger two outlets my family came in and had my little sister try on uniforms that I was going to purchase for her as a back to school treat my LOD at the time laughed and joked with my family, I placed my things on hold so I could get them when I got off I got to the cash and wrap so my LOD could check me out and she says that I cannot purchase the items using my employee discount because she knows that I am not buying these as a gift because she saw my family in her.....I only had items for my little sister because I was buying them.....so I brought me without e discount....li told my mother what happened and she returned the items because she feels I an being treated badly because other assiocates family members has came to the store and got to use there employee discounts of their sons/ daughters but aas soon as I try she says that I can loose my job by buying that with my employee discount I'm confused they weren't my friends it was my family why can't ey use my discount if other employees families can please email me ASAP at badger_ patricia@yahoo.com I will be talkin to my manager about this and giving my two weeks notice because I feel like i a being treated unfairly but I want to put a stop to this before I leave

American Eagle is my favorite store! They have amazing service and all the workers are very nice! I go to the local Chapel Hills Mall in Colorado Springs, CO. They always help me with whatever i am looking for, and they interact with you so its not awkward just standing there while they are ringing you up. I went there the other day and when i was checking out I got this guy (but i don't remember his name) he is probably THE nicest guy there and super hilarious!! I absolutely love shopping there not just because of their cute clothes but because of all the sweet people there!!!

Yesterday I made a purchased and AMERICAN EAGLE charged my bank account 3X which over drawn my account and now I was charged $66.00 for the two extra times they sent it to my bank. Customer service told me they will not pay me the money the bank charges because they have no control over my bank. Even though THEY charged my account 3 times. I was told I can fax them my bank statement to see if they sent the order through 3 times but if they only sent one order they will only withdraw the one purchase when it is shipped. As for the bank fee they will not refund that money. Also, after I submitted my order yesterday a warning appeared (AFTER NOT BEFORE I MADE THE PURCHASE)stating that American Eagle had its secure licensing revoked and it is not a safe or secure site. I emailed American Eagle right away asking why I didn't get the warning before I made a purchase. I haven't received a response as of yet. Umm I wonder why. There web site should be shut down

I have a question. I made an awards card online But how do i use it in the store? Do i have to write down my number and then they will put it on my account? i dont have a card and it said on their website that you need to swipe your rewards card at the store for your discout. Im new to this and i need help! someone help me!

I love American Eagle, But are you guys ever going to get the peace sign flip flops back for women? I hope so, my favorite by far.

I have always loved American Eagle clothes but never again will I shop at the American Eagle in Lufkin Texas. All the people who are employed at this store act like they are better than everyone shopping. They act like snobs and the rudest people I have ever met in my entire life. Theres one employee who stands out as the worst, i believe her name is amy. I dont know who these people think they are! They need to remember that the people who shop there help fund thier paychecks and if it wasn't for us they wouldn't have a job. I will shop at any other American Eagle in any other mall but I will never EVER set foot in this store at the Lufkin Texas location again.

I recently visited the American Eagle at my local mall and asked a sales associated about a manager that worked there that I had not seen in a while. The young lady informed me that this manager had be fired recently for stealing. The manager I was asking about was wonderful whenever my children and I were in the store. Helpful, kind,polite,funny, and conscious of how much we could spend. Regardless of the reason why she was fired I did not think it was professional at all that a sales associate was telling me, a customer, this information. I then overheard the sales associate speaking with other members of the staff about the manager that had been fired. They were too busy gossiping about someone who was unable to be there to speak up for herself, that my children and I received no help while in the store. When we asked for a fitting room it seemed like we were bothering the staff. I will never shop at that store again. Everyone in that store should be reprimanded for their rude, unprofessional and childish behavior. In my opinion no one has the right to share that information with the general public. Not managers, not sales associates, no one. That company seems to have no respect for its employees.

Always leave a happy costumer (:

After reading the complaints and issues people have posted, I am a little upset people are not taking more responsibility for their on mistakes. Yes, we try to help you when you are going through a stack of clothing for a size (because we have to refold what you mess up), yes we have faults with some associates (but they do not work for us very long), no you cannot combine and discount with any other discount (it is CLEARLY stated on the back of EVERY coupon we hand out, and we will not honor it), no we do not trick people into applying for credit cards; how anyone could think they were singing up for anything else is beyond me (that's why we ask for an ID, a current Credit card, annual income, social security number, and you agree to our credit terms and conditions, i promise you do when you tap "Agree"), yes some of the marketing can be confusing; however people do not read. They do say select styles, if they are marketed incorrectly, we will honor it IF IT IS REASONABLE. Don't think you will be getting a 150.00 coat for 29.99. As far as online ordering, come into the store. We can order it for you and will be more than happy to. Do not be so quick to judge what you think is the right and wrong way to run a business without first asking yourself "Am I being reasonable?" or "Did I read everything correctly?" and most importantly "Have I as a customer, done what I can to work with the associates to make my shopping experience wonderful?" Matt been with AE since Feb.of 2009 NC

I LOVE this store. BUT I purchase something three days ago and it hasn't been shipped. I accidentally wrote the wrong shipping address and have been frantically trying to change it, but it won't let me!

They offered an additional 30% off clearance on their website and they would not honor it! They blamed it on their IT staff. Poor move AE. You jerks keep on manipulating and ripping off customers.

Racheal at the bolingbrook store was amazing.. I've always had great help from the employees at this store but she's what 'customer service' is at it's very best. Great training, great people. I'll be back for more soon.

i just want to say that as much as customers may think that the associates are not helpful, they are more helpful than any store i have ever been to! they have to deal with all the customera who.come.into the store (which is more than you can imagine) and are trained to know their product inside and out! if they are not devoting 1000% of their time to you, remeber, they're not just sitting doing nothing.. they are probably helping 4 or 5 other customers as well.. its hard to keep everyone 100% satisfied and AE does a great job accomodating everyone! the store in moncton nb canada is always helpful when i need anything at all!

My husband and I were shopping in the St Claiesville Ohio store on Saturday night. We were going through the t-shirts that were folded and marked $10 when a young man asked is if we needed help, our reply was no...a few minutes later the cashier from behind the cash wrap yelled over and asked of we needed help fining something....again our response was no! We knew what we wanted and what size we needed and where they we located! Apparently thy were afraid we were going to mess up their T-shirts and were bothered we were going through them, we purchased a t-shirt in every color that night! I also was eyeing up a pair of shorts, but we left the store without them...as we walked by again I decided to go ahead and make the purchase for the shorts! When I walked in and was checking out I overheard the employees talking about my husband and I, I was upset to hear that this is how people do their job, I am a frequent shopper in the particular store and am very hesitant to go back!

YOUNG ADULTS BEWARE!! My recently turned 18 year daughter went to AE to make a purchase and she was conned by the Store Manager to apply for their credit card account so the mgr could get credit for a contest they were running for employees. She told my daughter it was for their Rewards Card and she could offer her an additional 15% discount plus a free item. My daughter had NO clue it was for a credit card account. We are just getting ready to apply for her student loan at college and she now has a decline of a credit card on her credit history. I have a rewards account with them which is something of a rewards system for purchasing items and receiving coupons in the mail. My daughter understood that was what she signed up for not an actual credit card. Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about them already running this on her credit history. To make things worse, my daughter didn't receive the promised 15% discount and was charged for the item that she never intended on purchasing to begin with. I went through the Customer Relations to lodge a complaint where they could only say it is not their intention to pray on unsuspecting, unknowing young 18 year teenagers but they do actively seek to get cusotomers to apply for the credit card. She indicated my daughter should have been asked to complete an application - that didn't happen - she provided her SSN and that was it. Hard lesson for my daughter to learn that if a deal sounds too good to be true, it is and she is very vulnerable to less than ethical businesses, such as AE, to try to take advantage of her now being an adult. BTW - the Customer Relations Rep was able to pull up the receipt and see that my daughter didn't receive the correct discounts and was still charged for the item - I received a commitment that the overcharge would be refunded in the next week. Carolina Mall, Concord, NC

These reviews are ridiculous. AE IS AWESOME. They have the most lenient return policy of any store I've ever heard of. Of course you can't do an even exchange by returning one style of jeans for a different one. But you always can if it's just a different size. Don't complain bc one pair of jeans got a broken belt Loop bc your daughter pulls up her pants with them when u can return them without a receipt and get store credit to buy whatever you want. I hate that the only people to give them reviews are the ones that want to complain. If you have so many issues shopping online why don't you shop In the stores and have someone help you? I've been to multiple ae stores in pennsylvania and they are all full of great associates and managers that are more than happy to help. Problem is that all stores have to deal with rude customers and then they wonder why the people working aren't sweet as pie to them when you're screaming in their faces.

I like American Eagle but I do not like being lied to. I received the 20% coupon in the mail shortly after I purchased clothing. Since I had worn none of it I brought it back to return all the items and re purchase with the coupon. The un enthusiastic sales person made up some BS that I couldn't return anything and buy it back until its been 24 hours. So I went and pulled the same items of the shelve and bought them with the coupon. As I was leaving the store the manager was putting the pants I originally brought in to the store back on the shelve (that supposedly can't be sold for 24 hours). You can return items and re-buy them with a coupon!!! Save your money and don't let them fool you!!!

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