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Corporate bullies in southern Tennessee

From my experience of being with the company, Corporate does not treat their store managers fairly and allows their district managers to bully their store managers. It's a shame when a new DM comes in and tells a store manager that has been there that they don't want them there and nags about every little thing to try to get them to quit. Who wants to work for someone who is so negative and is just a bully who doesn't support them at all. All of the managers in the store and around the area have nothing but good things to say about this person so it is just sad that the DM and their boss (who happens to be a good friend of theirs) come in and are very rude and unprofessional to someone who they may not like personally but who professionally has been a huge success in their retail management career! This DM is manipulative and tries to get the team to not trust each other and basically is the main reason for any failures from the store. What kind of people is AE appointing to their corporate positions?? Insincere, unprofessional, rude people in my opinion who want to run the diligent, dedicated, honest workers off?

Horrible Service

My mom bought me a pair of pants for christmas not noticing that there was a hole in them when we did notice we went back to American Eagle to exchange them and the manager told us that we couldn't exchange them because i wore them and said that we washed them. Regardless if we washed them or not that is not good customer service and i will not be going back to American Eagle. Theres no where on the receipt that says we cant return them if they've been worn or washed. Ive been to many other stores where they replaced my items, no questions asked. I thought it was about keeping the customer happy? Obviously not. I am very unhappy with how me and my mom got treated and we will not be spending any of our money in American Eagle anymore. You need to get better workers.

and the reudest store mangaer award goes to....

store 485! OMG never experience such a bad customer service from a store manager. Today visited the store (12/29/12). She has 20 employess walking around the store and only 2 cashiers and about 50 people in the line for purchase and all were complaining. Whan it was my turn I told the cashier you guys should have more cash registers open. The manager (with no managemnt skills and training) heard me and with all the rudness in her being yelled " we are doin our best... that is it." I was shocked! i said "wow.... how rude... are you the manager? where is your customer service?" She said "well everybody loves me!" Really.... may be they are just so frick out with your stincky attitude lady... get a clue and some training... so much anger in her voice and her face. The worst part was as i was paying for my items... she was loudly telling about our conversation to her employess. I told her that i will write a complaint and she said "go ahead i like complaints." Hope somebody from upper managmnet can provide some training to her or give her some time off to relex and get the anger out of her system.

I have been making sock monkeys and donating all the proceeds to help with our church mission efforts in Nicaragua. I have been selling them since July and raised about $1,500. Last year we made dolls to give away. This year it will be sock monkeys. My niece bought me 10 pair of AE crew socks and they have made the cutiest monkeys! I just wanted to thank you and tell you how impressed I was with the quality of your product.

Horrible Customer Service

My daughter and I visited an AE in Maryland and we had to make an exchange of one item, when I re-entered the store the manager stood around and pretended to be talking to an employee that was off for the evening, I waited and waited at the counter for appromately 5 minutes with no acknowledgement and no customer service, then I seen a young male enter the store and he must have went to clock in because in about 2-3 minutes later he came from the back and went behind the counter and assisted me. Needless to say, I informed my daughter that we won't be purchasing anything else from this chain and I am really considering refunding the $100+ in merchandise that we just made.


I visited an American Eagle store Harrisburg, Pa on 11/26. I had received a 40% off coupon that had a date on it 11/25. I asked if they would still honor the coupon they said NO. Why send coupons to customers with certain dates on them. The whole point is to get the customer in to buy things to make MONEY! If they would have taken my coupon I would have spent a lot more money. You are supposed to satisfy the customer so they keep coming back!! Coupons today,coupons tomorrow, as long as you spend the money what does it matter!!!!!

For the past year I have worked at AEO in Omaha Nebraska. I couldnt have found a better part time job! The managers are great and help us learn to have great customer service! I love this job so much its wonderful.

I live near Dayton Ohio and was in the Fairfield commns store the other day and had exellent service! When I was checking out my cashier Emily was so sweet and didnt just want to get me out of line quick. We had a nice conversation and I felt like they appreciated me. Deffinatly will continue going to the fairfield store!

I just want to say i have never been able to find anything in this store and prices are crazy! I will continue to buy my jeans from aeropostale.

I've worked for American Eagle as a manager (I have over 10+ years management experience) and I can say that I hate this store. The company does not take care of its people and any complaints are not taken seriously. There is a racist manager employed at the store I worked at who made very serious and unprofessional comments to a Dominican sales associate. She took the complaint to corporate and was given call-in shifts until the day she quit. Sadly the racist manager still works full time and she has since been promoted. Corporate, the store manager (she's got the attitude of a bully on a playground) and the racist assistant manager should all be fired! I will never support this company again and have since asked everyone I know to stop shopping there.

Please stop sending us whore-today mailings with girls in skimpy underwear. Thank you!! When will women ever be treated as more than mere sex objects by male chauvinist pigs?

Good pontis all around. Truly appreciated.

Actually, YES, your employees DO in fact swindle people into signing up for credit cards. I was just in the American Eagle store at Tuttle Mall in Columbus, Ohio--and the cashier, plain as day, asked me to sign up for a REWARDS CARD, not a credit card. He didn't say a SINGLE THING about a credit card. This is a blantant form of robbery. It is deceitful, misleading, and ultimately unlawful. Granted, I was apprehesive when the computer prompted me to enter my SSN and income--so I asked the cashier why they needed this information (I have never used a credit card, so I'm unaware of the application process.) His reponse? "Oh, I don't know." Really? And as far as agreeing to the "terms and conditions", lets be realistic here. It's a fact that hardly anybody fully reads through any terms and conditions before agreeing (especially if they were blatantly told the were only signing up for a rewards card), and the cashier completely took advantage of that this fact. This is not a way to treat your customers, or any human being for that matter. After I immediately left the store to call and cancel my credit card, I went back in to return my purchase (thankfully with a different cashier), and as I was going through the return process, the same cashier that tricked me tried to do the exact same thing to another customer! And when that customer asked "what exactly am I signing up for?" the cashier lied and said "a rewards card." Then when the computer prompted him for his SSN, the customer refused, then the cashier became visibly frustrated because he refused. That's bullshit. I'm not saying that all AE employees are this deceitful, but the this one certainly was, and should be fired from his job without a question--because he's only causing harm to the company and it's customers.

I have seen a dishcloth with a cross cnereted in it. I don't know if it was knit or crocheted. Do you have that pattern?thank you.Joan BundtP.S. thank you for sharing all these patterns!!!

Took my 14 yr old daughter shopping at the Fairfield Commons mall in Beavercreek Ohio this past Tudesday. She wanted to shop at AE so we headed for that store in particular. After being in the store for about 15 minutes I notice a black male employee walking our way. When he got close enough to adress us he avoided me as if I wasnt even standing there and focust all of his attention on her. He said a few things werent totally out of line but were in no way related to AE or trying to help a customer. After waiting in line to purchase her items for 15 minutes because no one else seemed to want to help ring up customers, we were walking out and from behind I noticed the black male employee with his pants down past his ass and his entire underpants were showing. I'm not talking down a little with the waist band showing, I'm saying his pants were down like some little thug you would see walking down the street holding up style. I feel it was uncalled for and I will not EVER shop at AE again beacuse of this bad experience.

The staff were very friendly & helpful dealing with the likes & dislikes of my 12 year old granddaughter.

Just saw the new ad for Aerie bras! This ad is SO ridiculous! Looks like it was written by a 14 year old horny boy! How pathetic to have to sell bras this way. The bra is adjusted by the model with fake boobs while "perky" and "perkiest" is flashed on the screen. Wow! Thanks for the tutorial A.E.

I dont understand why AE did not make any USA olimpyic appareal, i would have gladly purchased the olympic appareal for me,my wife, my two kids and extended family. Its a shame that the USA Olympic appareal was made in other countries. I am sure alot of other Proud Americans would have also purchased the apparael from AE. Lets keep american money in America. I rather purchase from an Eagle then from a so called sport played on a horse.

I usually NEVER have a problem with American Eagle in the Kansas City area. They are all super nice and helpful. Never ever have any of those stores have been rude at all! The one I have a problem that is in Manhattan, Kansas. I called them to see if they had a certain top (because all the other stores didn't have them and I was going up that weekend to move things up for school). First mistake was when I asked if she could see if they still had any, her answer in the most annoyed voice was "I guess". I then said okay if you have one can you hold it in my size, second mistake she did was then told me "can't you just come up and look yourself".... First of all I am 2 hours away and was going to pick it up the next afternoon. I seriously could not believe I was treated like that! I was so furious. I think maybe since its a college town and she thought she was dealing with another college student, but seriously no excuse, you NEVER treat a customer like that no matter how young or old they are. If I was there in person there would have been issues. Never again going to that store again!

I was looking online in the clearance section of women's jeans and I had found a few pairs that I was going to order online, well I had to wait till the day after to order them and as I was looking the following day they raised the prices from $24.99 to $34.99 on some of the jeans. All I have to say is wow, it's not even like your getting the additional 40% off b.c they keep raising the prices on everything.

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