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extreme incompetence

Never rely on your customer relations department.Tired of waiting for your no response over 9months for the refund request due to a medical related cancelled trip with a doctor's note.


Your airline communication sucks!!!!

The Worst Airline

Even simple issues are a major battle. Customer service makes you wait a long time and then repeats non-information. Never will fly them again.

Substandard Customer Service

When I called regarding an issue the customer service rep said to me "that's too bad" - I'll NEVER fly with this airline again.


3 trips. 3 connecting flights with American Eagle. 3 delays. 3 different change of flights. American needs to be spending all the money they are saving on some new aircraft. Apparently all their planes cannot make a roundtrip flight without breaking down. Personnel at DFW uncaring. They get to go home and sleep in their beds while we sleep in the airport. I will never ever fly American again

Lost luggage

As anyone who has had lost baggage with AA knows, they refuse to pay for their pilferage. I am planning to file a class action lawsuit. I need at least 100 complainants. Please message me if you have a simular experience. Thanks.

unreliable/ incompetent

Use aa at your own risk! Purchased ticket 3 months in advance, They over booked our flights and sold our tickets out from under us and others, and left us stranded in the airport. On the flight we did make we sat in the tarmac on departure and arrival so long it caused us to miss the next flight after we ran threw airport like our A... was on fire. Going to make sure everyone I see or know is aware of what they did! The last dollar they will ever get from me/us! EVER!

Injured on flight

A fellow passenger pulled a suitcase out of the overhead bin and hit me on the head. My head, neck and shoulder were injured and I went to the emergency room upon arrival. The flight attendant gave me a bag of ice and said she would file a report. I requested help from the gate attendants and they did nothing. I am still receiving treatment one year later. The only response that I received from American Airlines was from their insurance department to inform me that they were not liable. Horrible customer service!!!! I will never fly on this airlines again.

Great job American Airlines

flight rescheduled by one day out of Chicago when a fired employee set fire at the airport and tried to kill himself. American Airlines did a fabulous job - the logistics getting people to and from destinations is mind boggling. We had great flights in and out of Chicago. There were delays, which was expected. The TSA was great, gate folks great, stewards/stewardess, all great. Pilots were fabulous. Lady next seat to me complained to me the landing was slightly bumpy. I was stunned by her comment - how ridiculously picky! Out of a very difficult situation, American was up to the task! THANK YOU.

Utterly unprofessional

I called to book a flight to Seattle from LA. The reservations agent didn't put the booking through. When I called back a few days later to check why the confirmation hadn't come through, I was told the seats weren't booked because I hadn't provided a credit card number. I checked with Amex, and they said AA had called to verify the card, but never put it through. They resurrected my booking at the original price - but tacked on a $75 fee...for their mistake! Never will I use them again.

customer service reps

Re: Dallas/Ft Worth, Texas This is 2014 where computers rule the world. Sadly, your people have not heard of such. One cannot depend on any form of communication when it comes to connecting flight info. The screens are wrong, your people don't know anything and will not call to verify or check any data. Lastly, they are rude when their colleague don't follow through. I'm the customer, I depend upon your people to provide me with the information and I can't do anything when this does not happen. Your reps should not take it out on the customer. The latter, I resent. Thank you. Maggie Majors

Absolutely awful

Because of some glitch in American Airline's reservation system, they refused to let my son, and many other passengers that flight, on the plane. My son had his itinerary number and ticket #, but they refused him. They did not help him, they did not help him at the terminal not on the phone, and he lost a precious 24 hours visiting time with his 96 year old grandfather. I spent an hour on the phone with American, only to hear the response that they could not authorize refunds, and I could e mail Customer relations. Which I have done. Twice, with no response. None of us will ever fly American again. We have heard too many other horror stories to go along with ours.


I did this already was my complaint too much for you?


I was traveling from DIA to FWD to get a connecting flight to Springfield. I missed the connection due to weather. The next morning, July 12th I returned to ticket counter for boarding pass and was informed my ticket had already been used which was totally absurd. It was a computer error and no one seemed to be able to fix it until they called a woman named Katinia Bathe. Wow! what a woman, She overrode the ticket while simultaneously boarding and answering phone calls. She was nothing short of amazing. If I use American in the future, a lot of my decision will be based on the expertise of Katinia Bathe. You need a whole lot more of this caliber of employees.


I am trying to redeem my frequent flyer miles and I am getting a run around since last week. During the call they also hang up on me a couple of times. It is really the worst.

Gate Worker Thanks

Thanks to the initiative, attitude, and competence of a gate worker I was able to get on an earlier flight when my flight was delayed. The earlier flight was already boarding but she was able to get someone to find our checked luggage and retagged it herself. I made my connecting flight, my bags arrived with me and I and was able to keep dinner plans with special friends thanks to her efforts.. This happened May 22 and a month later I am still grateful and awed by her effort.

Stole my Luggage

American Airlines steals from customers and refuses to compensate! They lost and then refused to look for our luggage, we had to board a cruise with NO luggage, after 6 months they still refuse to give me any details of their baggage claim process. FLY WITH ANY OTHER AIRLINE!

Over 45 minute Flight delay due to a light bulb

The flight techs could not find a suitable bulb! Bumpy and uncomfortable landing in good weather. Will try to avoid AA in future travels.

just flat disappointed in Advantage customer service.

Worse Airline EVER

Do not waste your time or money flying American; the employees are inept, forget bad customer service; there is NO customer service! Do the country a favor and let them fold!! It's a worthless company with zero integrity and pride...pathetic!!

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