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Crappy Service

Management are rude. Employees are to busy texting. Floors n counters are dirty. Fecal on the floor and on seats. When had to leave a movie early they asked what I had to do Instead of watching the rest of the movie. No refund or coupon.

Angry Customers

My husband and I went to your AMC Theater in Indianapolis, IN (Traders Point 12) unit 6384, Bestman Holiday @8:15pm. The movie started and about 15-20 minutes in the movie stopped and the manager ask to see everybody ticket. To show proof that we paid because it was to crowded in the theater so some people must have came in without paying. First of all that was not the correct way to handle a situation like that you basically call everyone a thief. Most of us walked out because that is not how you treat paying customers. We will never go back!!!

San Diego Theater

I paid 12.50 for a movie and sat through tv commercials for 15 minutes then previews of shows I rushed to the theater expecting the movie to start at the time posted but it was 1/2 later! Maybe the price should be 5.00 since the commercials pay the theaters to allow them to advertise they don't need to rip us off!

Text Not Working

We received a text... AMC: Save $6 on popcorn and soda combo #1 this week! Enjoy this great offer with a movie like Prisoners. http://bit.ly/1ematOX Exp 9/26 One time use only and tried to use it on Wednesday, September 25th as we saw PRISONERS!! The employee stated that it wasn't working. She didn't offer for the manager to come over and make it right nor did she allow the discount. We are very disappointed AMC Rewards members. Is there any compensation?? Sincerely

work hours

Work at theatre for over 16 years now. I nowe have had my hours cut to less than half. Otherr employess are able to work a lot more hours than me. Was told it was becausae I earn more money per hour than they do.Dont know how I'm going to make it now. Manager has her favorites who can do anything they want including racking up more hours than they are scheduled. I know how to do every dept there already\. They will hire extra people instead of letting some of us earn a decent livingand getting a few more hours. I think that managementshould be looked into at this theatre. AMC STAR 12 JOHNSON CREEK, WISCONSIN

Irate Mama!

Amc West Chester 18 sucks!! Your system goes down and I get charged three times for the same four tickets.....this is your fault and you won't make it right and tell me my bank has to deal with it? You better bet my bank will deal with it and I am filing a BBB complaint!! This is unacceptable to me.....your managers should be trained better to fix the registers and make amends.......shame, shame on you! i like it whe the theatre was the Rave better...AMC THEATRES SUCK!

Too afraid to regulate their theater

I recently purchased a ticket for World War Z at the River Center 9 theaters in San Antonio Texas. However, when I arrived at the theater all the seats were taken, multiple rows by teenagers too young to be watching the movie, and I had just waited several hours for the movie as the show times were all late. When I confronted the staff there only a weak apology was offered. I then asked for a refund but instead was offered to see it later. I mentioned all that the seats were taken and that there were multiple groups of people who obviously should not be there and they did nothing. No one came to kick people out or even bother to check tickets. I had the option of either not seeing the movie on one of my few free days or watching it three hours later at almost a midnight showing when I had to work tommorow.

What a Dump!

You should be ashamed of having your name on the AMC Loews Theater in Factoria - Bellevue, WA. It is in terrible repair.

Studio 30, Houston, TX

Got my Discover bill for the month & found where on May 21, a Tuesday, Senior day, they charged me with 2 full admissions in the afternoon, $16.50, should have been $12.00 as we are both 70 and obviously so. We were in a hurry that day and I didn't look at the receipt, but we are on a very limited budget and it has made me more inclined to go to a Cinemark theater next time, as they known to be more reasonable overall.

I went to the Monterey Park movie theater in Southern California a few days ago and had purchased the tickets through Costco for your reduced price of $8.50 instead of $11 at the door. My ticket was not honored for points which are very important to me as I am a retired person. Any and all benefits for free sodas, popcorn, admission are always appreciated. The ticket itself was excepted but the points were not honored. I paid $12 to your movie theater for one year membership to acquire these benefits. Your competition, Edwards theaters does not charge a membership fee and also the system accumulates a lot faster than yours. I will not be joining your membership any longer and either will any of my moviegoing friends. They and myself are very unhappy with this new policy. With the economy the way it is you should be offering as many benefits to moviegoers as possible to get them into your theaters. With cable TV, streaming TV and movies, other movie theater chains available you should be more concerned with your customers and not take the chance of losing them. PLEASE change your policy to the way it was.

no refund TWO WEEKS LATER!!!

I am so disappointed with my movie experience at this theatre. I purchased tickets on the fandango website for the 11:40pm tyler perry temptation movie. we got to the theatre at about 11:50 after the temptation movie on opening night and was told very rudely by the girl in the ticket booth that they were closed and that we had to go to fandango to get our money back. we asked to speak to the manager and she said she was the manager. We explained that we had purchased tickets and had confirmed seats but were told that we couldn't go in. I have been calling fandango for the past two weeks and have not been able to speak to anyone. I then found an email contact for cs and sent and email two days ago. no response. I finally found a theatre rep number (apparently you have to work for the theatre to be able to speak to someone. after a very lengthy conversation I was told guess what??? I have to go back to amc for my money. I am so frustrated and I just want my money back. this experience has been one of the worst movie experiences ever!!!


My son and his date went to AMC last Saturday night, they both have down syndrome. The theater now has assigned seats and according to the manager they were in the wrong seats. Instead of taking them to their proper seats (they did have their ticket stubs) they were forced to not only sit in the back of the theater but were seperated. The manager took advantage of two teenagers with mental disabilities. This is unexcusable. We will never go back to AMC nor will many of our friends.

gift cards

You need to review your policy on gift cards. If one is lost, you gain free money, since there is no way to know what the numbers were on the card and that is all that is currently used by AMC to allow use. You need a system to record gift card numbers like Star Bucks and other businesses so users can gain the full benefit of the card given them.

I just wanted to make you aware of something that happened at the amc 8 in garden city long island. My wife and I went to see Argo this past Sunday afternoon, the first movie we ventured out to see since she became wheelchair bound. We purchased tickets and went in to go to movie and elevator was not working. I asked for someone to look at it but staff was to busy . I asked for myomere back and the told me to wait on line . Line was long and it was bitter cold. I know the economy is bad and staff is shorthanded but senior citizens and handicapped individuals should get a little consideration . Thank you

Working for AMC

Working for AMC was fun but money wise it is not a good decision. I worked at AMC for about a year and a half and only got paid 7.25. The theater I worked at was nice and the staff for the most part were nice also but the constant struggle of living off of 7.25 and trying to save up for college was a heartbreaker.

AMC Menlo Park, NJ

When we first started going to the dine-in theater we thought it was great - but this weekend Jan. 12, 2013, we went to see Jack Reacher at the fork & spoon. I have to say that the quality of the theater has gone done considerably. It was dirty, not clean at all. We ordered two drinks and popcorn, this is he second time going there and ordered drinks and popcorn and never got the popcorn both times. Of course it was on our bill and it was taken off after we had to mention to our server that we never got it. I just think that your servers have to be more aware of what's going on with the people they are taking care of. Also, somehow between movies, some group of people need to clean those seats, the trays, the floor. Its gross and I just may think twice about going back to be honest. Management needs to step it up a notch, really. Thank you.

Theatre policy.

I went to the 11:20 showing of O Dark 30 this morning in Woodland Hills. During the trailers a man walked in with a guitar case strapped to his back. A group of us walked out into the lobby were the supervisor said,"it's OK, he's a regular." In my book in light of the recent shootings, and the nature of the movie, there was a total lack of common sense. There were people in that group that said the local news stations would have a field day with this event and how the supervisor handled the situation. I have gone to many movies at that theater. The experience today was completely unacceptable.


It makes know sense to stand in a line of 20 people for 20 minutes because you have one person running the ticket! Three people running the concession stand and three more people standing around trying to avoid doing anything!


We were planning on seeing Texas Chainsaw for months. My boyfriend and I finally get to go. I didn't have my ID though because I had recently lost it. So we got a couple to buy my ticket (with our money) we get in and a woman asks to see our ID at the ticket booth, I said I don't have mine but I'm of age, and She said I'm sure you are but you can't go. He can go though. So I go exchange the ticket for Lincoln because I wanted to see the movie with him, she told me where to go and when she turned around I ran to the theater. 5 minutes in the movie someone sits behind me and taps on my shoulder, I turn around and it's her and she tells me to get out. I told my boyfriend to get his money back and they wouldn't give him a refund because the time had passed. The movie started at 8:15 and it was 8:40 when we asked and I ask to speak with the manager and he says "sorry you could've got your money back if you didn't waste your time trying to sneak Behind us." I stated that he had paid cash so why not. He did not do anything. It was a really con thing to do, they were very disrespectful and I would never spend my money there again.

Barton creek mall amc

So i was all excited to go watch the movie hobbits with my girlfriend. The movie started then 50 mins into the movie the screen goes black. We waited 15 mins to get it fixed...so the movie continued then 20 mins later it went black again. Two of the workers came in and told us that the light bulps went out and they cant fix it. Not only that they said we cant get our money back cause its pass hours and all the registers are closed. Then they gave us a free pass to come back some other time and watch the movies. By far the worst experience ever i will call coporate monday and demand my money back because i am not stepping foot in that amc in barton creek mall in austin texas again. We got kicked out the place and said come back another time poooorrr service!

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