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if you cant give us customers an % off are d\bill e\when power drop what good are you . you dang near killed my motem and game systems but not like you care an\m reporting thid\s to the bbb for his porblem have a good day

This is the second most upsetting occurance I have encountered with Alliant Energy customer service call center in Madison. I'm am so upset right now! The representatives name was Dawn and she is out of the Madison office. She said she is the only Dawn in the Madison office. Anyways, I just do not understand why when I have a concern with payment arrangements/problems with my account that the representatives are rude and unwilling to work with me as a customer. Yet, if I have an easy payment to make via the phone, they are all nice and friendly. I used to be a CSR for a call center (not Alliant) and I was NEVER allowed to treat a customer with a rude attitude like Beth did to me today. She was not willing to work with me what-so-ever. I had this CSR situation once before with another representative. Im under the impression that Alliant Energy does not really appreaciate their customers enough to treat them with respect when there is a problem with payment or the account itself!

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