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At Thanksgiving I transferred from a Albertsons Inc. Store in Glasgow, MT to A Albertsons LLC store in Arlington, TX. I was so excited I loved working for Albertsons. Long story short. In the last month I have noticed many things that are negativily different. The employees are not happy they all have sour faces and this is not their fault it stems from the management, they ae not allowed to do many things such as talk to other employees wich in Montana made us a good team. They give everyone write ups for everything they do. The poor bag boy got a write up for bringing one too many cart inside. Etc. I have recently been fired for calling in sick on a Saturday, they called me while I was sitting in the doctors office and said if I could not make it in on a Sat they were taking me on the the schedule I told them I was very sick and at the doctor, they said well you made your choice. Then reported I abandoned my job. Very upset and calling hr today. Just want everyone to know if your in Glasgow MT visit the store they are friendly and love being there to do their job!!

Accidental transfer to IT Help Desk

I got transfered to the wrong department this morning which ended up being the IT Help Desk when I explained what I was calling about I was transfered to a supervisor who said her name was April. At this point she accused me of calling their 800# to pedal mya wares. She was very rude and when I asked if the call was being recorded she triumphantly NO. I have worked in customer service for years and its areal shame to have someone like April to represent a company like Albertsons. Oh, by the way, I was tryiung to schedule a bulk order of flowers for my company anniversary ....


I have occasion to go into your albertson's branch on roosevelt and jeffrey in irvine california, If I am not followed I am watched or someone will check to see if I have anything extra in my bag,under the retense of helping me. This an insult and a trowback to the 1960's. I will not spend any money there or at any albertson's but now only that i will make sure to let all my facebook and twitter friends know about it and boycott your stores everywhere.

extraordinary customer service

After having worked in customer service for over forty years, I think I recognize great customer service when I see it. These days it is rare. It deserves acknowledgment. This is about your employess at your store in Ashland, Oregon. There are a few in particular who are really very good and I will write a personal letter with further explanation. When I pulled up this site to get the address, I saw the complaints and thought a few nice words might be good here.

Put On The Bloomin' Thinker

I regularly shop at the Albertsons store located on Kenworthy Street of El Paso, TX. This morning I called the florist department to order one dozen yellow roses and two single roses for a battalion change of command ceremony. I ask for the dozen roses to be wrapped in waxed florist tissue paper and the single stem roses to have the stems kept wet by using the stem water bottles. The florist said they were out of waxed florist paper, single stem boxes and no single stem water bottles. There is no reason that a florist department should be out of basic supplies. This is due to the staff not thinking ahead when ordering supplies.

Mold on Stawberries and high pricing

I went to pick up a few items early this morning $4.99 for a pound of strawberries with growing mold...are you kidding?? I told the cashier and she just made a huh noise and never said anything else.I use to be a loyal customer due to conveinence but too many times I have been in the store noticing outdated product on shelves. Myself, family and friends live near the Alberstons at Keller Springs and Josey in Carrollton and we are very cautious in shopping there. I prefer Krogers...good pricing and reliable safe eating food!


Albeltsons store 6304 rountinely keep frozen food and dairy products stacked to high in their coffin cases, and so things are not kept at a safe temperature. Frozen turkeys were stacked so high they were half thawed. They are going to kill or make someone very sick. I have mentioned this to the store director many times and yet the problems still continue. I would urge customers to shop at a store that is concerned for their well being and keeps an eye on food temperatures so as to not make someone ill.

Love my Albertsons

All the people are very friendly at the Denham Springs, LA store. I shop there all the time because of the pharmacy staff. Kyle, Leo, Adam and the others make me feel special. They go out of their way to make extra phone calls and send faxes if anything is not working out conveniently for me. Since I go out of town a lot, they are constantly having to move my prescriptions back and forth; but they never complain. These guys are true friends of mine who I am happy to trust with my medical issues. In addition, they are just plain fun to chat with during my visits. They also don't give me much grief when I wear my collegiate gear-which happens to be the most hated rival of the local LSU team. I understand their manager is also a Bama fan. Since Albertsons took over the Winn Dixie location it has been the store where my husband and I both prefer to shop. It's a great place to have to spend your money. It's a shame more shopping experiences can't be as pleasant.


Seems to me that the CEO of Albertsons may consider joining Undercover Boss so they may be enlightened on the issues and problems amongst their employees and management. They could take a few lessons in how to treat their customers as it is the customers who provide them job security. Recently Albertsons advised an item on sale and it required a coupon for the purchase of said item as well as the coupon was good from 8am to 8pm only. (A 12 hour sale.) My disabled husband expressed that he would like to have this item; so we insured we were at the store nearest our home by 7am. I was then informed at the first store that they sold all of this product at 6am that morning at the sale price. Coupon stated 8am-8pm. I then went to the second Albertson's, same thing. They to paid no attention to the coupon or times in which the sale was valid. After going to the 3rd Albertson's, all before 8am. the manager apologized and stated that his store failed to get the six products that was supposed to have been available for the sale but stated that he would provide a raincheck to the first six customers only. I received a raincheck and tried to use it at the first Albertson's, which is closer to my home yesterday; however both the assistance manager and manager; advised me that they did not give rainchecks on this item (basically calling me a liar) and insinuated that the raincheck was fraudulent. I had just finished feeding cattle and wasn't in my Sunday best. They treated me like I was trash beneath their feet. The funny thing is I work as a legal assistant 5 days a week and make more money in one week than they would in a month. we have been a very loyal customers and this is the treatment that we receive. This is not acceptable and we do not intend to let this go. We will pursue it all the way to the top to insure that this issue is addressed.

I have been a loyal Albertson's customer for years despite the high prices. The service is usually good and I enjoyed the grocery selection offered. However, I am outraged to discover that now all Albertson's stores are to remain open on Christmas Day. It is unfair to your employees and one more step toward defaming this holy day, not to mention totally ridiculous that a retail grocery would need to stay open on Christmas to make ends meet. I am now withdrawing my support of your chain. I can shop other places with better prices and better practices.

Truck #01125 driving on Irvine Blvd going south. (Right before Culver). Driving with high speed and tailgating with less than 3feet in between. Unacceptable driving behavior with huge liability for your company.

The Albertsons location in Redondo Beach, CA ON Artesia & Rindge Ave. has been a staple for me for over 20 years. This morning changed all of that. The independent check-out machines have been faulty for years but today the terminal I was using was not registering the code of product, nor allowing me to swipe the bar graph. In frustration of being held up I asked for assistance and 1 employee came over, canceled my products and had me start all over again. I mentioned that these machines are over used and need to be fixed. My response received back was "Oh Well". So then, I asked for the store manager who lied and told me that there is "never a problem", like I was lying, and stupid inwhich I told him about my history there, my years of support and buisness and how he was blatantly ignoring what I was saying to him. I then also mentioned the rude employee and left before I lost my temper. I suggest SOMEONE re-train these people for CUSTOMER service. I am a business owner and understand why's and how's of running a business but lack of customer service is unacceptable! Steven Rascoe Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

To all you complaining about Albertson employees and management. It all starts at the top. When the management harrasses their employees and their management at HQ refuses to support the employees, the employees act the same. I personally know a former Albertson employee whose manager more or less caused her to finally call it quits. When complaints were made about the store manager to her boss, her boss told the employee it was his job to defend the store manager. Where do the employees of Albertson have a voice? No where, guess that is how this company works. Shop Safeway or your local state grocery store.

I wrote complaint and failed to say it was store in Eugene, Oregon on Division Street.

My boyfriend had the worst service at the Albertsons in Long Beach, CA (at the downtown area)with the extremely rude bagger literally walking off when asked to be more gentle with the placement of groceries into the shopping cart. I have shopped Albertsons for 40 years. After this incident tonight, I will never ever go to this disgustingly poor service inferior market again. You guys totally suck!!!

Pete Lee I hope you see this. If anyone ever has a problem with Albertsons and you get no where by following the chain of command. Then the BEST SOLUTION is going to the BBB. Believe me something will get done through them.

My name is Laurie White I am a member of Kingdom Christian Center, We are organizing a food drive for our members as well as people in our communitiy for Thanksgiving and would like to know if it would be possible to put a food book in the store at 288th and milatary Rd. for two weeks I will be responsible for collecting the items and transporting them to the church to be assemled. You would be helping out our community and families in need. Thank you for your concideration on this matter. You may contact me directley or our pastor: Pastor Carl Livingston, Jr. Federal Way communitiy center 876 S. 333rd. St. Federal Way, Wa 98122 206 788-7799 Or myself at: Laurie White 28602 Pacific Hwy S. Federal Way, Wa. 98003 206 462-9839


albertsons-lucky van nuys california. lucky is a wonderful store. the people that works there are very nice and help you a lot. wish you still had coupons in your flyer. like before like $30 dollar you get $3.00 off. $50.00 jou get $5.00 off remember at that time there was so many people there it was nice to have discount. there one thing that could be a little better is were you buy your fruit and things at made a little more nice . put things together like all the apples and things like that not on one side here and some on a different side there is lots of things like that. a little more clean. more put together. rest of the store is very nice. HOPE YOU DO NOT CLOSE THE STORE. THANHS FOR LISTENING> thank you.

You prices are to high in lewistown mt with the only store being here but I can drive 110 miles beat your prices and thats counting gas

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