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On April 28th, I booked a non-refundable round trip ticket from DFW to LAX, departing May 15th, thru Orbitz for a friend. She decided that she simply didn't want to go two days later, and I then immediately cancelled that ticket. Unfortunately, my Allianz travel insurance didn't cover that reason. While I was able to cancel the insurance and get a full refund of the $22 fee, Alaska Airlines would do nothing more than credit my FRIEND with $280 (for one year) of the $380 that I had paid for her ticket. They would not credit me with that amount since the ticket was in her name, even though I was listed as the purchaser. She will never be able to use that credit (and certainly doesn't deserve it, since she had NOT paid for it in the first place!). I therefore am out the entire $380, and American Airlines will no doubt resell that seat between now and the time that plane departs 15 days from now, thereby making a cool $380 for a few minutes of ticket booking!!!! I think that is totally unfair, and believe that I should at least be the one getting the $270 credit, if they don't want to credit my card for that amount. Just one more example of the airlines ripping off the public!!! I certainly agree with the lady above that said greed would be your downfall. (Alaska Records #HILQFF)

I am 83, went to Alaska in '49, have four sons/family still there. Supported AAir over the years. I am trying to use my air miles for a trip to attend a grandsons graduation. This is in MAY! I cannot get good connections that will not overnight me it Seattle, or red eye out of Anchorage!! Cannot even make good connections for a shuttle back to Bellingham!!! This is no way to treat us. I have air miles, and would qualify for more by May, but to date only have enough to so Saver. This is not customer friendly by any means. No way to even discuss this with Alaska Air. I understand economics, but this does not speak to those of us who really need extra help. Alaska Air has lost its heart and soul to economy!

I am extremely disapointed in Alaska Airlines,as my three sisters and mother booked a flight on your airline 11/2010 hoping to have trip of a lifetime.Our return flight at 8:00am was dropped and we were offered a red eye for friday august 12th,another option of a lay over in seattle plus another in chicago,or frequent flyer miles.My mother is 84,the chances of going to Alaksa with her again are zero.We had a premium return flight and are offered a red eye with no monetary compensation,or at least first class seating.Your attitude has been sorry about your luck.We have never been treated like this before with any other airline,we will never fly alaska airlines again.

My flight was cancelled from Redding to Los Angeles in Sept. The original tickets were non refundable but I did get a credit certificate. I have used this credit for flights. I now have been issued another credit certificate because they are no longer flying this route. I did not want a credit certificate! I want my original charge card credited. That is not their policy. I must use it on another flight going???? This airline is not on time,customer service has a lot to be desired. I would never recommend this airline to anyone.

I find it quite amusing you have hired a company to ask questions about your airlines. Of course, you are not touching on the main issues which are making you very unpopular especially in the bush area of Alaska. I live in Bethel and you make it extremely expensive to fly from Bethel to Anchorage, while it costs almost the same to fly from Anchorage to Calif as from Bethel to Anchorage. I am a milage member and I used to purchase mileage every pay day. Last year it would cost me 15,000 round trip to fly from Bethel to Burbank, Calif. This yearit is 30,000 mileage plan miles. I can buy a ticket for around $1000 and yet 30,000 miles on the milage plan would cost me close to the same amount where it used to be a savings. Therefore, you take my money, make interest on it and yet cost me more to fly on the milage plan. Brilliant! You don't need look at the flight attendants nor the ticket agents you need to look at the way you are financially preventing and discouraging your customers from flying. If I had other options I would never use your airline again. Your greed will be your downfall.

The popular expression I hear and love these days is " We will exceed your expectations", and that YOU have done for me today. My sister, unfortunately broke her ankle just a few days into a visit to see me for the holidays. Crazy was a good adjective to describe the 24 hours leading up to her departure. The fall, the hospitalization, it was a nightmare. When my sister called to see if a sooner flight out of Seattle was possible it was answered with a good dose of sympathy for my sisters accident an within a few moments your airline was able to get her on the next mornings flight back to Orlando, first class, and front row so she would have more leg room. When I arrived at curb side, this very polite and concerned baggage handler greeted me, and asked me how how could help me and took full control of the situation. Getting her boarding pass, calling for wheelchair assistance and following up on what seemed to be a slight delay in the wheelchair assistance. This could have been so much more difficult for mr to pull off and I really can't thank you enough. Congratulations to you on creating a system that allows individuals to be human, helpful, and happy. It was a real pleasure and again it is this service that keeps me coming back to your airlines for all of my flight needs. If anyone at this office can help me find the gentleman at curb side I would appreciate it. He is Caucasian , about 6 ft, dark hair and was working curb-side baggage check in Wednesday at 6:20am Best # 407-284-0595 Nathaniel Swan

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