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Yes you can buy a house in Canada, IF you qualify for a mogrtage, and are fully employed, and have at least a 25 percent down payment.Now for the hard part You have to apply and be accepted by the Canadian Government, BEFORE you can come here, to find a job. The second hard part will be FINDING a job, with so many of our own citizens out of work, you may NOT get a job in Canada. So, if you have not started the Immigration application process all ready , I would suggest that you WAIT for at least 3 to 5 years, to see how the world economic condition is at that time. This is NOT a good time to come to Canada, to try to find a job.Jim B. Toronto.

Hi David and Kathy, My husband and I are Canadian and aeirvrd in the Dordogne region three years ago. I'd be happy to exchange a few emails comparing things. It has been interesting to say the least. Number One mistake we made was not getting a Saskatchewan or Quebec drivers license before leaving Canada. You can just swap either one of those for a French license. Any other province and you have to do the full French driving exam in French within one year. They say there is an abbreviated test of just 20 road signs you need to know, but somehow no one could tell us when it would be scheduled in the Dordogne. One could not just show up and complete it but go on a scheduled date, which only happened when enough people wanted to do it. Very chicken and egg. I love it here though and won't return to Canada if I can help it. Pam

On a call to Air Canada , an agent told me she couldn't change my seat from the rear to the front ( due to medical reasons ) and that I would have to call a medical line. After waiting 1/2 hr to speak with her ,I then called the medical line this morning , and spent 2 hrs on hold before finally hanging up. I then went on line to find a phone number for corporate at 1- 888 247 2262. I must say this line was answered by a lady named Rebecca in about 1 minute. She was most helpful, and had no problem changing my seats. She was very understanding , pleasant , and truly an asset to your airline. I would hope in future anyone with a medical disability will not have the same problem as I did. On any other airline I only have to call the airline, on no special line , and the answering agent will make the change after I tell her my medical problems , and that I carry a Doctors note to that effect. Thank you .

I have tried to get hold of a PERSON to talk too! I have been phone call's from 1 780 949-8989 Claiming there from Air Canada Rewards department. I supposely won a free trip than it ask's for my credit card number. Is this false or what? Funny i win a free trip but asking for credit card#. My cell # 416 409-2635

I would like to get flight insurance for delay or cancellation where can I do this

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