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Do not get Aflac. I have been trying for months to get my dental reinstated and Aflac always have some excuse of why it has not been reinstated. I have faxed everything they have requested multiple times and I'm told "information has not been recieved". Poor, poor business service!!!!! Even the agent stopped trying to help me again poor business service.

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Shame on Aflac

WE have been paying Aflac for 2 years and went to file a claim and they said we were canceled.Really you took the money out of our account every month and I have proof .Do not get Aflac it has been 2 months of send them dr reports and claim form .

Worst customer service and biggest hassle ever. Caused me to lose my car, house, and my kids Christmas.

RUN fast from AFLAC!!!!

Shame, Shame, Shame on you AFLAC - Your company makes promises and leads customers to believe if you are injured or ill that Aflac will step in and help when it is needed. I had ruptured disc neck surgery due to an accident and you have sent me on one wild goose chase after another. SHAME! I will be writing to the CEO of AFLAC with my complaints, insurance commissioners, BBB, any news organization that will hear my story and I will contact with ABC news and beg Diane Sawyer to expose your company!!!!RUN, RUN, Run as fast as you can from the Company! Absolutely sickened by how you have treated me!


I loved the idea of signing up for aflac when the claim rep came to my work when he said the hospital indemnity would cover a delivery and the disability can cover when when i can't work since me and my husband have been trying to have a baby since we got married two years ago. after signing up February first i found out i was pregnant march 17 so i paid my policies til September when i had to move for my husbands job and my baby girl was delivered on the 30th a month early due to the trip from texas to California she was hospitalized for a week and had a lumbar puncture and was constantly poked and prodded which is a very expensive stay that me and my husband really need help with staying in Vegas for an emergency delivery and my babies hospital stay and were releaved we would receive help from our aflac policy to only be denied today january 8th with bills piling and needing help with a new infant. Not a single representative said i wouldn't be approved because i was pregnant the 17th they told me which was atleast 6-8 reps that aslong as i didn't know i was pregnant and hadn't seeked medical care by my sign up day February 1st so this money I've been waiting for to help our family isn't coming and know i don't know what to do.

My dad passed away 10 months ago. He and my mom married almost 60 yrs. Aflac has been giving an 81 year old lady the run around not to pay his claim. She has talked to numerous people and submitted documents repeatedly. It always some new twist. I was always impressed with reputation. Not any more

I have used AFLAC for the past 30 years or so. I consider myself somewhat of an insurance junkiIe but now that I am retired ,some of my insurance policies had to be retired because of finances. However, I would never drop an Aflac policy. I have continuously used my wellness benefits and accident policy , when necessary. I have had skin cancer several times and the checks were in the mail pronto. Several of my friends have used the hospitalization policy and have been very satisfied with Aflac's quick response. A dear friend of mine recently died from cancer. I urged her to buy a cancer policy years ago. The company was so prompt with checks for all that the policy had promised. I have always been a cheerleader for Aflac You can rely on this company for efficient service.

It has been six weeks since I submitted claims and have tried to deal with local rep and been blown off. My mother had a cancer and and icu policy for 21 years and she just died of cancer on July 21 and they are telling me she didn't have cancer. I just made another 300 mile trip to get my own copy of pathology report and letter from doctor when I already mailed them all this long ago. They haven't even paid off on the three days of ICU. I am in the process of trying to get names and addresses to send my information to corporated headquarters when I ran across this site. Her name: Martha Riddle Howell. My Dad is in dire straits and you guys are supposed to be taking care of paying these claims and all I am getting is a huge runaround. Her birthdate 8/18/38. I do not have the policy numbers with me where I am at the moment. I am going to send everything one more time and pray with all my heart that someone does the right thing. I will not stop until you take care of my Daddy. Insult to injury, you are still charging for her policies when she died in July. Bank statement today shows auto withdrawal still pulling it out. It was supposed to be changed to just my Dad. This has been ridiculous. I am so unhappy. A phone number where I can be reached later today is 972-782-8197. That is my father -- Finis Howell's home phone. In your files there is a notarized statement from him authorizing me to deal with Aflac. Would someone please do something about this:???????????? I want the name of the CEO and a mailing address. I will continue searching this site. Please do the right thing -- really -- 21

Well I have another post here that gave them one star. They don't have anything below that. After almost 8 weeks two days short. I finally get a policy number and a phone call. The agent states we are covered from day one on everthing since we are union. Then I go into the hospital and and now they say I was not covered for any of it except 100.00. Wow that pays the bills. I will be lucky if I can buy a stick of gum on that. What poor service. If these people are not going to be trained to know what is going on then get someone who can get it right the first time. I am so finished with this mess. I will cancel everything and if I ever get approached by an agent again I am going to tell him/her where to stick it. This is such a mess and I am left holding the bag on a 75000.00 surgery. Thanks AFLAC!! Go quack with the pigeons.

I am an AFLAC agent and would like to make a comment. I have seen many of you stating that your agent will not follow through with claims... does not maintain and keep the account up to date and I want to apologize for this because this is not how AFLAC does business. I recommend calling and asking for your agents regional manager and explaining the issue to get it resolved. Also, if your claim is not paid in a satisfactory time, there has been an error in submitting the claim... simply call your agent and ask for a district manager and explain any issues and we will get your claim submitted correctly and the back funds sent to you. In all industries we know there are some people who do not represent companies as they should and AFLAC often does not know of a problem unless we are told by our customers.... please inquire if you do have issues or concerns... AFLAC will resolve them for you. Thank you.

Working for the Federal Government The rep came in and I didn't get signed up. Called several times and finally after a month we met and I signed the papers. Oh but wait. They went in June 6th 2012, but wait for it. They never got put into the system. June 18th I went into the hospital and after two days came out from surgery. I filed all the paper work for the cliam. Here we go. A week after I call and there is no record of me being in the system. Two weeks go by not in the system Three weeks go by and not in the system. Four weeks go by and still not in the system. Five weeks you guessed it not in the system. Six weeks and this is getting pathetic I am still not in the system. Well I have bills that are unpaid now and I don't even get a call from the rep anymore. So what the heck am I suppossed to do? Thanks so much for taking care of me. I called the Groups and the lady said well we are busy. So I asked her what am I suppossed to do with the bills like the electric company? She had no answer. I did I told her that I will have the electric company call aflac and see if they will accept an IOU.

I am very displeased with this company. It has been 4 months since I filed my claim (universal for shoulder surgery). Little did I know that the application that was turned in by the agent (and I had not seen) was filled out, he apparently knew that I had diabetes but did not ask which kind or the particular questions regarding health issues on the application to me!!! So, of course, I am not suppose to have a policy because of being a Insulin Diabetic and still have to payment coming out of my check. Have talked to several people and adjuster and all they say is that "it will take 2-3 days and then a check will be issued since October for the co-pay of your policy. I still haven't seen anything and that has been 2 weeks ago. Now they say it will be 10 days for an update. OMGosh!! Never had such a problem with such a run-around from people at this company. Can take your money but sit their buts on paperwork for 3 months!! Give me a break!!

Aflac is the best company in this industry. It all depends on your agent. Mine is the best. He takes care of us, and he helps file the claims for us. If you are having problems getting your claims paid, you are probably filling out the paperwork wrong, or you misunderstand what the policy covers.

My Aflac agent is one of the worst agents I've ever encountered. He has told co-workers that he "will not waste his gas to come back to our office" to go over any policy a second time. I recently had to file a claim with Aflac. I called and talked to a CSR and she advised me on what to do. Unfortunately, I followed her advice. Never, ever, under any circumstances give ANY health-care provider your Aflac policy number. This will require Aflac to pay the provider directly - not you. I learned this lesson the hard way. Aflac also over paid the health care providers and then told me it was my responsibility to get a refund from the providers. How's that for service? This company and service that they claim they provide . . . . stink. My personal experience with them has been horrible and stress-inducing. I wish that I had researched this company prior to signing up for anything they offered.

Sent AFLAC an itemized hospital bill first few days of November for a cancer policy. Agent stipulated it should not take more than a week to process the claim. A month later still no check; when we inquired...they then tell us they need the pathology report. Could they not have informed us much sooner. We get with the agent, Donald and attach the pathology report to an e-mail in which he verified as received on December 9th, 2011 and indicated he would forward to the Claims Department. A few days afterward we get a letter informing us to send a pathology report(we felt as though the info must have crossed in the mail, so we waited). We get another letter a week later saying they need a pathology report. Does anyone not know what is going on in that company? Do they communicate or verify anything? Poorly run company and apparently extremely dis-organized. Very bad customer service. And now it is close to two months and we are still waiting for a check, for OUR MONEY! Hopefully a call to the President of Customer Relations will help.

There is no consistentcy within this company. The representatives are very unprofessional. As a Consumer supervisor I expect to be treated as a customer not like a friend that is getting on your nerves. But most importantly honesty. The representative tell too many lies & this will be reported. The supervisors are just as bad. Don't look good foe this company. Set a positive example for your representative

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Two of our employees have had insurance with AFLAC or several years. In february 2011, the agent came by and talked them into a different policy and said he would cancel the old one. He didn't cancel the old ones and we just found out recently that our company was paying $229.42 monthly instead of $6.53 weekly; and $9.51 weekly for the two employees. I even faxed a letter and a copy of the agent's signature saying this lesser amount is what you will be paying-it is to replace the more expensive one. But he did not cancel the old ones at all. When I faxed a letter I told them that every time we tried to call our agent, his voice mail box was full. He has to be avoiding calls-one of the employees saw him about a month ago and explained what happened-he said he would be out to take care of it-we haven't seen or heard from him. Just yesterday, we received another invoice for the old amount where they're still trying to charge for two policies for each of the employees, and guess what they sent us a re-imbursement check for a whole $21.72- which wouldn't even pay for one week over-charge.

Most people with complaints do not take the time to read what there policy says. It does not matter what your agent tells you. When you sign up for a policy, Aflac will send you a copy of the policy and it is your responsibility to read what you are paying for. Also, you should answer the underwriting questions correctly when applying for the policy. When you submit a claim, it is your responsibility to make sure that sufficient information is submitted. Aflac will gladly request information for you if you sign an authorization but keep in mind that Aflac has no control over how quickly the provider sends the information that is requested. Don't be mad because additional information is needed, this is to make sure enough that your claim is covered. Above all, please listen to the customer service representatives tell you. The problem is most people don't even listen half of what they are advised. Please do not give the CSR's a hard time. They have a difficult job and have not control over your claim but can be very helpful if you will be patient, listen and do as advised.

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