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You're on the money with Dallas as the bad this week, or they could even be the Ugly. As for the Jets, they almost lost to the Lions so I coduln't in good conscience put them up if I only have 3 teams to pick from. I like this idea tho and might use it as my new tuesday regular postHere's a quick one for week 9:The Good: New York Giants - Seattle never stood a chance.The Bad: Dallas Cowboys - I don't think Wade Phillips getting canned will help anything, these guys are awful.The Ugly: New England Patriots - They looked pretty damn sloppy against the Browns, who looked fantastic.

The Browns have no real offense. The only good ofsnefive player they have is Edwards and he has no QB yet. Next year he will.The Pats will win it all. They improved their only weakness (WR) this year. Randy Moss, Dante, Caldwell, Welker, and Gaffney are all stud wideouts.Brady is still the great TFB, Maroney has experience now and will be awesome, The lines have stayed intact, and the coaching staff has not been decimated. There is nothing bad about them at all. They will not miss Samuel at all even if the most recent plan for him to return next week falls through.References :

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