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Derrick Rose shoes

Over the time of wearing and using his signature shoes for basketball. I've noticed that the newer shoes are great but the shoes that I think are the best are the Derrick Rose 1.0's and 1.5's! Please, please, please come out with those again.

I am a retired senior citizen who bought a pair of Supernova sneakers at $120.00, very comfortable but did not last six months. I do not run or power walk and am very disappointed. I cannot afford to purchase a second pair.

Strange store visit

I have a fan on Adidas products. On 6/29/13 I visited the outlet store in commerce ga with my family. Like any other store the sales person greeted us and asked if we needed help. I told her I was fine and continued to shop. Less than a minute later the same person is asking if I needed help then I told her I was fine. This sales person hounded me multiple times asking me if I wanted help. She made ame feel like a criminal in the store. The sad thing is that I was dress conservatively and I was with my family. I think she was following me around because I was a black man. I was so uncomfortable I ended up leaving and didn't buy anything.

lol well i been there in the summer and it is like so damn hot there. i would pack skotrs short shorts flipflops and some short sleeve shirts. hope this helped and have fun :]

I bought a pair of adidas 6 month and there ripeing apart the front of them what should I do write to them and maybe they could help me out

a few friends and i just ran the philadelphia rock n roll half marathon we all decided to ran in full adidas outfits, the sale person turn us on to the zero, its was like running on air , very comfortable sneaker,

I personally think that ADIDAS is in for a rude awakening , when they brag about how good they are when they when say they are supporting a Beaverton football team. When they realize NIKE uniforms will be worn on the Freshman football team because ADIDAS was too cheap to supply the Freshman team with uniforms . I bet NIKE will be loving this as they crucify ADIDAS for being CHEAP in they"re own backyard . I will be sending thid to NIKE by the AM . Thank you ADIDAS for proving why you are a half ass company and possibly losing any footprint in Beaverton .

I have an idea for Adidas that I feel would help your company. Please contact me at j.hayesmusic407@gmail.com or by (561)313-4713. Thank you and I look forward to working with Adidas.

This think really fucking sucks!!! I Don't give a crap about it. So they can get the fuck out off the maket!

I was recently able to find a pair of fre-issued Adidas "Country" running shoes with gum soles, herringbpne pattern, turned up at toe and heal. Later,when necessary, where can I have the shoes re-soled?

Can't believe Adidas removed there line of sandals koomos ultra foam sandles me and 5 buddies were buying 5 pairs at a time, if adidas do not add these sandals back on there line of shoes , I'll never buy another Adidas product !!! Me and my friends thought these were the best and the most comfortable shoes ever made, don't fix it, if it isn't broke !!! All the new sandals are terrible and they stink after a few times of wearing them!! Boycotting Adidas until ultra is made again , And do are my 5 friends

Dear Sir or Madam: The Team Texas AAU Basketball program is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that uses basketball to reach out to elite players which will be graduating from high school. We are a privately funded organization committed to providing an avenue for these young women to play basketball at the highest level with exposure to college and university guidance as they transition from youth to adulthood. We are here to mentor and develop these top tier young women and provide them with positive goals, leadership and life skills, academic tutoring and support, workforce/occupational training, discipline, and teamwork. We believe playing sports at this level is a privilege which is why we have an especially strong focus on academics. Each of our players is hand selected. As concerned volunteers, it is our desire and goal to provide the tools for each of these girls to reach their full potential both on and off the court. Given today’s economic times, and family budget constraints, we are in need of your help! We invite you to join us as a SPONSOR. The costs our organization will incur this next summer2013 are as follows: Tournament Fees: $5500.00 Flight Fees: 6600.00 Gym Fees: 2000.00 Hotel Fees: 3300.00 There are several levels of sponsorship you can choose from (remember, your donation is tax deductible): Our team will advertise on our shooting shirts , team shirts, bags and a banner. Your corporate sponsorship can be used to: • Increase your community visibility with year round exposure, 24-hours a day, 365 days a year • Provide extensive word-of-mouth referrals • Living advertising where a business a business needs it locally and nationally • Tax-deductible sponsorship/marketing • Ideal opportunity to give back to the community. My cell is 940-390-1047

i just brought adidas f 50 s like three months ago they already ripped wondering if the company would back them up w new pair or something

I just wanted to share my thoughts and speak openly on adidas brand name. Recently adidas has made one of the strongest comebacks ever especially in my community. Im a twenty four year old black male, who enjoys marketing and understands the part that demographics plays in sales.So im backing adidas one thousand percent truthfully speaking as a youth we trendsetters trail blazers. Which brings me to my problem which would be adidas holding back on the realease of the new shackle shoe. We must not stop the creation of what many of my peers and I agree is one of the next steps in fashion shoe accessories. Everyone has an opinion but a reference to any many of slavery is the worst thing I have ever heard. If i could i would promote this line of shoes myself i will were the first ten pair. ADIDAS NASHVILLE,TN

How the hell your damn company could even put the ok to market some damn slavery tennis shoes. Shackles on sneakers huh? Black people are just a bunch of slave n*ggers to yall I see. You and your whole marketing team can go to HELL!!!!!!!!!!

Addis supports the parasite Jews occupation of Palestine and the murder, maiming and displacement of its people. For shame Adidas - have you no class?

I am a professional athlete. I am going to London for the 2012 Paralympic Games. I have been having problems with my feet since birth. I finally found some sneakers that are comfortable from adidas. They were custom made sneakers. They were adiprene sneakers. http://www.adidas.com/us/product/mens-running-response-cushion-20-shoes/KU127?cid=G41210&breadcrumb=svZu2Z1z13y9l The problem is that adidas does not offer any of their shoes in "wide fit". Not only that but, the lowest size they have is size 7. I am a size 6. So I am forced to by the custom made shoes which I have to wait 6 weeks for and even in the custom sized shoes they don't go below size 6 and a half. They used to have all the sizes in the custom shoes. I am going to speak with the corporate office and find out why they do not offer some of their styles in wide fit and why they do not offer size 6. I have a lot of people I train with who could benefit from the shoes. Right now, adidas gets a rating of zero. I am going to look into these practices and see if they are discriminatory. How could you not offer wide fit shoes?

Was wondering if the Adidas Co. will ever go back to making the original adidas polyester 3 stripe pant...they changed the fitting back a few years ago and now the smalls are almost like a med. size and with shorter pockets...I still have a few of the older ones left and will probably wear them out because they fit right...the newer style is more baggie with shorter pockets?? And they also seem to be a bit longer..hopefully someone can let me know why the change and will they ever go back to how they use to make them?

Dear Sir Please refer to my letter Number 47029/BPK/131 dt 09 oct 2006. I am a Col in the Army with Masters in Business Administration. I have inventions/innovstions in the field of sports equipment,goods,sportwear along with a wonderful concept of utilizing the available equipment of yours in the world. The concept are totaly new and have been extensive market and sports equipment and goods products research. If the company is willing to tie up with me for the patents/copyrights OR revenue sharing on the profits accrued from my findings/buying of concept ,please write to me at the earliest.The expected market of the same runs into billions of dollars in addition to the patent rights all over the world. The concept of marketing and launching of your existing equipment along with our new inventions/innovations will be given to you after your consent and willingness. Hoping to hear from you . With regards Kamal bpkamal385@gmail.com

Hello i was wondering where to call to see about ordering soccer gear by majority. we are currently working on opening a soccer store in our city, and would love to know how to go about ordering from adidas who makes excellent gear and products. thanks again. mhernandezko@hotmail.com

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