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dirty store

I been customer for ace in Irving district for the last 4 years never been to dirty unhealthy store ever it look like no body clean the store . so desapointed.

Rude corporate office/customer service reps

I'm a payday loan customer in California and this company is very rude when it comes to asking question regarding your account. They aren't helpful when asking questions regarding installment loans. They should never advertise installment loans if you have misleading guide lines . If you have multiple banks they only consider one account which disqualifies you for a loan because you have less income. Like I said Misleading advertisement .

They sent me an email saying I have a lawsuit pending. They asked me to send money through money pack. Is this a scam. I got scammed with a money pak before. Help

manager customer service in alamosa co

I dont like the way your manger in your alamosa lcation treats customer she is rude, all the time I go in there. From what I have seen I dont think she treats customer nor her employees right.I think you guys need to hire a new manager

ID Check next time?

I had a check stolen from me in the mail. My address was printed on the check. I live 20 states away from where it was cashed! Do they not check ID's or look at where checks come from or are going to? We don't even have an ACE check cashing location in my state. I use a local check cashing company sometimes on the weekend but I for sure had to give them my ID to keep on record as well as a pay stub and other personal information like references, etc. Oh and they don't have cameras in their locations so the crooks can't be identified & if you are a crook, this would be the perfect place to rob! Just saying...


This is to all those out there wanting to do buisness with this company. Stay clear, they lie and are quick to take your money and not to release when they hold a check to clear. Very bad service and they give you a run around as well. Staff at stores are rude and not helpful at all.

no star

I took out a title loan and I been paying on time. So far so good. But when I paid a payment today, I aked the young lady or cashier if I can paid the loan earlier then my next due date. She stated Oh no, paid your next payment on your next due not early because I would be losing money. But after reading the Prepayment statment on my contract it clearly states: "If you pay off early, you be entitled to a refund of all or part of the the finance charge." Maybe it's time the Texas Department of Banking got a notice on this.

ACE makes too much money to be still using DSL!! I spent the majority of Thanksgiving Eve trying to obtain a payday loan and was told "Our system is down" by at least 3 different locations in the DFW area. Not only were the stores turning away customers but they were referring us to other locations knowing well that they all run on the same pre-historic system. Also, when I was finally able to get some assisance I was told my last name was incorrect in the system and I couldn't get the loan?? This was my second time getting a loan with ACE and I had no issue before??The "Customer Service Rep" was very rude and was more concerned that she would have "points taken away" if she continued the process with the incorrect last name?? I'm concerned there is something illegal going on with ACE and I will not be doing business with them after I pay back the loan.

I have been going though a mess with Ace checking , took out a loan was not able to pay back right away lose my job. But i did pay it back the first time did not get paid in full letter starting getting calls again could not prove it was paid paid it again in full 02/12 and is still recieving calls from collection agency. They really need to handle their businees better this time I will go to court I have a paid in full letter. I will never go to them for any thing.

When I went in to cash a check, the man behind the counter forced me to put $10 on a prepaid card. I complained to the AZ State Attorney General, and ACE called and said they would send a money order for the money I lost on the stupid card I didn't want in the first place. The money order arrived, not filled out, so I can't cash it. Cute trick. Back to the AZ Attorney General. I will do my best to put them out of business for fraudulent activity and theft. It's not a lot of money, only $13. But principle is the point. They are fraudulent, greedy and I will never do business with them again. I just thank God I never took a loan out with the creeps.

I will never do business with Ace Check Cashing again!!!! They harass me at work and sending threats that they were going to take me to court because i did not pay them. I paid the amount that i owe them and now they want me to pay the fees for the collection agency. I told them that i am only obligated to pay what i owe and nothing else. I recorded every conversation that i had with them. I told them go ahead and take me to court because i have alot of evidence of them harrasing me on my job phone line. I am going to see if i can build a case against them for calling my job and leaving a message saying that they need to talk to my manager. my manager told them that she cares less about what goes on in my personal life it has nothing to do with my job and work peformance. SMH!!! I hate them!!!

ace hired this collection agency and harrass me at work. After I paid the amount they ask me to pay them, here comes another harassment saying that I have not paid the money owed. I have been paying they off. Come onnn when are you going to stop squizing me for more money that I dont have. Im going to die of a heart attack and when this happen I curse you all.....

Awefullllll Service!!! I have a Netspend card with Ace Cash. There website indicates that you are allowed 6 transfers from your saving to your checking, and on the 7th transfer you could call customer service and close the savings account and have all the funds moved to your card. I took these steps and they refused to close my savings account. They refuse to give me the phone number to the corp office, or transfer me to a superior. They were rude and very unprofessional and are trying to make me wait until March to close out the account. Federal Law states that one has the right to close our a bank account at anytime as long as it's not in a negative.

This is the worst company I have ever known about. I have never done business with them and they somehow got my number for someone else. I was patient the first few times they called now I am livid. They call me constantly one day They called me 7 times in 1 hour. I hope noone ever has to do business with this usless company.

U people complaining are dumb. Nothing is free. U don't pay ur mortgage, u lose ur car. Don't pay ur car note, u lose ur car. U people are whining and complaining that u took money from ace, couldn't pay it at the AGREED upon date, and have the nerve to say it's bad business when they want their money back. Get a job and pay ur own bills. Quit relying on ace to do it for u.

In 2007 an Oakdale California Ace manager who I was once very close to, stole over 300 identities from customers and wrote checks for over $100,000.00 Corporate took us into a back room and yelled and us and threatened us with "her going to prison for life" if I didn't pay them a $50,000.00. I was scared and begged them to take $30,000.00 it was all I could get. I refinanced my house for it, they accepted and none of those customers were notified of the theft of their identities. Some of those people's accounts were even sent to be collected on and threatened, even tho they didn't write the checks and collections knew it. It was a mess that never should have happened. Remember when they say you owe maybe you don't, maybe they are covering up for another theft. Yes, they do use strong arm tactics to collect I am proof, all this is true and there is a police report.

The cash express in Wartburg TN needs to have maditory drug tests done on their employees. I have gone into that location on various dates and times to pay my bill and there would be crushed up pills on one of the desks and one of the girls is always high on pot. I have called and filed complaints with no success. Why is it that people like these two girls can be kept in employment while others who are honest and need work and dont abuse drugs cant get work. This is BS and something needs to really be done about it.

Ace is terrible. I couln't pay them right away and they took the whole amount out. What a pisser. My bank accont went in the whole. I will never use them again. They do not do business properly. I could say more, but I am at work.

I contacted the Ace Cash Express on Hey 97 in Sandsprings, OK because I wanted to add some money yo my girlfriends netspend card and I just had the number on the card not the card itself. The so called manager name Tina was untrained, very rude, not even willing to make a call to someone who tell her to do add the money on the card by just entering the card number. After I explained to her I had done this 100 times or more at many different locations she still refused to even try to figure it out. Then had the nerve to tell I owed her an apology for being upset. I replied with why would I apologize to you for not knowing how to do your job. You should be apologizing to me for not even trying to figure it out. Needless to I didn't get the money put on her card and had go to different location were they did it with a second thought.

ACE Check Cashing is a RIP OFF. After doing business with ACE for 7 years they did the same thing to me! They stab their own loyal customers in the back! Talk about biting the hand that feeds you! ACE we made you! And now like other greedy corporations, once you have to pay all those mega bills you've acquired, you're getting desperate and greedy and taking it out on the customers to fulfill your investor's profits!!! You're gonna go down just like KMart and all those other greedy turned out corporations! Shame on you!!

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