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Nightmare at Customer Service

Great experience in the Showroom. Prompt at setting the appointment for estimate. Rob the Owner of the Auburn, Ca locations was very pleasant to work with during the sale. Follow through and making scheduled appointments has something to be desired. Be prepared to make multiple phone calls for service and completion of your project. They left glue all over my 1000 square foot job for a month and multiple calls unreturned? May 14th hardwood floor buckling and seams lifting has yet to receive and appointment follow-up? I guess I need to make more phone calls to get my flooring fixed? The customer service and Client follow through needs improvement. Very Disappointing!


Abbey flooring in Elk Grove installed vinyl flooring in our home.We have mildew, mold and seems that have seperated.A sales associate came out and looked at our floors and said we probably had a brokedn pipe. We contacted our Homeowners insurance who sent a contractor out to check our pipes and water pressure which all checked out fine.We were told that our cement slab has a high% of moisture that vinyl floors should not have been put down.We were also told there should have been a Calcium Chloride test done prior to installing the sheet vinyl.This test should have been done by Abbey Flooring, it was never done.My husband and I have called and visited the Store with paperwork to back up our concerns.This is going on four months the owner has refused to help in any way to correct the situation.We payed $4,400 to a flooring company that will not take responsiblity for their workmanship.We will have to replace all the flooring and are asking for a full refund to replace the flooring.We sent a certified letter to the owner James Hensley to contact us with in five days, he continues to not return our calls.

Hi,I don't mean to sound nasty, but I think it's a stupid idea, there are pntley of Shopping Centres in town, why make it into one BIG huge one? Leave Dublin the way it is and stop trying to make it into Mini-New York . We are already losing our European Idenity, now your bull-dozing our landmarks, it's discusting, there should be a vote on this situation. I mean do Irish people want this Shopping disaster or do Irish people prefer these streets as they are? It's all about GREED with these people, it's obvious they're doing it for apartments because it's a good investment for them, WHO CARES what the people THINK!! It's bad enough with a HUGE hair pin sticking up from the ground of O'Connell Street! I say again a STUPID idea !RegardsDeborah

Thanks for the comment :O) Just nticoed what you're reading. I love the Merrily Watkins books, I think Midwinter of the Spirit is one of my favourites but they're all good. Great characters and atmosphere.

had them install vinyl floor they said install was guaranteed did a poor job cuts would have showed after base trim was installed so I told them to take it and replace it they left and called later they would not do the job they had hidden cost and did not honor there guarantee

All i've done is request a quote for some sheet vinyl... over two weeks and the only thing I have is the confirmation email that they received my request. Between their complete lack in wanting to quote me a price and then reading other reports online, I can safely say I'll be going ANYWHERE but Abbey for my purchase.

Poor management and plain lack of "give a crap" is the problem here, guaranteed.

A few years ago Abbey Carpet installed hardwood flooring in my home. Within 6 months the entire floor exhibited cupping and one quite large buckle appeared. The salesman & store manager came out to my home to inspect the floor and indicated that they would fix the buckle only...that cupping was common and to be expected in hardwood floors in Alabama. The installer never showed to fix the buckle, nor did anyone from the store follow up. A couple of weeks ago I ran into the salesman, indicated that my floors were never fixed and over time more buckles had occurred throughout the floor. He and a floor refinisher came out this time, discussed what needed to be done to fix the entire floor and left me with the understanding that they would make it right, but that they had to discuss with the store manager before proceeding. A couple of days later, the salesman called me indicating that the store manager was only willing to fix the original buckle. I wish I could post pictures...this floor is terrible. Prior to this experience I had done alot of business with our local Abbey Carpet store. Needless to say I will never do business with them again and I will share my experience with others at any opportunity.

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