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Customer Service

Good merchandise, POOR customer service! The managers/employees think they control you if you are a day late! Many times they have taken me out of character because of the verbal abuse, harassment and embarrassment! No one deserves that ever! I had to pick up my own furniture and set it up because they were so unorganized! Not to mention rude from the moment I left that store! Worst year ever dealing with them, NEVER AGAIN!

worst managed place ever

If you are dealing with one person supposably the manager then why do they continue to harras you!? I had a home invasion and l was in the hospital for 45 days as well. I have talked to the store almost everyday because they continue to call. I am a excellant customer from anotherone of the stores, they work with me. My entire house has been furnished by aarons. The store is right around the block and now they are threatening me with a charge off n theft. This just doesn't make sense. Now the original store contacted me saying that a woman was in 3 weeks ago, used my address and has ran with the merchandise. It was not anyone l know of because no one else besides my husband lives with me. So now what???? How well do they check the info before taking the items.

Aaron's Traverse City

I received a call from the Regional Manager today and we had a very nice conversation and he made good on the complaint that I had. I am very pleased with the customer service that I have received.

Parts for your Purchase

well i will say this it is cheaper then rent a center but if u need any parts for what u have rented your are in bad shape..... the store that u rent from will call u every day asking u for your payment if your payment is due on 1st and on the 2nd the calls will start coming in but if u need a filter for your frig that u are buying from them i am still waiting on it now for 6 months..... i dont think u call that customer service..........

Bad Service

Got a washer and dryer, and the next week I got a bed set.. The Manager came at the door and my husband is at work he said to me on the washer and dryer was used paid what you can because of it being used.. So We did!! We got a bed set I was doing great on the hours at work until April hit my hours got low to pay on the payment. The same manager came to the door my husband just pulled in the driveway.. My husband talked to the manager he said pay what you can.. Now in June they been coming to my house 3 to 4 time a week.. Harassing My husband about the payment when he is only a month behind.. Now they are wanting to refuse the payment and they are taking the furniture for no reason... They have bad service and they don't work with people as they say in the person or the tv!!!!!!! That is not right of them to take the furniture just because you are one month behind!!


I've rental from AArons for the past 4 yrs. I've paid off a laptop/bedroom set/and only have couple of payments left on my 50inch flat screen t.v. The service and the harraassment that I get is unbelieveable. I received a total of 38 phone calls in one day. I called and left a message regarding coming in for a payment on saturday, payment was due yesterday. Yesterday I received two phone calls. Today alone I received 5 calls while I'm at work. I've always been a faithful customer. No one deserves to be harrassed and disrescpeted in this way. My next move will be to speak with some in Corporate Headquarters where this issue can be addressed. Horrible service

Loyal Customer

I been with Aaron's for 20 months I have 4 months left with my contract.This month I will be 10 days late I agreed to pay on the 14th the store Manager said they won't approve of it...This is how they treat their loyal customers that keeps them in business wow!Like Aaron's but give your loyal customers a break sometimes..

I rented a big screen and lost my job in April I made the payment anyhow in may I couldn't make the payment. I told them I started a new job and would pay the first week in June I was told no the wanted their stuff back. The first week in June my boyfriend went in to make the payment the wouldn't take the money for may the wanted may and June even though June just started who turns down a payment? I plan to call corporate this company sucks!

This is the worst company ever they come out to your house destroy the furniture your home and then tell you to pay for it they are not going to....

Happy customer

I am very happy with my service at the store in Knightdale North Carolina. That have worked with me through my hard times and o hope that will continue to work with me. So to all the bad reviews that I have read here Aaron's is in the business of recanting and all store's are different and how that are run and the people running them are different. I am unemployed and am going to try and get a job with Aaron's.


I have been a customer with Aarons from 2004you and have purchase around $8,000 or more in merchandise. I was in the hospitak and fell behind. I am paying about $125-150to a month towards my bill. I have had your sales or mgmt calling each day at five to six times to my family as well as to me about my bill. I have paud off several accounts and when I pay off these purchases i will not purchase from Aarons again. There is no need to constantly call a good customer who has been with this company as long as i have.

lease sevices

What are these inflated lease services charges?? Its a lable for a name that Aaron's use for inflated profits. Normal funiture will sharge you a 10% finance charge. Not Aaron's They double the price in the end to 2x the market value. Stay away from those 2 year leases folks. They they dont and wont explain this. Its a rip off!!!!

Annoyed and Angry

I am renting to buy an excite 10 Android Tablet. I had it for about 2 months, if that, before it stopped charging. I called Aaron's and they tell me its a warranty issue and to call Toshiba. So I called Toshiba, and they tell me to call Aaron's and that it wasn't their issue. I'm getting the run around. Yet I still have to pay for it and I haven't had it for an entire month. They won't even give me a loaner. Its been a week since I took it back to the store. So I called today to find out what's going on. They haven't even sent it to the place to be fixed. Come to find out its an internal issue. I have rented electronics from them before and never had an issue with them before. I have always paid on time without fail. The customer service over the last month has gotten horrible and they don't even care to listen to what you have to say. A company of this magnitude needs to stand behind the products they sell. A customer should not have to deal with the outside companies that sell to Aaron's about electronic issues. Especially if their renting. I will never be renting to buy or send anyone to Aaron's as a recommendation ever again. I thought they were loyal, but I guess not.

Angry, Annoyed, and now Disgusted

I forgot to add this: Aaron's may be in business to make money, but why would a store tell you not to rent from them? You would think that's a horrible way of doing business. Let alone making money. They pretty much lost 5 hundred and some odd customer's and their about to loose another one. And the worker's in the corporate office are hardly any better than the ones in the branch stores when it comes to customer care.

aarons used to have the best people

Aarons on St.Charles rk rd in St.Ann Mo. used to have the best manager one that work with people but now there is a new guy who won't work with anyone and enbarshed my wife in the store calling her all kinds of names because we made a partial payment and told him we would pay in full later this week when we get our check in that's not good enough they are coming out today to get our stufe this is not the way to treat people that has been good gustomers for over 2 years

garbage worst company ever

Ive been renting my ps3 from aarons since october of last year after weeks of me calling and telling them about my freezing issues it finally broke wouldnt even turn on i had to take it to them wait for them to call me to say i dont know what you did to it ive never in my 5 years of working here had someone break a ps3 i didnt break it i have to pay nearly 2,000 for it it should come freshly packaged sealed in its box not in a walmart bag with the wires tied in knots and a non working controller anyway back on topic after i picked up the "new" ps3 its now freezing and doing the same thing the old one did. They tried to blame my internet.... i am a gamer. I dont use laggy internet. The worst customer service ive ever expeirenced in my life they completely descust me

aarons, morristown, tn

I will never shop at aarons again. They gave us so many run arounds about our bill. We got sick of it and told them to come get their stuff. We had made arrangements for our stuff to be picked up on a certain day because of our work schedules. Well we get a phone call on saturday while we were in nashville working and thats when the arrangements were made for ot to be picked up on tuesday. Well when we get home from nashville saturday night, we noticed our lawn mowee was missing out of our carport. Well aarons had walked up our 1/2 mile long driveway, passed our no tresspassing sign on our cattle gate and pushed the mower down the driveway and took it. They were tresspassing. There were tresspassing charges pressed and we are waiting on our court day to appear. NEVER shop at aarons.

payment issue

never will deal with Aarons again the communication sucks and they don't have a heart for anyone the don't care if you cant make a payment when you lose youre brother in a car accident and have to use the money to deal with the funeral arrangements so I recommend nobody to deal with these heartless souls

Horrible service and products.

Horrible service, Horrible products, I will never ever go back to any aarons ever. They sold me a washer and it broke in less than a year. They never offerred me insurance. I raised hell and someone came out to fix the problem, now less than 3 months later the washer is broke once again. And the staff has called me crazy and hung up in my face because i have called complaining.

will never go back to arrons

i have 2 tvs and a stand i had gotten from aarons. they call me every day to tell me that i need to make a payment and some how it goes up every month more money. they show up at my house the day of the payment and tell me that im late on the day of. they call me a week before my bill is due to tell me to pay it a week early. im sick of aarons will never go back to this store again

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