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They are Rude Grimy and not a good company at all returned my washer and paid them on the day i returned it still haven't got my money back...they have no respect for customers.. They rip you off and rob you for your money.. I recommend you not to go to arons and instead go to Rent A Center Very Very good company they are respectful and helpful.

unarthorized debit card transactions

This company has taking money out of my account not only once but twice. DO NOT NEVER GIVE YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD INFORMATION TO THEM!! I was late one week and they ran my card for $35 then when I asked them to come get the merchandise they never showed up and the next week ran my card for $181.20, both of these transactions were unarthorized. I have spoke to a regional manager numerous times to try and get my money back in the account before it causes any more problems. I have reported to the BBB as well as the local police and a lawyer. My advice is to NEVER walk in this store and NEVER give your credit card information...


Great merchandise...horrible customer service. This was my first & last patronage of this business!

unauthorized payments

Warning do not give your credit card information to Aaron's. There new policy if you are late is not to come and pick up the property but to swipe your card without the customer authorizing it. Aaron's is the worst company to rent from. And they will threaten you if you ask for your money back. I had to report them to the BBB and the local police. So beware. They are a scam and will steal your identity.

bad attitude management

you have general managers that are disrespectful and totally rude. Don't have to deal with that as a customer. Ordered two of your items and one has been sent back 3 times for being broken, and still the 4th one you sent out was now new like you said it was, then the second item started acting funny , first person said they couldn't take it back as ive rented it to long, and I only have seven payments left and second person sent out another one and it it broke, your associate said they would not send any more out if these were broken, so I went and purchased one somewhere else and asked for you to pick up the next day and for you it is inconvient and you hung up on a customer. where is that approiate. I have been a customer of yours for years and now iam done with your stores

no respect very rude

I have been dealing with Aarons since 2008 AND SINCE THEY transfered my acct to the wWhittier store I have been having nothing but problems I have spent over 5000 with Aarons and they treat me like ....... Once I pay my last payment and take last item back due to constant harrasment ..

they dont care

Paid off several things threw aarons. Then. I run into family issues that cause a great financial burden so I can't make my payment on time. I get told by the frankfort indiana store manage (do I just need to pick this stuff up or what) I tell her ill know in the next couple of days what I can do she says 200 by Friday or we come get your stuff. This would be fine but the issue is with my child I don't know weather I'm coming or going and I've been a great customer . One of the items she wants to pick up only has 4 payments left.

service sucks

the silsbee texas store has the worst service ever every 2 weeks I pay my daughters bill and it seems to make it to were she owes a late fee. I paid with a corporate employee Danny . I wished I never would have sent her in to rent from this company.For three month's I asked them to come fix her refegerator and they came and brought another one she told them it just needed the ice maker to be fixed . I refuse to pay this late fee when it wasn't late . If she didn't owe but 8 months left I would send it back I would not recommend this company to anyone . I want the problem fixed .

problems with getting in touch with corporate and getting a run around

i am writing this cause your corporation don't care about your customers. I tried to contact executive offices at the number provided on here and I got the run around. I rented a refrigerator from you and all I had was problems with it. i had a repair man to my home twice. I lost 50.00 of food and all they did was nothing i am sending it back to the store this friday. i am thinking that this is the last thing I am going to rent

No help sucky

They want you to pay it off but not help you they keep giving you other people to talk to and do not keep there word.my tv tore up it took me two months to get it back I called Corp office they told me they will extend my warranty six months so today when I go to pay it off they act like they don't know what I'm talking about I called Corp office the lady gave me a run around.they are not keeping there word

Thank you

I called Corp office and spoke to a man thank you for resolving this matter and I will do business in the future.thank you

I rented a laptop from arrons in february from the bakersfield ca store on airport dr I had to leave state in may to help a family member who was ill so I turned the laptop in they were rude ignored me and didnt want go hear why im turning it in I told them I new I couldnt take it out of the state but they didnt want to listen they walked off left me standig there, then the man turned around and told me ya your getting billed for this and slammed the the office door when you firstcome in there all nice I got a bill in june stating I owe 289.00 and my payments were only 106.00 so were did the other fees come from I have paid off 3 things from arrons I will never ever go back

horrible service

Aarons is an aweful place to rent for. The service is terrible and they dont clean their used furniture. I had recently got things from Aarons that had bedbugs on it and now my apartment has bedbugs. When i called to complain and to get the furniture out of hete, they called me a liar and said it didnt come from them. Ive had rent a center prior to and never had an issue with bugs. It wasnt until their stuff came in that i saw bedbugs. Horrible disgusting place to rent from. Id suggest if you need furniture, save your money and buy NEW from a store!


i rented an sectional an kitchen table set from aaron's in west warwick, ri, the sectional was 117.00 an the kitchen was 68.00 a month, so when i pay online they charge me 126.00 for sectional an 75.00 for kitchen set. so thats what i pay online, then these ppl calls 2 to 4 times daily after me telling them i made the payment, an then they find it an still calling an harrassing us again. i am 2 steps from telling them to come an get it an go else where. its crazy they have nothing better else to do.

Payment harassment

Arron's Rental Legal team Sale Assoiscates are very Rude ,Disrepectful, and unprofessional .. And will tell you what you can /can't afford cause of your current situation and tell you about your living arrangements and other bills so there fore you cant afford their merchandise , Also will tell you that you have not made any payment towards your payment even after accepting the partial payment towards your account and they will threaten you with Legal Actions towards you even after you made partial payments and they know your situation

never again

I have been harrassed for payments but aarons left trash under my bed and never called once about coming to pick it up but they can harrass people for payments.They are rude at every buisness around,ots not just one aarons that are rude.I was never asked if i would like a discount for there employees leaving trash under my bed and its still under there and ots been over 2 mths.I have tooken pictures.I will never ever rent anythi.g from there.We paid double payments for the first 4mths but ses like the payment hasnt went down.

Rude management

Aaron's in Blue Springs Mo is awful. They are Rude and harrassing, they called constantly while I was out of town at a funeral. My neighbor said that they banged on my door for almost a hour. One of the employees Mary laughed at me and she was the one to bang on my door. Alex was also harassing and not understanding.

aint never rented from their

I understand the people have a job to do as far as collecting money, but you don't call a persons mother threating. The man from the rockingham store called me and said in a very threatning tone "it would be in your daughters best interest to get up with them". Me being a mother took it as a threat. So I go down their and the the rude BOY in the store told me it is in the best interest. so I told him to go get his sh*t. Come to find out she only owed 100.00. My daughter is pregnant out of work what do yall want her baby? Then they called her she is due in September and had her upset and crying. Yall might want to have a talk with your crew at Rockingham about their customer relatons

Rude associates

We decided to send our computer back. When the associate called to collect payment I told them to come and get it. The person got hateful to me and I spoke to the manager. She was worse than the 1st person. We will NEVER do business with this company again. And even though Rent a Center charges more we will do any and all business with them. EVERY review has talked about poor customer service. I am really surprised that they are still in business due to this fact.

Aaron's in Corinth,Ms is awful. My mother started paying on a tablet for me in Jan. 2013, the end of Feb. I had to take it back because it stopped charging. They say they have sent it to the company but don't know what is going on or when I will get it back or if ibwill get it back. They were calling everyday asking for payments until I called and threw a fit. I don't believe it takes from Feb. until almost July to have a tablet fixed. They are useless!!

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