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Don't do it

I bought a big dj stereo system from the store in bowie. Texas. I saw it didn't work properly but miles a sure me it did, well received enough it didn't then they wouldn't fix it. Plus I had the 90days same as cash I had $57 left on it had to get new bank card cause mine old one got lost he told me I had till the time they closed to pay it or it will go to a 12 month and I would o$690 more thing is it was 6:55 pm he was giving 5 minutes minutes all I wanted was a 2. Day ext. Well I show him got my sister to pay it, don't never trust a store where the manager try to sell you his stuff he brought from home on the side. .

i rented some furniture from this company and asked them to pick it up about a week ago no one has come yet. Every time I call someone new answers the phone and say there is not a note on my account and the automated system kleeps calling my phone as if I have missed a payment. very poor servive.....but keep in mind if you are a day late they will call your phone over and over again...poor servise #west memphis arkansas on missouri street

Damaged my flooring and doesn't want to repair back to its original state

I've never had issues with Aaron's till I had to have them come get my washer and dryer for repairs that it needed and the movers tore the flooring in the double wide that rent and the manager of the store wants to repair the flooring to his liking instead of the original state before the incident he has been rude! Just about hung up on me during my last conversation with him!! Not at all pleased time for a lawyer !! St.albans , Vermont, store 05478


Writing these reviews isn't going to make any difference or their corporate office would have fired the donkeys that run their stores but they're making money. This company will go out of business when people Google for corporate's number like I did and read all of these comments! Not one of these is a good comment! Yet all of it is true! Ridiculous. ..

Company Harrassment

Do Not Expect one more payment from me on your stolen tablet. I am through with your company entirely!!! Dowagiac, Michigan U.S.A. 49047 I personally have had enough calls in one day to last me more than a years worth of headaches in regards to a tablet stolen in Centerville from a homeless shelter. My blood pressure has hit the roof if I were one of your hicks from small town America, I would steer clear of me today.


I've never been late on any of my payments. Always made my payments online with no problems. Now all of a sudden I'm getting constant phone calls about missed payments when I've already made payment. I even brought my bank statement and the payment history from my online payments to the store. They tell me everything is fine and blame it on a new system they got. Then guess what? They called me again the next day to say I owe money on one of my agreements because I paid early! WTH!! Compared to the other rent-to-own places in Orangeburg. This one offers the best leasing and pay off prices but the harassment isn't worth it. Next time I'm taking my business to Rent-A-Center or Home Smart

Bought a side by side refrigerator in Midland Texas in November 2012 and it was brand new....a month later around christmas the ice maker and water stopped working...called and actually went there and told them...each time I pay my bill I will tell them...here it is Ausgusr 2013 and still no repair or phone call...but u miss a payment they know how to dial that number.....it is poor business and bad rep....just because we may not have good credit and go there is still wrong to treat customers this wayi

You people are fools for dealing with Aaron's

These folks pray on blacks, handicapped and the morons because many of you don't have good credit. Why do you pay 2 to 3 times for something in the long run you can't afford anyway? What all you need to do is get a free credit report and start from there. My goddess, it's the 21st century and you still do not understand that you're being ripped off!!!!!!!

customer service

have a new living room suit from from the Hiram store the sofa broke a month after we got it new might i add !any way cant get any service out of the store

product mark up

I bought a lap top compture from them .They said it was vauled at over 600.oo I went online and this compture cost a little over 300.This company will never see me again.


I made a payment arrangement with one of the district managers and we made the first installment and they said they couldnt take the payment and sent drivers to my house and charged me twn dollara several times even thou I made the payment online and I contacted the district manger again and no call back

area supervisor

i have called corp office to file complant i am still waiting for dist manager to call bad business

Terrible business

When making a payment over the phone Arron's ran the charge 3 times and 7 days later we are still waiting on the $300.00 they owe us. We just got the run around from everyone we talked to. I will never do business with this company again and will also spread the word.


i hate your coporation i cant even get you guys to take my stuff back i was told i had to pay money that was already pd.was told to write a check and post date and than matt in johnstown ny took sent in even after he had been told by someone not to do it. i will never order furniture agian i just want this stuff to go back.

Horrible business practices, rude associates

I have paid off two items with Aarons in upstate New York. I only have 6 months left on my current account with them. That however does not stop them from calling all of my refrences the day my account is due. It is to the point of harassment. They have now begun to call family memebers that were not listed as references. How they got ahold of the numbers is beyond me. Every month I pay online and the employees call and harass us about doing that. (Do they get a commission when you pay in store?). They say it does not always show up immedietly on there end that its paid. I thought thats what confirmation numbers were for. I will never ever do business with them again. They have no respect for customers even ones that have been loyal to them.


My grandson was hit n killed on june16th2013 my daughter was hit as well because of funeral expense I didn't have the money for my oymt St.Louis location didn't want to work with me at all they came to my home for 34 dollars my last 40 dollar I had I'm on a monthly income truly sadden by the way I was treated Aaron use to treat there customers better

do not rent from them

I had a terrible experience with renting to own from them!! They do not follow through with what they say and have no respect for the way they talk to customers. only rented a week and asked for a bed upgrade had a terrible experience with getting a different size bed...smh DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ARRONS!

can.t get my money back

Went to aarons gave them $150 for a bedroom set was turn down went to get my money back got push out the door with no money i have cebel pasy come on aarons give my money

bed bugs

I bought a set of bunk beds for my grandson and after months of trying to get him to sleep in his own bed he finally did. He woke up with bits all over his body. We called the location in which we received the beds and they took the beds and supposedly cleaned them. On top of all that the bed bugs did not go away. I gave the beds back and for the last year I have been trying to get rid of the bugs. To make things worse my daughters bed had to be thrown away due to the bed bugs. I think it is time to get s lawyer. This has cost my family money sleep and agony of having bites.

Me and my husband went to Aarons to get a washer . We were told on the phone before we went up there that we could get a full size washer for a reasonable good price. So we went there and was told they wouldn't rent to us because of our pymt record.. I have rented and own many things from Aaron's so I didnt understand this so I called the corp number and they never got back to me. I called to day and was told the gm is the reason and we didnt get to rent anything and when I called the supervisor agreed with the gm so tomm I'm gonna call the corp manager and see what happens now. this is the Staunton Virgina store . As I was told it independantly owned.

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