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very unprofessional

I deal with aarons in orangeburg sc. My 73in tv went out and they came and pick it up so they can fix it they said it was going to be fix in two weeks its been a month and I havent got it back yet. I wouldnt recommend them to any one.

Not happy with the aarons in vincennes they are rude

cant get rid of them

My contract was for 12 months. I've made 12 payments. They don't seem to understand that even with me mailing it to them. I've purchased probably 7 or 8 things from them over the years and never had this problem. They even go to the house on the contract but we've since moved. Any ideas? Needless to say, I'm done with them.

Makeing Payment on Broken Fridge

Ok I rented my fridge from Aarons in Southern Pines and the ice maker broke and it is suppose to be there job to fix so that what they are suppose to be doing but I have to make payment on it while it broken and they have not even returned it yet every time I call them they don't even ask my name they just tell me oh it not ready and I have one payment left on it been almost a month it 5 days till Christmas and I still don't have what's mine. Can anyone till me what my next move should be.

Lies Lies and More Lies

I am so disapointed in the jerks at the Orlando location. My mother passed away and i took over her payments on a living room set. I made 16 payments and was told that if I paid it off, it would look god on my dredit report. six months passed and it never made it there. I contacted the manager and he told me that he wiuld cal the corporate office and try to see what he can do for me. He never returned my call with an answer. When I came in to make a payment on my computer I wa given a number that led to nowhere. These people are very unprofessional and I would not recommend doing business with them to anyone.

Aaron's customer service

Aarons has just lost my business for good! the Manager was rude and yell at my wife about our very first late payment on our washer and dryer in front of other customers. Then threaten to come get our TV we rent from them! we have payed over $1,200 Dollars for and are current on payments for! They Are not getting the TV better take me to court for it. That is Theft they are to separate contracts. we are current on all but one contract and are only late one payment. i will be going to color time for now on ore some other competitor!

head ache

I got a riding mower from aaron's in athens tn. i have called them for almost a month to come and get it and they haven't come and got it yet i think it is stupid that the manager says he will call you back in 10 minutes and don't call back for 2 days.they need a new manager there. i will never go back there again

Terrible employee

I had bought a washer and dryer I have never missed a payment I may have been a little late but always communicated that with them until Bonnie came. she talks to me terrible and my daughter that way. She needs to be gone!! Purchase made in Mooresville, NC

Praise Report

I just have to say this. I leased a 55 inch RCA from Aaron's in Kent WA. There was a little turmoil in the beginning, but I have to say Kendall at the Kent store saved my day. He was so polite, courteous and got the job done. I just loved the way he entered my home with comfort, got my system running he felt like he was part of the family. Kendall you are awesome. I know people often complain and I am one of those but this day I have to say. I am very pleased with the service of Aaron and I will continue to do business with them even when I say I am not going to. One you go Aaron's you can't go back...lol :"You go boy"!

Rude and annoying

I had the displeasure of renting from the Whitehall Ohio store and the lack of customer service is unbelievable. I have been harassed about $ 20 late fee. Although I have been a long term customer, but still they call me three days before the date of the payment, I plan on paying off my agreement with my tax refund and then RUN!!! TERRIBLE!!!


They are horrible, we were not home but our kids were and they sat at our door for over 1/2 hour banging and pounding our door and ringing our door bell. they damaged our door. they parked down the road and walked up so my kids were scared because they could not see anyone. Then the next day were at my door at 7:30 am and refused to leave we had to call the police to have them leave. They are horrible. NH

Paying Online

We paid our bill online on October 1 after COB around 8;15PM.A few days later the store said we were late paying it and ttried to add a late fee.We refused to pay it because no where on your website does it say that if you pay online after COB that the payment is considered late. We didn't have to pay after our long argument. So which was it-on time or late??If it is considered late then your website needs to reflect it.if we were on time then the managers need to know that paying after COB is okay. After sending this is online I was told to ask the store.So no one knows and this is so wrong.

Poor Customer Service

I recently rented a washer from my local Aaron's, not even a week later I started having problems with black marks being left on my clothes. Name brand expensive clothes! I call to ask them to give me a replacement. And their response was run some old clothes through it and it should fix the problem. I already ran my good clothes through it, and ran two cleaning cycles as well. Problem not solved. I still haven't been offered a replacement. So I guess they can come get it, shove it where the sun don't shine and I will take my business else where.

mix-match furniture

I spoke with someone over the phone earlier this year. I bought a 4-piece bedroom suit (I went and looked at it on the floor) almost two years ago. I was working out of town, therefore, my son met the movers at my house. when I went home for the summer I noticed that the pieces did not match. the people at the store in Greenville, tx. gives me a "I don't know" answer every month. please help me with closure on this matter. I have been one of your customers for more than 10-years. (two months ago, the manager told me that this had been taken care of, but this has been word of mouth. I never missed a payment.

Credit report

I was told that Aron's Will report to all three credit bureaus once I had finished paying off my appliances I I paid my appliances off in a timely matter never missed a payment and never was late is been three months and and nothing has been reported to either bureaus. Why did a business say they help you rebuilding your credit but all they do is lie this is not right this is wrong I've been rebuilding my credit for the past two years and this would help me although my credit scores is high again no thanks to Arron's rental therefore I will not purchase anything else from Arron's rental

Poor service

Very poor customer service skills in the batavia ny store. Manger is rude and lacks respoisibitly to return a phone call when asked several times. Would not recommend doing any kind of business with them for any thing!


Its very unprofessional for one to address their customer any type of way esp in front of another customer. I would advise anyone its best to put whatever type of furniture on layway at bobs or any other discount furniture store then deal with Aarons. The amount that you pay at Aarons you could have paid for two sets or more.


They are calling me twice a day and came by my house. I was one day late paying. And apprently their system is not set up to add on late payments. So they are calling me for $ 5 dollars. I told them just add on to next months and ill pay it.. He was like just pay it now. I said I will pay when I pay next months. so all week they been calling. Im going up there with 500 pennies.. AArons hire slow and retarded people. They get a 0 rating from me.

head aches

just writing to let you know that my persist ant calling of this one white chick does not seem to be netting me any lunch money. have tried and tried but the woman keeps yelling, hanging up and is a no show when I sit hear eating my curds and whey t.


They are threatening me and my family with bodily harm at the mountain Zion store

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