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Poor Customer Service

The Sunnyvale store is inept and waits until the last day and last hour before framing a piece.

Emplyment at store #31

Corporate of Aaron Bros Inc should really look into this location. Their is a serious lack of management let alone employment. There is about a total of 7 employees on staff and no one ever takes a break, works insane amount of hours, and the management continues to tell their employees how terrible they are (even though they make the associates do all the work because as managers it is as they say "not their job") I'm sorry, since when do managers not help their team mates out and continue to bring them down? This is just a terrible environment and I feel as though these employees are working in a sweatshop rather than a art store. Terrible

best service elk grove,ca very helpful and courteous.

To Jim Metzer, I am in aaron bros. store#68 almost every week and the manager , susan and the framer donna are always wonderfull. They always answer all of my questions and if they dont have an answer they try and find it. Quite a few times i have been in a bind and they helped me right away with what i needed . i am an artist here in sac. and sometimes i am so busy it is so nice to know i can go in there and always get the help i need. Susan Cawthon


Very Bad purchase experience at Victorville Ca Arron Brothers. Nov. 2 2011 I entered store and was looking at a 60" HDTV and was told by sales person that the 73" was on sale for the same price. That was a good deal so my boy friend and I applied for a lease to own on the 73", paid $150 down and was told we were good to go and could expect delivery on the 10Th of Nov. Today is the 10Th and I received a call from the store manager," He said we did not qualify for the 73" and needed to fill out another contract because we only qualified for the 60" ???? What a bummer, we were sold a 73" and told we qualified, paid down payment and received a delivery date? This stores sales team is clearly operating a bait and switch sales scam. I never would have purchased any TV had I not been enticed by the 73" sales price quoted... The sales people, Scott and Jeana played us and now want to deliver the 60" for more money! This is despicable and unacceptable.. I had my father call the store and Scott told my dad that the 73" never was the same price as the 60" and that no paperwork was ever signed. I have the lease purchase agreement for the 73". My dad told Scott that they had 7 days to make good on the sales lease contract or else legal proceeding would be started. Scott relied,"7 days or 7 seconds, no one is getting anything. I am forwarding a copy of this incident to the corporate headquarters in hopes that they can assist in making the store honor the contract. The seven days still stands as my dad told Scott. Sales floor persons can not be watched always but complaints like this hopefully are welcomed at corporate headquarters to assist in their quality control and PR adversity campaigns.

Hey, that post leaves me feeling foloish. Kudos to you!

This has made my day. I wish all potsngis were this good.

About a month ago, I went to the Glendale store on Glendale Ave. to request inquire about a custom mat for a print. While discussing this with the man who was to take my order, a lady walked up and this man proceded to ask her what she required. He started taking information from her etc. I was floored. I Rolled up my print and told him I couldn't believe he would try to handle both individuals at one time. He asked if I wanted him to get someone else to help he. I told him no. I left, went to Michaels and was extremely pleased with the service and outcome of product delivered. Try Michaels. More professional staff.

I recently had a bad experience with the manager at our local Aaron Brothers in Fort Collins, CO. I have been taking my valuable prints and photographs to this establishment for years and have spent a great deal of money having them framed. On this particular incident I took, not one but two, one of kind original paintings to AB to be Gallery wrapped on to a framing bar. The paintings were shipped from Mexico to me after having already been mounted on framing bars and were pre-creased and ready to be remounted after having been taken off the original in Mexico, rolled and shipped to me in the States. The manager took the paintings and assured us that he could do the job efficiently. We had no reason to doubt his expertise as we had been pleased with the work in the past with other frame projects. When we got the paintings back, they had not accounted for the stretching of the paintings in making the bars so the pre-creases were now on the side of the frame showing and new creases were made. The bars were also off square so it hung crooked on the wall. The smaller of the two paintings was not stretched taut enough. When I took the paintings back to AB to have them redone, the manager told me the framer would be in the store on Mon and this was a Fri. I told him I wanted the painting restretched but didn't want to wait 2 weeks for it and asked him to put a rush on it. He told me he would have the framer do it on MOnday and I could pick it up. This was just before Christmas. When I called on Monday to see when I could pick it up, he was rude and said there were other customers in front of me and it wouldn't be until after Christmas. He accused me of "not hearing him correctly" and that he would Never give me a time that it would be completed. All they had to do was restretch it. His rudeness led to my action to pick up the painting and leave. With that attitude, I was not going to make the same mistake again. I would not recommend this store to anyone as long as Tom is in charge. I have no complaints of the other staff and all were willing to help me. Unfortunately, one bad manager can hurt the overall satisfaction of many. He needs lessons in customer service. I have since gone to another professional framer that treated my original oil paintings with respect and restretched them. Unfortunately, because AB stretched the originals past the pre-creases to fit the frame instead of the other way around, The new creases cracked and ruined the value of the piece and now it has two creases which also devalues this very expensive art work. Needless to say, I was very very displeased and mostly with the manager and his rudeness.

I recently visited your temecula store and the service was just amazing, the people and store presentation were a 10 out of 10. Needless to say I purchased all my family christmas gifts there. I will never return to the temecula Micheals. Now that I have found that great service and great product can co exist. So thank you temecula AB!

My wife took her needlepoint in to be framed at Aaron Brothers in Burbank,CA. It was a work of 10 years span, working on it from time to time. A few hundred hours labor, perhaps. We assumed Aaron Brothers knew how to frame a needlepoint. A needlepoint is to be streched across a wooden frame, no backing, then a finished frame. When my wife got her frame back it had been affixed to a board and the needlepoint had been TRIMMED to fit the size of the board!!!!!! Between 3 to 4 inches had been trimed off the orginal canvas. All those threads cut through! Then a frame placed over it. An unbeliveable disaster. Needless to say many tears flowed. Only an apology. Only compensation was we got our mony back $119. No real feeling or empathy or sense of value as to the work that went into it. DO NOT TAKE A NEEDLEPOINT TO AARON BROTHERS TO BE FRAMED. They are not trained how to treat a needlepoint.

I went to Aaron Brother's today to pick up my custom frame order and also to exchange couple poster prints. I noticed a few scratches on the framed photo print itself. I pointed the damages out to the store clerk, Jessica, who simply looked at it and said "oh yes, I see the scratches. I can help you with your exchange at the other register" with a tone to imply she did not care. Jessica didn't offer any apology, compensation, or resolution. There would have been no point in me arguing with someone who lacks respect for their job and clientele. The total cost for the 33-3/4 x 49-3/4 frame came out to $400.47. The cost for the photography print is $600. The cost for having it shipped from Hawaii is $100. I left a message with their customer care representative in their corporate headquarters.

Ok, so I had to follow up and say that the manager from the HB store called yesterday and did say to come in for money to equal the value of the item damaged. I appreciate the follow up by him and he has handled it very fairly. Although, I will still not ever get my framing done from Aaron Bros. again. The fact that the manager was good to deal with still does not reflect my opinion of Aaron Bros. themselves unfortunately.

The Huntington Beach Aaron Bros. damaged my limited edition album when they framed it and did NOT even offer to compensate me for the value of it. They blamed the damaged artwork on a framer that was filling in for their usual guy, whatever....lotta good that does me! So, I now have a damaged album matted and framed for free....woohoo! Oh, and the best part is that the album came undone from the matte once it was brought home. The album slipped through the matte somehow and god knows what damage that may have done(album scratches). They reframed it for me, but really, what good is damaged artwork? I mean, what's the point of even displaying it at this point?! I just cannot believe they have not even compensated me for the value of this limited edition album or even offered a lousy gift certificate. The store manager did apologize a bunch and was nice, but I expect to be credited for the value of my damaged item and I should not have to beg for it or feel bad for asking. It should have been offered the first time they screwed up, especially the 2nd time I had to bring it back. I will NEVER shop at any Aaron Bros. again, nor their affiliate Michaels. They are a rip-off anyways. They try and lure you in with their coupons, but you don't save much since their framing is over priced to begin with. I say support your local framers, the good ol' fashioned ma' and pa' shops.

On May 30, 2010 I went to the Aaron Brothers on 1730 South Bascom Avenue Campbell, CA 95008. I was going to get mount and matt jobs done on several photographs I had printed out. I had heard that there was a 50% off custom framing order sale going on and wanted to cash in on the rare opportunity. When I entered the store everyone up front was very nice and helpful, but when I got to the back of the store the man who helped me (I do not know his name but his arms are covered in tattoos), the man seemed to be very rushed and busy and made it seem like my order was an inconvenience, he originally stated that mounting and matting them would be $90 and that he wouldn't have them ready for a couple days, but then he said he didn't want to deal with the "hassle" over the weekend and said to come back in fifteen minutes. When I came back to pick up my order it was only mounted and I was told that matting was an additional process (Even though we briefly went over the processes I had wanted done) I then asked if I brought in my custom framing coupon the next day if I could be reimbursed some of my misspent money, he said that if it pertained to framing and was of a valid date, then they would honor it, but when I came in the next day they said that the coupon only applied to actual frames and not what I had already shelled out $90 for... To make matters worse the dry mount isn't sticking anymore (a mere three weeks later). After calling customer service and talking to Cam(?), he was extremely helpful and said that I should expect a call within that same week, but when I got none, I called customer care again and didn't get in contact with anyone... I feel like I'm being avoided even though I know that can't be the case. I want to continue to enjoy the service I've gotten from Aaron Brothers in the past, but after this recent dilemma I'm not sure. To resolve this, my phone number is (760)500-6134 Thank you for your time, Michael Henderson

My rating isn't complete yet, but depends on whether district manager (Idell?) will consider the time away from my family (est. 1hr. 20 min.), the gasoline (est. $2.25), vehicular wear and tear (intuitive est. $12.00)and environmental cost of the extra trip (16.88 miles round trip)and the frustration involved in my lost and wasted time to return a damaged Verona frame to the Costa Mesa store that had obviously been dropped in the store before I bought it. When I bought it, there were only two (22"x28")Verona frames on the shelf, one of whose glass was all broken (practically shattered) behind the frame's wrapping. When I mentioned the glass, Erin (?) helpfully and cheerfully said that she could "re-glass" it, and so I purchased the frame without thinking much further about it. Today (5/14) when I began my little framing project, however, I noticed a 3 and a 1/2"-to-4" crack running lengthwise within on of the frame segments. The are also some minor chip marks (on both frames, actually) that could be touched up.

Sorry I have to continue because I hit "tab" and my unfinished review was prematurely submitted. Anyway, the crack in the frame is not particularly noticeable, but I'm afraid the frame could split without much force. So here is what I am asking for compensation for the previously mentioned cost to a customer for carelessly shelving and selling damaged merchandise. I would like to keep the cracked frame, which I'm sure that Aaron Brothers will have no choice but to discard in addition to receiving an undamaged frame. Frankly, I could use the frame as is, but do not want to do so at the risk of it cracking further on my $40.00. (I earn an hourly rate of $43.07, and this whole affair will now likely cost close to two hours instead of 1 hour and 20 minutes. My cell phone is (714)585-2644 (Cell unavailable until est. Tues 5/18) home (714)549-3568. I talked to Chrystola (?) of Customer Service today, who was very helpful, but had to refer the request to the district mgr. (She was very kind and professional). By the way, Erin (?) and Chris of the Costa Mesa store were friendly professional enough. But I don't like to waste my time making an extra trip nearly a 1/2 hour from my home. Any honest consideration would be deeply appreciated. Thank you. Chris Robinson

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