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David vs Goliath

What is the worst review one could give an entity such as AT&T? That is my review: the worst company ever.

Unbelievable ....

They ask for your phone number should your online chat gets disconnected. When it does they never call you back. You ask for the rude customer service persons I.D number and they never give it to you. But to top it all off, a supervisor lies and covers up for them.

TV & Internet Install

Had an appointment for today (9-2-14) between 9 - 11 AM CST. No one came, no one called. I called after 11 and was told the service tech is behind and will be here. He will call an hour before he comes. Called again at 2:30 PM and told the same thing, he will be here. I asked when and was transfer to a person who told me no one was coming because my order was cancelled but they couldn't tell me by whom. I told them I had the email for my order and install date and time. Told it didn't matter that my order was cancelled and I could put a new on in with them. I asked for a manager and was told someone would call me in less than 30 minutes, 2 hours ago. I am leaving Comcast because of horrible service and follow up. Where do you go when this is what I get at day one.


I called ATT 13 times and still have no answer. they want me to pay for a service that i never used I spoke with 13 people and all of them lie to me. this is the worse experinces of my life. I am an honest person and I spend almost 400 minutes on the phone with att but they don't care. please someone do something and make this company responsable for their lies .

Billing Department

AT&T's billing department employees that I have encountered for the past 6 months are very incompetent. AT&T has a GREAT product and I have NO complaints about it, but to endure the mental anguish and torment I have gone through for the past 6 months is not worth the TERRIFIC product - please investigate and understand before purchasing the service.

next program

OMG walked to get an iphone 6 sales rep convinced me if I took 4 iphone 6 my plan would only go up about $10 a month sucker punched up $115.00 and they cant honor why rep offered just return the phone great because all I have to do is break my kids heart!!!


I cancelled service before it was ever installed or activated and have been getting bills and making phone calls for 3 months. I was told, no problem, you don't owe us anything. Now I have a collections notice... unbelievable...

Terrible Service; High Bills

Terrible customer service, very high bills, lying, rudeness

Hateful lying people

I had my phone stolen but all I got was people telling they can fix it and having them tell me that I can walk out of the store with a phone all I have to do is go into the store and talk to a customer service agent there in the store but, they refused to hand me one to complete the transfer. I called to just have my deposit refunded to me because of a default consider all companies send you the refund as soon as possible this company is not even as true as they say so ATT is the worst cell service I had ever I will never go back even if they or last cell service on earth they are so wrong

Data Charges NEVER USED

This company should be shut down by our government for over charging people for data and instead they are given money from them. Then back to ya for politicians. Outrageous!


I wanted to be a customer until I read reviews pertaining to bad service and customer service, thank you all for the heads up.

billing nightmare

I had a contract with ATT from aug.2013 to aug 2014.The monthly bill was to stay the same but then they started charging me more each month. I called them many times,stayed on hold for long times but no one could tell me why my bill was going up.I kept paying the regular charges and they kept giving me penalties.I finally disconnected the service and am trying to resolve my billing issues but customer service is of no help. dont know what to do next.This co. does not care once they get a customer.


AT&T is very horrible (sale department ) on August 4 I was trying to find new service for my home, because time warner charge me a high rate per mouth. So I keep on hearing AT&T have a better deal to set up new services, so when and change to AT&T. They never informed me that there will be a charge for $100 dollars at first, and $161 for the 1st month. So right now I am entitle to keep this services for 12 month. The reason I was mad, because if I knew it from the begaining then I will not consider pick this services. Please help me give me back the credits. For all the charge that wasn't been told. Account for unverse: 138015203. Danny do,

billing customer service issues

I have bee dealing with billing issues for 10 weeks without resolution. Have names and employee numbers for all of the people who have lied, brushed me off, and fail to do what they said they would do. I am saddened by the outsourcing of customer service to a group of people who have little command of the English language. I was a 40 year customer until rudeness became guiding force and honesty went out the window.


The service has been horrible. I have not had phone or internet service for five days. They keep changing the repair date. No one has shown up yet to fix the problem. When you call they are not helpful. Can not even get a manager to talk to me . It took nine service calls to get u verse instilled. I ready to cancel my service.

Unacceptable new service

I am very disappointment with getting my new service started with AT&T. Being told by one tech that another tech will come to set-up your internet and this started on Tuesday Sept 9, 2014 and to still be waiting for service is pretty pathetic! Now it is Friday Sept 12 no internet yet!!! Is there no one who wants to take care of customers at this company?8

Extra Fee

I notice at the bottom of my itemized bill, I was charged an extra $1.18, no explanation, it just reads EXTRA FEE...I want to know what that is....if you cannot explain it...I want all of my money back, from all prior bills I received from AT&T for the charge...I am going to pass the word on line to everyone I know, anyone that will read this. I called AT&T, imagine, nobody can answer this questions.

Horrible Service

Horrible service.... the supervisor was very rude and started screaming at my husband and not helpful at all.... the whole uverse transfer from my old house to my new house turned out to be a nightmare for 15 days now and still no response, talking to people not speaking English is just a nightmare...

Customer Service

I can not believe the service standards at ATT. I have been without service for 30 hours without a resolution. Does anyone care? How do I contact to get the problem resolved? I have the bundle service for my home. I have contacted several managers without any resolution, no call backs, no help.


At& t Mobility 5940 Fairview Rd. suite 100 Charlotte, NC Mr. Brantley Blalock Gave me Excellent Service at your store branch. Exceptional Young man. Very Professional. I would give him 5+ star ration .

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