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Get rid of this Company

ASUS does not want to fix problems. They will lie to you and keep you in an endless loop of frustration. Sell your ASUS or avoid buying one in the first place.

Asus Laptop

Stay away from these folks, they hate their customers. My laptop has cost me nothing but money fixing what they were supposed to have fixed when it was sent in for repair.

The Worst Customer Service in the World. Stay away from ASUS. If pigs could fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never dealt with a more cold hearted company in my life. Blame their customers for their own errors! I wouldn't even give them one star but had no other option.

warranty was not honoured

need to change my motherboard..the invoice was hand written hence asus,toronto office wouldn't honour it.most dsgusting service from a company like Asus..

Mad as Hell

Dear Asus, The Asus Transformer I brought was a waste of my money because the keyboard don't work at all and the crack on my screen got worse, Therefore I not to happy about it.One ARCCUlt

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