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I feel the company would be more to my satisfaction if you had reps that spoke decent English...Why do I, who has been a policy holder for 20 years have to tac my mind to figure out what the answer to a question I asked was because the rep on the other end did not speak decent language Then you play these stupid games to match words if you want to send an email, and you cannot even see the numbers or letter

I bought a term life policy 20 years ago and the premium was $33 per month about 3 years ago my premium went to $40..I had a no increase policy and the reason they gave me got the increase was that I did not have AN AUTOMATIC DEPOSIT for the premium No where in my policy does it state such a provision. When I try to find the reason I get some non English speaking person who I cannot understand, and if I ask to speak to a supervisor they hang up..How in hell do you win in this fixed ball game

you are joking, right?

After AIG was a PMI on my West Jordan, Utah house, I took them to court in 2004 for mortgage fraud, as they were 1 of 2 PMI policies and did not disclose that to me. In court, they denied sending me their recovery letter, which i produced in court. They took no responsibility, nor refunded me the $93 a month X 3years, they took before National City Mortgage took my house after refusing a legitimate payment. AIG paid nothing to NCM. Now I get an ad from them for term life. AIG got TARP money on top of scamming me out of $3348 for their part of the scam. In 2003, no one knew about Robo signers, and forged documents. Why would ANYONE want to do business ONCE with these people, let alone that AIG would want me to buy another policy from them? They are nots

AIG is the fourth largest insurance company in the world and there's a reason for that. The claim adjuster that i had was meaner than a junkyard dog. I was railroad and given a small lump sum settlement. They said I would have meds and medical for life and they never approve my rehab for my lower back. My knees should have been include they refuse to include them. I was force to ask for Socical Security disablity and was granted. Now I have to live a life of a pomper for the rest of my life on a fixed income thanks to AIG. I tried to work for my living look what happen to me. AIG should be big with claims adjuster like they have.

@ Neil "ferm"?

I want you to make a revelation in conserne scammers who could create a parallel site of AIG I dodged a blow to their Gabonese they are using photos of their victims, different email addresses and phone numbers I think the name of their leader wire is Dasylvera HERMANN is Gabon

i would rate it lower if they had anything lower. i cant get a call from my case worker and have call her 73 time in 4 weeks. i have moved and just want a new doc where i live . after calling and calling i have turned it over to an attorney to see if his ferm can get an answer or if its time to go to court.

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